How to Know Which Party I am Affiliated with: Via Telephone, Online and MORE

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In general, Paraguayan citizens ask themselves the question How do I know which party I am affiliated with? Political parties in a country are fundamental and in the legal aspect generates a significant weight in political life.

Currently, parties, entities, organizations, political movements have millions of affiliated people implanting political ideals to their affiliates and followers. In this article, you will find out all the information that every Uruguayan citizen requires.

Go ahead and take advantage of the reading on this very important topic and then share the information.

How do I know which party I am affiliated with?

There are people who do not know which political organization they belong to or are affiliated with and need to know their affiliation, either to know who to choose as a political electoral candidate or to carry out an electoral process.

The procedure to know the affiliation of a political party is in several ways, such as the following:

  • From face-to-face going to the office attached to the entity of the Paraguayan Electoral Justice.
  • Also, through via telephone they can find out what your party affiliation is.
  • Likewise, the form most used by citizens is by entering the Electoral Justice web portal.

Those citizens who want to find out information about affiliation to a political organization should go to the Directorate of the Main Office of the Directorate of Transparency and Anti-Corruption in person.

In this office of the Directorate of Transparency and Anticorruption Likewise, you can make any type of complaint or complaint regarding the affiliation of political parties or also any inconvenience that has arisen in any political process. In the vast majority of the complaints that are presented are grounds for the use of the documents without the permission and knowledge of the citizens.

To file a complaint with the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Directorate, you must carry a copy and the original of the identity document and a form that must be filled out in black ink.

The permanent Civic Registry (RCP) is the governing body in charge of sealing and stamping all the certificates of affiliation to a political party. Then, that this entity approves the affiliation to a political organization this is done permanently.

The entity of the Electoral Justice and the Permanent Civic Registry takes all the procedures and documents of affiliation and of the social political movements.

How to Know Which Party I am Affiliated with: Via Telephone

To make the consultation about the affiliation by telephone is simple and practical. You can quickly and immediately know the affiliation to political parties.

All you have to do is find your mobile device and make the call, since in a few minutes you can know which party you are affiliated with.

So, to carry out this procedure by telephone, you must contact the customer service telephone number that has been made available by the Paraguayan Electoral Justice entity. This number is The (021) 618011 and will be attended by an operator trained to do the search and give the answer to the user.

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Leaving out on weekends and holidays.

This call it is not free, but its cost is not high either since it is within the customer service calls to a public entity.

How to know which party I am affiliated with: Via Online

The advancement of technology is great and due to these achievements it is that numerous procedures and procedures that had to be carried out in person can now be done online. In addition, from the complete comfort of home or office and easily.

Previously, you had to verify the data, make a request and wait for the assigned turn. This took time and for some people it was not very easy. The system requests the entry of data such as the identification number and the system immediately displays the results.

The official website of the Paraguayan Electoral Justice enabled an effective instrument where any nationalized foreign citizen can verify their status within the political party.

All you have to do is enter the identity card number and the system gives the search result immediately. This result offered by the page will be linked according to the signature or registration of the card in the lists of these political organizations.

If you have never signed up as a supporter of a political party, the web portal shows which political party you are affiliated with.

How to Know Which Party I am Affiliated with: PLRA Register

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) It is one of the political organizations of Paraguay. It was previously known as the Liberal Party of Paraguay.

This political organization was created in 1887 with the name of Democratic Center. However, it was in 1978 when it was reestablished under the name of the Liberal Party.

In the period from 1978 to 1990, there were two very important political groups in the country. One grouping was the Liberal Party and the other the Colorado Party. Both had one million citizens affiliated with each of these political organizations.

Now, the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) has fundamental functions among which are:

  • Organize movements with radical and liberal ideals, contribute ideologically.
  • Too, offer help and collaboration to communities in vulnerability from the country.
  • What’s more, promotes patriotism and nationalism in schools at different educational levels.
  • Also, shelter and give contributions to large and small companies who work in the country.
  • Likewise, it must incorporate people and invite them to the national union.

According to its acronym, its Main ideals of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) are as follows:

  • Inclusion.
  • Radicalism.
  • Liberalism.

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) has been building remarkable history from its birth in 1887 to the present time. It represents the political history of the country.

The headquarters of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) is in Asunción Paraguay, on Avenida Iturbe calle 936 with Avenida Manuel Domínguez.

For more information you should make the query on the party’s web portal PLRA here.

Request Disenrollment from a Party

Surely there are people who aspire to disaffiliate from a particular political party. This is because they no longer feel related to the ideals professed by that political party. Also, it may be that the person is no longer interested in participating or collaborating in politics and in the ranks of a certain political party.

In recent times there have been complaints from Paraguayan citizens who have complained to the entity of the Electoral Justice for appearing registered in different political parties. Even in up to three political parties that citizens have not made the respective request for membership.

If it is the case that you have had a problem with the registration of a political party in Paraguay, You must make the corresponding complaint to the Permanent Civic Registry (RCP) or the Electoral Justice. That is, before the governing bodies that are going to initiate the corresponding investigations.

Steps to follow to request disaffiliation from a political party:

  • Must present original and copy of identification document.
  • Also, you must write a letter with a statement of reasons explaining the reason for leaving the political party in question.
  • Likewise, you must fill out the application form (which is delivered at the time of making the request).
  • Attach the proof of registration or registration in the political party in which you want Disenroll
  • In the case of being included in the political party without its approval and with the forged signature, your signature. So, you must also attach, proof of it.
  • Then, with all the documentation, it must be presented at the Main Office of the National Justice.

What are the Political Parties and which ones exist in Paraguay?

Political Parties are permanent institutions that practice and reflect political pluralism, promoting and channeling ideologies and the participation of citizens that contribute to the manifestation of the popular will.. The main objective is access to power and also to positions of popular election and influence in democratic and political decisions in the country.

These political movements are freely constituted groups of citizens that exert influence in the formation of the political will, to participate in the elections.

In the last two years in Paraguay he has found that there are numerous political parties in the country. This is also due to the fact that citizens are recruited from various parties. Therefore, it is up to you to proceed with the disaffiliation.

Political Parties in the country currently:

  • Republican National Association – Colorado Party ANR
  • Authentic Radical Liberal Party PLRA
  • The Febrerist Revolutionary Party PRF
  • Country Solidarity Party PPS
  • Also, the Christian Democratic Party PDC
  • The so-called National Union of Ethical Citizens Party UNACE
  • Likewise, the Patria Querida PPQ Party
  • The PEN National Encounter Party
  • The P-MAS Party of the Movement to Socialism
  • PFA Broad Front Party
  • Likewise, the PPC Citizen Participation Party
  • Also, the Paraguay Tekopyahu PTP Party
  • PPH Party Let’s Make
  • PJ Youth Party
  • The Green Party Paraguay PVP group
  • The organization Partido del Frente Patriótico Teete PFPT
  • The PUP Popular Unity Party
  • Likewise, the Heirs Democratic Socialist Party PSDH
  • There is the organization Partido del Movimiento Patriótico Popular PMPP
  • Likewise, the Partido Convergencia Popular Socialista PCPS
  • There is the Tekojoja People’s Party PPT
  • In addition, there is the Progressive Democratic Party PDP
  • On the other hand there is the Paraguayan Communist Party PCP
  • Likewise, the APDA Party
  • In the same way, we find the National People’s Party PNG.

After reading, we hope that you have taken advantage of the content presented in How to Know which Party I am Affiliated with and can share the information with your relatives.


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