How to Know Which Union I’m in: Seeker, Change and MORE

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The role of Trade Unions everywhere is to defend the rights and interests of workers. In such a way that, throughout this article we expose How do I know which union I am in?

It is important that you know how to use the union search engine, how to make an affiliation, how to change union. Also, on the subsidies granted by Unions in Argentina, what is contemplated by Law 23 and what is a Union.

How to Find Out Which Union I’m in: Union Finder

When looking for some activities and the corresponding associations that are available, you can get each of the Unions that are registered in the Government Secretariat for Labor and Employment (SGTyE).

This exploration can be carried out either by finding the provinces, the activities or the degrees, and thus choosing the organizations that have their union and union registry available. By finding the results, you get data on your precedents and organizational structure.

Also about the experience of the organization, and its efforts with the files that have been consigned in the National Directorate for the Associations of the Union of the Secretary of Government of Labor and Employment (SGTyE)

Among the data found, are the following:

  • Personal information found in the union institution.
  • The number of individuals that have been associated.
  • Affiliations in front of an organization that has a higher level.
  • The current condition and their decisions.
  • Precedents of possible associations, links or separations.
  • The precedents of the entities that are intervened.
  • Sectors that could have territorial or personal functions.
  • the regulations that have been accepted, will be reflected in order of date.

To consult this information, you can enter the official website of The National Directorate of Trade Union Associations (DNAS).

How to Know Which Union I’m in: Affiliations

The Constitution of the Argentine Nation and labor legislation have provided grant employees freedom to be able to join and in this way create the well-known Trade Unions. Trade union rights are governed by the Law of Trade Unions Associations Number 23,351.

Trade union rights are used when an individual is already 14 years old. Now, within the requirements to join a Union, are the following:

  1. The request to enter complete.
  2. Copy of the summary of the bank, with the account where your identity and the Uniform Banking Code (CBU).
  3. The copy of the last proof of payment.
  4. Card that accredits affiliation to the Obra Social de los Trabajadores de Seguros (OSSEG). Likewise, the membership card of the main Union both in original and in copy.
  5. Original and copy of descendants membership card to the OSSEG.
  6. Proof of studies of the descendants who are currently studying, or in this case an accreditation issued by the employer.

How to Change Union?

Generally, Unions are democratically selected by employees. If any change is required, the vote is necessary to disengage from the Union to which one belongs at a certain time and proceed to join another. Therefore the following should be done:

  • The first is to talk with the members of the Union, about the request for change. You must have certainty about the decision, because it can impact the work context.
  • The second step is to speak out regarding the complications of the local union. If you persist with the problems with the National Union, employees are authorized to vote.
  • The third thing is, find a new Union to join, and be prepared to face the conflicts of the old Union.
  • The fourth point is collect at least 30% of the signatures by request for decertification. This figure is the one required by the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board), in order to process the change.
  • As a last step, stipulate voting in front of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which is in charge of inspecting the votes and the procedure on them.

How to Know Which Union I Am in: Subsidies from the Insurance Union in Argentina

Within the Argentine Insurance Union, there is the educational or school subsidy, which is valid for the descendants of citizens who are affiliated to the Union and the OSSEG, and who are also in the range of between four (4) and eighteen (18) years old.

There is no doubt that the teaching phase corresponding to this period will not be affected by the wear and tear of purchasing power, which admits the salary. This is caused by the consequences of inflation each year.

This not only originates as said before by inflation, it also comes from the current rise and increase that have been made of public services. Obviously, this impacts both the purchasing power as in the school basket.

At the same time, the situation is becoming more complicated as detailed above. Likewise, the increase in the public transport service is added, which of course directly impacts the economic part of all employees.

For this reason, the Insurance Union, with the provision of the corresponding educational subsidy, grants this support to all the people who are affiliated. Workers with descendants in the ages already mentioned, in order to contribute with the payment of consumptions that they have year to year.

Other Aspects

Similarly, you can collaborate to increase opportunities for them to have a quality level of education, which contributes to the progress of the country. Also, to better the quality of life of all the affiliated people.

It should be considered that the current condition of the employees, in terms of the economic and social part, does not correspond to the increase in the cost of services. In addition to other elements regarding the salary they receive. In other words, it is difficult to cover all the needs.

If everything that happens in reality is taken into account, both socially and economically as already mentioned, the condition that will be maintained. In such a way that, the established resolution not only includes the current subsidy, but also other increases according to what the figures say.

This figure that may be unknownAt the same time, it is taken into account as a subsidy, which very few organizations of the union can grant within their benefits. This would be the consequence of the priority proceedings to originate an organized and extensive administration.

These actions are carried out, in order to be able to incline them to the benefits granted only to all those citizens who are affiliated and their family group.

How to know which union I am in: Law 23

The Articles corresponding to the Trade Unions in Argentina are stipulated in Law 23 and are set out below:

Article 1: It refers to the freedoms within the Union, which are guaranteed through the regulations that the body can use, to be able to refer to the decisions that each union takes.

Article 2: All organizations whose purpose is to defend the rights that can be demonstrated by employees, which are governed by what this Law says.

Article 3: The interests of the employees have to do with everything that is related to their employment situation, in addition to those that have to do with their life. The actions of the Union contribute to eliminating the impediments that may complicate the performance of the employees.

Article 4: All employees have the following rights, through the Union:

  1. To settle for freedom, without having a permit in advance with respect to the Syndicate associations.
  2. Organizations that are already conformed. Likewise, they can choose not to join or disenroll.

Article 5: Each of the trade union associations has the possibility of executing the following rights:

  • Set name, but without using those that have already been taken, and in no way, those that may cause confusion or show errors.
  • Define what their purpose is, the particular representation they will have and their functions throughout the Argentine territory.
  • Approve the type of organization that can be classified as the most suitable, accept the chosen regulations, and be able to form higher-level associations. In addition, join or disenroll of which they are made.
  • Prepare the formulation of its action plan, carrying out all the legal functions that contain its defense that cover the interests of the employees.

Continuation of the Articles corresponding to Law 23

Article 6: Each public authority, especially those with administrative functions. Employers, including associations with both legal and natural persons, have to depriving yourself of restricting your independence of each Union.

Article 7: Trade union associations cannot stipulate any distinction, for reasons ideological, belief, sex, race, social or political. Employees cannot be discriminated against for these reasons, they also have to do with higher or lower level associations.

Article 8: Each trade union association must guarantee that internal democracy is effective. Therefore, your rules have to ensure the following:

  1. That communication is assertive, with the internal entities that the association has with the corresponding affiliates.
  2. The commissioners possess with the deliberative organisms, to act with the dispositions that their delegates have.
  3. An efficient intervention in reference to all affiliates.
  4. Make a proper representation, according to the minorities in the moments of deliberation.

Article 9: No trade union association can receive financial support from employers. Similarly, from national or foreign political entities. This does not prevent the help that employers can give, as long as they have to do with legal and traditional regulations.

Article 10: Workers’ union associations are those that are made up of the following:

  • The employees that have the same type of functions, or in that case similar functions.
  • Employees with the same trade, either because of the profession, their class or that you are performing different functions.
  • The employees that provide their services to a single company.

What is a Syndicate?

A Union is a group made up of employees, who defend their labor rights in front of the employer, with whom they have an employment relationship through a contract, the State or the employers’ Chambers.

This definition helps to distinguish a body of working people who are prepared to defend social, professional and economic interests, which have to do with the functions carried out by those who make it up.

How do I know which union I am in? With all the information provided here, we hope you already know how to perform this procedure.

In the case of belonging to none, you also have the steps to follow to be able to join and be part of this organization that fights to defend the rights of workers.

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