How to Know Who a Vehicle Is In: Consultation, History and MORE

Today it is not necessary to go to a legal institution so that you knowHow to know whose name is a vehicle? Well now, you can do this process online, quickly and safely.

Here we will show you everything you need to know to successfully perform this procedure. From the web pages that you must know to check the license plate of the car to why a vehicle is blocked, stay with us until the end!

How to know whose name is a vehicle in Ecuador?

In Ecuador, it is very easy to consult the data of the owner of a car. All you need is an internet connection and the license plate number. That is why almost all organizations today have their own website, where they can find multiple services to consult.

The National Transportation Agency (ANT) of Ecuador is not far behind, therefore, in its portal there is the possibility of How to know whose name is a vehicle in Ecuador? so the best option for it without a doubt is through of the famous plate consultation.

The information that they will provide you will be the most important data that everyone who owns a car in Ecuador must have registered. That is, information such as:

  1. Name of individual.
  2. Identity card number.
  3. RUC.
  4. Housing address.
  5. Phone number.

However, you should know that in order to access said data you need to have the vehicle’s license plate number. Otherwise, the request will be denied by the system. Write down everything that comes, because in the next section we explain the step by step for the entire procedure.

How to Know Who’s Name of a Vehicle: Query by License Plate

If you want to do the Consultation by License Plate, it is a good choice, since here we will tell you which are the simplest steps for you to consult the data of the owner of a car are the following:

  • Enter the website of the National Transportation Agency (ANT) of Ecuador. Here the link.
  • Once there, a form will appear that you must fill out.
  • Enter the license plate number of the particular car you want to check.
  • Click on «Consult».
  • A box will appear on the screen with all the relevant information about the owner of the vehicle.

The procedure offered by the ANT is quite simple. Best of all, it is available all year round. Therefore, you can consult it as many times as you require, regardless of the day.

The National Transportation Agency of Ecuador urges all users to This service cannot be used to carry out illegal actions or in a suspicious way. Otherwise, you could receive fines or serious consequences within the legal framework of the nation.

How to Know Who a Vehicle Is In: Importance

It is very important to be able to know the name and personal data of a citizen through his license plate number.

Since, if you want to carry out a commercial transaction of a car, you can verify if the information they gave you is real. This can save you from a possible scam on more than one occasion.

However, we have prepared a small list of the reasons why Knowing Who’s Name is a Vehicle is important:

  • Know the personal data of the owner of a car that we want to acquire.
  • If a car blocks the exit of a parking lot and you don’t know the owner.
  • In the event of an unfortunate accident, you can take the license plate of the other vehicle to issue a legal complaint if the person does not want to be held responsible for the damages.
  • If a vehicle parks in a position that does not correspond to it within your residential complex, you will be able to contact the person thanks to their license plate number.
There is the possibility of requesting access to the file of a vehicle. The above, It is only if through the website of the National Transportation Agency (ANT) of Ecuador, you could not view the person’s data.

However, this request must be accompanied by a sufficient and corroborable reason to be able to continue the process. The place where you should go is the main office of the ANT itself.

Owner History and Vehicle Lock

The process of querying a person’s data by their license plate number, or How to Know Who’s Name of a Vehicle, it has some additional benefits such as Owner Record and Vehicle Lock.

You are probably wonderingWhat is Owner History and Vehicle Locking? Well here we will tell you.

In short, it can be said that, when wanting to buy a vehicle, it is important to verify if it has had multiple owners. In this way you will be able to know the complete list of who has owned the car.

That’s the owner history, a short list of the people who have owned a particular car. On the other hand, vehicle blocking has to do with another list. In this case, it is a «brand» that some cars have on the web.

Why will this help you? Well basically because you can check that the car you want to buy is not «marked» or reported for having been used in illegal actions or, consequently, has been stolen from its former owner.

It is for all this that ehe Ecuadorian State decided to create an online consultation system. In this way, which is much more effective and simple, a significant amount of hours lost in long queues that were made to consult this legal procedure are saved.

Vehicle lock

This section is an extension of the previous one. They will talk about the Blocking of Vehicles that are denounced for illegal activities. Recently, the National Transit Agency (ANT) issued a resolution called 008.

It talks about the possibility of issuing a blockade of debts or infractions that a vehicle has as long as the cause is justifiable.

The blockade also extends and covers other acts such as:

  • Robberies
  • Destroyed due to lack of maintenance.
  • Scrapped vehicles.
  • Destroyed by natural phenomena.

It should be noted that at the time of filing taxes at the end of the year, in the same way the debts will have to be paid. If not, a penalty can be placed according to the amount that was originally owed.

Measure 008 was created by the annoyance that the population had at the time of having to pay for debts that they had not accumulated. That is to say, for debts that they incurred at the time of acquiring the new vehicle and they corresponded to the previous owner.

How to Know Who a Vehicle Is In: Theft Reports

By consulting the license plate of a vehicle you can find out if it has been reported as stolen by the National State Police in Ecuador. The tool, as already mentioned, is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thus facilitating its use for police officers and ordinary citizens.

It is vital to know it, as it can provide you with relevant information regarding the theft report. In addition, it can increase the chances of recovering the vehicle. Below we will detail the steps you must take in case a police officer or you want to check, take note:

Stolen Vehicles

There is a database that contains most of the information that relates to car thefts. Even, includes those that have been recovered but not yet identified. If you want to make a brief inquiry, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the official website, we leave you the link here.
  • A box will appear where it asks for these data: plate, engine or chassis number.
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Click on the «search» button.

The website is in the hands of the National Police of Ecuador (PNE), so it should not have any inconvenience. However, if you have it, you can do so by filling out the form they have in their «Contact» section. If you do, you would be helping them to know what they should do to get better.

Consultation of Recovered Vehicles

To consult recovered vehicles, you should only use the previous database and follow the same steps What is the difference? Well, your search will be focused on finding those that have been recovered but have not yet been identified.

Here is a video, because we consider that there is no better way to learn to do something than by watching it, in which they explain how to do this procedure.

National Transportation Agency

What is the National Transportation Agency (ANT)? Perhaps that question arose while you were reading the article. It can be said that it is the official organism of Ecuador that is in charge of locating and regulating all the information that refers to land transportation.

The objectives of the National Transportation Agency today are the following:

  • Ensure salary compliance of all Agency officials.
  • Increase road safety and surveillance.
  • Provide uniforms and necessary equipment to its officials.
  • Field growth to drive.
  • Guarantee that the fleet of vehicles is strengthened.


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