How to Know Who’s Name Is a Car: With the ID, License Plate and MORE

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In this article we bring you everything you need to know to answer the question of how to know who a car is in.

Stay and know everything about knowing certain data of the vehicle before buying it and everything about RUNT.

How to know whose name is a car?

When making the decision to buy a car, which has already been used by someone else, that is, second-hand, one of the most important factors that must be taken into account is to have the security of who is the real owner of the car. vehicle.

It is important because it allows us to prevent some type of scam in which the seller is lying about his identity, and proceeds to make an illegal purchase and sale.

To avoid all this problem, it is necessary to know who the car is in, and to achieve this you must know that there are various platforms where you can obtain all the necessary legal information, using the owner’s identity document number.

How to know whose name is a car using the ID

As we mentioned above, you can get all the legal information you need from the vehicle. For this you can use several platforms and thus verify the name of the owner of the car.

Also through the identity document, that is, with the identification number, you can go to the Provincial Headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic, based on the municipality in which you are.

The difference that exists between consulting through a platform and going directly to the headquarters, is that through this second option it is necessary to issue the data and personal information requested in addition to exposing each of the reasons why such information is necessary. .

How to Know Who’s Name a Car is Using the License Plate

The plate It is an identification tool that all vehicles have and is exclusive to them. Through this important tool, you can obtain valuable information such as its background.

All these data are relevant when acquiring a second-hand car and in other procedures.

Also with this instrument you can obtain vehicle data, such as the owner’s name, through various platforms or by going to one of the headquarters, always going to the one closest to your home.

How to Know Who’s Name Is a Car: Vehicle Background

Background is past data and information about the vehicle, referring to its history. These data are of vital importance when carrying out any procedure or process.


Next we are going to present the information that is necessary in this type of procedure:

  • Tax: It is important to know the status of the vehicle in terms of taxes, because no procedure can be carried out if the car has taxes that are not in force.
  • Mechanical and gas technical check: It is also important that the vehicle is checked and in case the vehicle is subjected to constant checks, it is much safer when using it.
  • Legal status of the vehicle: Without a doubt, this is one of the most important aspects to know, because some vehicles have legal limitations, therefore, before carrying out any procedure or process with the vehicle, it is necessary to check if the vehicle has any limitations , in terms of legality.
  • Data of the current owner: It is also important to know the owner’s data to know if he is really giving his consent for any procedure with the corresponding vehicle.
  • Fines and summons: When some type of procedure or process is carried out with the vehicle, it is very necessary to verify that the owner does not have any fine or unpaid penalty, that is, that it is pending, because that can negatively affect the process.
  • Accident history: This is another important point to consider when purchasing a second-hand car. Accidents usually leave both immediate and long-term consequences to vehicles, so it is necessary to review the accident history of the car to buy.
  • Status of your SOAT: When buying a car it is advisable to know the status of its insurance, because if the insurance is in valid status, it is synonymous with the owner being responsible and complying with his obligations.

As you can see, these are the necessary aspects to know when considering acquiring a second-hand car, in order to take all possible precautions.

What is the RUNT?

The RUNT is he Unique National Transit Registry, which is a large database that stores, as its name indicates, data on all vehicles found within the country. To enter your system you can click here.

To register in the RUNT, a fairly simple and fast process must be carried out and carried out, resulting in a valuable tool to know various vehicle data.

This procedure does not have a stipulated time to do it, which means that the applicant can register the RUNT whenever he wishes.

Steps to follow

It is necessary to fulfill a series of steps and indications to be able to carry out the registration process. Each of them is mentioned below in the following list:

  1. To begin, the interested party must attend some of the transit agencies.
  2. You must present the personal identification document at the time of entry, in the box indicated.
  3. The next step is to go through fingerprinting as instructed by the staff in charge.
  4. Afterwards, the transferee must proceed to sign where he must.
  5. To complete the registration, the personnel in charge proceeds to grant the registration number.

In the case of a minor, you can carry out the registration with your identification document, on the other hand if you are from another country, that is, a foreigner, you can carry out the process by issuing the passport or the document of identity of your country.

What is RUNT for?

The Unique National Traffic Registry Known as RUNT, it has the task of allowing people to be informed through updated and accurate data on traffic and transportation in the nation.

It serves to make vehicle procedures much simpler and more organized and keep track of them.

For all organizations, having a database and carrying out the procedures is essential, with this measure, scams and infinities of legal problems with respect to procedures with cars are avoided.

Once people are already within the Single National Traffic Registry, they have the option of being able to enter the platform.

In this way, you can check the status of your fines. You will also be able to find out which are the centers, through which they can travel with their vehicles.

The Unique National Transit Registry It is self-sustainable, that is, the person must cancel when updating data or registering.

It is the same procedure to obtain compulsory insurance, which is established by law with a purely social purpose (SOAT).

The coso of this is approximately 1,400 Colombian Pesos which is around $ 0.50 American. It is a payment that is directed in its entirety for the operation of the Single National Traffic Registry.


The RUNT platform offers a lot of benefits to applicants, and in the following list we mention many of them:

  • Time: The RUNT system offers speed in the processes. Because all data is uploaded digitally. When carrying out a procedure, it can be done in a very short time.
  • Veracity of the information: It is a great benefit, because this system is the only one that is authorized to store the information. Therefore the information will be truthful, in every way from the license to the background history.

RUNT data

Next in this part of this content, we are going to describe the data found within the RUNT:

  • Traffic License of the vehicles that are in your name.
  • Driver’s license for this way answer the validation questions.
  • Identity document in valid state.

The RUNT, It is one of the most successful tools for data control.

As for vehicles, which gives the user a variety of benefits.

Follow the indicated steps and be successful in your process.


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