How to Pay AFIP: Methods, Electronic Wallet and MORE

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Being a taxpayer implies having the responsibility to comply with the obligation to pay the corresponding taxes. In such a way that, here we explain How to Pay AFIP and obey these regulations so as not to incur in default of payment.

Through this article, you will know what are the methods to pay AFIP and adjust it as appropriate, how to pay by means of funds transfer, electronic wallet, payment market and electronic payments. You will also find what are the requirements to pay AFIP online, what is AFIP, what it takes care of and much more.

Methods to Pay AFIP

The cancellation of taxes is a responsibility with which all taxpayers must comply with the AFIP, which works as a collector of these. Against this, taxpayers must know How to Pay AFIP, to prevent penalties for not paying the required taxes.

For this reason, the State in its functions as Government determines the regulations for the agencies and provides the instruments for taxpayers to make the respective payments. Authorizing in this way, be up to date with the payment of taxes, either withholding or originated by any specific economic activity.

Through these channels you can check the expiration date of the upcoming contribution installment, as well as the date on which the last payment was made. Selecting «Pay current month», you can see the balance to pay, choose the payment channel that originates the VEP (Electronic Payment Flyer).

This payment can currently be made through state-of-the-art electronic means such as websites of State entities or private financial institutions. Among the methods of How to Pay AFIP, are the following:

  1. Through transfer of funds.
  2. By electronic wallet.
  3. Payment market.
  4. Through electronic payments.

How do the AFIP Payment Methods work?

By Mercado Pago

It can be done from an electronic device, which has the Mercado Pago App, or from the Mercado Pago website.

By Electronic Payment

Authorizes payments without having to go to the institution that charges. You can pay by means from a Link or Banelco ATMFrom the electronic banking of the taxpayer’s bank, request the automatic discount of the fee from the bank account or credit card. Also, you have the opportunity to pay by phone.

It works in the following way:

  • By Internet: Enter with the fiscal code and produce the VEP (Electronic Payment Flyer), through the Monotributistas y Autónomos Current Account (CCMA) service. There, the responsibility to pay, and the pertinent information CUIT, time, type of tax, the concept, the sub-concept and amount are set. Then, in order to pay the VEP, you must enter the payment institution, choose the alternative «AFIP Payments». Said payment may be made instantly after the production of the VEP.
  • Through Homebanking Link: To use this service, you must first go with the debit card to an ATM that belongs to the same network as the card, and thus acquire the login key.
  • For the Banelco Network: This service can be used after choosing the alternative «other operations», to acquire the access code. Afterwards, you can make the corresponding payment by entering the website of pay my accounts.
  • By Automatic Debit in Bank Account: To request the affiliation of this service in the bank account in pesos, there are three (3) options:
    • Go to the banking agency and ask for service affiliation.
    • Make the affiliation to the automatic debit by telephone, calling the number 0810-345-7274.
    • Do it directly from the Monotributo website, accessing with the tax code, in the option «Payments».
  • With Credit Card: It can be done by phone payment or enroll in automatic debit using the following phone numbers:
    • Visa Card (011) 4378-4499.
    • Argencard – Mastercard (011) 4340-5665.
    • Cabal (011) 4319-2550.

NOTE: If you use the Visa card, you can pay or affiliate the payment online. Similarly, you have the opportunity to make the payment through Mastercard online.

Pay AFIP: Transfer of Funds

This is one of the methods that the taxpayer must take into consideration, as well as the one that is most used due to its easy handling. Likewise, it can be used in three (3) ways:

  1. The traditional transfer.
  2. Reconduction from the AFIP to Link Payments.
  3. Through the banking option of «pay my accounts».

It should be noted that a correct procedure must be carried out for the payment to be effective.

What is the Process of How to Pay AFIP by means of Funds Transfer?

To carry out this process, the following must be complied with:

  • Come into AFIP website, with the username and password predetermined by the taxpayer.
  • Choose the alternative of Services, continuing with DDJJ presentation and payments to produce the payment receipt.
  • The VEP (Electronic Payment Flyer) will be produced, this must be filed and printed to keep track.
  • Continuing, you must choose the type of payment: Enter by Link Payments, by traditional bank transfers and the cancellation of the tax for paying my accounts.
  • When making the payment by Link Pagos, the AFIP platform will send the taxpayer to the aforementioned website, where they can pay with a debit or credit card.
  • If it is made with a traditional bank transfer, it must be transferred to the allowed account and then notify AFIP about the payment.
  • When the payment is made from the bank user, you have to choose the option Pay my Accounts and the information of the Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP) will appear.
  • Next, the payment receipt is issued, it has to be stored and printed, for later consign them to state entities and accounting supervision.
  • When making the payment, and this is indicated as valid, it will be displayed on the AFIP website in the taxpayer’s user account, in addition to reflecting if there are outstanding debts.

That is, this is a very easy procedure to do, it is only necessary to follow the corresponding process and thus know How to Pay AFIP.

Pay AFIP Through the Electronic Wallet

This is a new payment method, which is used in some developed countries. Through this payment the economic means are organized in a more planned way. This makes it possible for the taxpayer to budget for payments without impacting the other economic items in the accounting accounts.

This alternative is available in two (2) ways:

  1. From the AFIP profile low security grade 2.
  2. Link with the user of the financial institution where the bank account is held.

How is the process to pay AFIP through the Electronic Wallet?

To know How to Pay AFIP Through the Electronic Wallet, the following instructions must be followed:

  • Enter the official website of the AFIP with username and default password by the taxpayer.
  • Choose the alternative of Services, followed by DDJJ presentation and payments to originate the payment receipt.
  • The VEP or Electronic Payment Flyer is produced, stored and printed for better monitoring.
  • Locate the security degree 2 in the options and find the Electronic Wallet, to make the payment directly without having to leave the AFIP.
  • When the payment is made through the website of the preferred bank, the user’s VEP must be chosen and the payment accepted.
  • At the end of the payment, review the issuance of the payment receipt, then store and print it for the accounting inspection and for more controls. ahead.
  • Said payment will be shown on the AFIP platform, so there will be no pending payments to be made.

Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP)

This in a digital receipt that contains taxpayer data, where it indicates the amount to be paid. Likewise, the taxpayer information and an individual code. Said receipt is also normally named by its acronym in Spanish as VEP of the AFIP, which once produced the payment must be completed.

For this procedure the taxpayer has five (5) days, and thus make the payment through any of the payment methods that they previously named, in case of not doing it in this period, it will be canceled. Its link is universal, and can be seen through the web portal where the payment will be processed, including the banking alternative My Payments.

In such a way that, the data contained in the documentation must be reviewed very well and after processing the payment optimally compared to AFIP.

Requirements to Pay AFIP online

Each taxpayer who has to comply with the payment of taxes to the AFIP, has to comply with the requirements detailed below:

  1. Have a Email address.
  2. Being registered in the AFIP, having a username and the bank password to make electronic payments such as: My national tax payments or transfers.
  3. Possess NIT, NIL or CUIT if it is a company.
  4. Present the articles of incorporation of the company.
  5. Provide the DNI (National identity document).
  6. Register the Electronic Wallet duly on the AFIP page and connect with the banking institution where you have accounts.
  7. Have optimal broadband internet, that supports connection with Banking Links, in addition to other websites.

What is AFIP?

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), the body that organize and control the taxes collected in Argentine territory. It depends directly on the Ministry of the Economy, and sets the standards for the collection and inspection of taxes and income throughout the country.

It was founded in 1996, and it is the institution that has achieved great achievements regarding collection and inspection policies that strengthen the nation’s economy. Therefore, the Government of Argentina has entrusted essential functions of different entities to the AFIP, and in this way to channel the Argentine economy.

In the same way, you have to determine actions for taxpayers and State entities, such as those named below:

  • The General Tax Directorate (DGI).
  • General Directorate of Customs.
  • The General Directorate of Social Security Resources (DGRSS).
  • Argentine taxpayers or individuals.

The foregoing is established by the Government through decrees, such as number 618/97 and 1156/96.

You already have the necessary information about How to Pay AFIP. All its payment methods are very easy to execute, therefore, there are no excuses for not complying with this obligation.

It is important to read all the detailed instructions in this article, to be clear about what to do, as well as to obey the requirements demanded by the AFIP. We hope we have helped you with this process.

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