How to Pay ARBA: Methods, Who Should Do It, and MORE

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In this article we want to talk to you about everything related to the process of canceling or Pay ARBA in the Republic of Argentina. In this regard, firstly this body constitutes the Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires. Which is responsible for managing the tax policy of this city.

Likewise, it is important to note that this institution is not only in charge of the administration and collection of taxes. In addition, it controls the administration of the Territorial Cadastre of the Province of Buenos Aires. Specifically taxes on gross income, real estate, etc. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about ARBA.

Methods to Pay ARBA

First, you must identify all the taxes to pay to this entity and advise you on the nature to know if they require this payment or not. By virtue of the fact that there are certain areas of the province and special conditions that are exempt, once this is clarified, there are many shapes to pay the ARBA.

In this sense, you have different modalities to Pay ARBA. With which, this will depend on your preference and comfort at the time of doing it. That is why some of the methods to carry out this cancellation are mentioned below:

Web way

At present, for Pay ARBA Via the Web is another of the alternatives most used by users to pay off their debts. That is why, you have several Own and allied platforms that work perfectly to declare these funds. Next, we are going to point you to the official portals that allow it:

  • Pay Platform
  • I pay my bills
  • Visa platform
  • Master consultations
  • Interbanking

Telephone Payment

  • Telephone payment is one of the most used methods to pay ARBA, since it is much more simple than other existing forms
  • However, it is important that you take into account that to make the payment through this route, you must have your credit card enabled. credit for it
  • Similarly, payment can be made by this means through Visa, American Express, Master Card and Cabal credit cards.
  • Likewise, it is available only for the payment of Gross Income taxes, Registrars and Agents, it is only necessary to call the number 0800 321 2722 (ARBA)


  • Another of the possible alternatives to execute the payment of taxes is through ATMs belonging to the Red Link or Banelco of the country
  • Similarly, you must request proof of payment at the ATM or make the report on the web
  • Also, you must generate a unique payment code

Automatic debit

  • This modality is available only for the payment of ARBA automotive and real estate taxes
  • Because these taxes must be registered with the corresponding property
  • In this way, the fees will be automatically generated and debited from the account.
  • As long as there is a balance available in them

Can ARBA be paid in cash?

  • You need to be aware that you can Pay ARBA under the modality of cash
  • Within this context, you can do them without any problem in the following banking entities
  • Provincia NET, Banco Provincia, Banco Ciudad and Rapipago

  • In the same way you can execute your Payment with check, on behalf of the «Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires ARBA – Not to order»
  • As well as, you must enter the amount, the payment for the accreditation of the payment made by check cannot exceed 48 hours.
  • It is important to take into account that you must place the back of the check that is consigned to the tax obligation to which said payment is attributed

Who Must Pay ARBA?

As for who should Pay ARBA are the human persons, companies and other entities of the Province of Buenos Aires with taxed commercial and / or professional activities. With which, they are obliged to enroll in ARBA. Likewise, in the tax on Gross Income within 15 administrative business days.

Likewise, these days must be after one or more plus activities achieved by the tax. Consequently, the Gross Income Tax is levied on the usual exercise and onerous title in the jurisdiction of the Province of Buenos Aires. That is, of commerce, industry, profession, trade, business, locations of goods, works and services.

Consequently, any person who generates any type of income, which is not an exempt activity, is required by law to pay the corresponding taxes. Which, will be destined by the State, to create improvements and social aid for the benefit of the population, and also allows the subjects to avoid sanctions.

Who is Exempt from Paying ARBA?

Now, there are certain activities that are not affected by this tax, for which they are exempt from payment and from making the affidavit. In this regard, these exemptions may to vary Depending on the particular province in question, you can specifically consult the provincial tax code.

That is why it is important that you take into account which are the areas in which the people who carry out work in the same are exempt from Pay ARBA. Thus, these are some general examples of exempt activities in some provinces:

  • Activities that are developed with the obtaining of a university degree
  • Income obtained from the exercise of university liberal professions
  • Whose career lasts no less than four (4) years and is not organized in the form of a company

  • Activities in which the intellect predominates
  • Florists without premises
  • Photographers
  • Cooperatives
  • Car sales (as long as the person does not pay income tax)
  • Film productions
  • Pharmacy

Proof of Telephone Payment

On the other hand, the payment vouchers constitute reliable proof before any person or entity that the payment of taxes was made in any modality. In this sense, they are necessary to demonstrate the solvency of companies, monotributistas and associations; before banking institutions or even ANSES or AFIP.

At this point we want to explain exactly how to easily obtain the telephone payment receipt, once your ARBA payment has been made. In this sense, when passing 72 hours from the time of payment, you can enter the website Province to obtain the details of the operation.

  • First you must select the Collection System option
  • Then «Print proof of telephone payment» or «Print proof of WEB payment», depending on the means through which it was canceled
  • In the item “Company”Select“ Arba, Collection Agency of the Province of Bs. As. ” and indicate the «Electronic Payment Code»
  • As well as the «Code of Authorization ”that the system threw at the end of the payment

  • Subsequently, «Look for». This information is required if it is a telephone payment.
  • On the other hand, if the Payment was made via the web, it will require information regarding the payment date, the last 4 digits of the Card and the authorization code
  • Finally, it is your responsibility to select the option «Look for«
  • Finally, you must print the payment receipt that will be displayed at the end

In the case of payment through the ATM or electronically (overdue fees) you must generate the «Electronic Payment Code» in the ARBA website. For which, you must enter the settlement of the quota, said code will appear automatically and will have a validity of 48 hours, to carry out the process.

What is ARBA and what are its Services?

The Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires ARBA, is an autarkic entity whose responsibility is manage the tax policy of Buenos Aires. In this sense, the aforementioned Agency was created in December 2007, by means of Law 13,766, as an instance that surpasses its predecessors.

In this sense, his creation involved the acquisition of new powers that allow it to operate with greater autonomy, agility and resources. Thus, ARBA has greater operational, technological and budgetary capacity to improve tax efficiency, through the elimination of the existing bureaucracy.

Likewise, it is essential that you take into account each of its functionalities available to users. In order to help the State guarantee the fair provision of services to its inhabitants, and tax collection is key to achieving it. Which is why, since its inception, ARBA has always sought:

  • Benefit to taxpayers who comply with their tax obligations
  • Fight against tax evasion, expanding the state’s control capacities and eliminating all kinds of bureaucratic obstacles
  • Show that the tax system, the fact of having to pay taxes, can be a true contribution for the betterment of the Nation
  • Grant facilities to their taxpayers for compliance with the law and their respective advantages
  • Management efficient

It should also be noted that the mission of the Buenos Aires Province Collection Agency ARBA is linked to the implementation of a more equitable tax system. As well as that said Organism responds to recognized criteria of efficiency, equity, administrative simplicity and flexibility.

Additionally, we want you to know exactly the taxes that the ARBA collects and collects in the national territory. So that you can get to know each one of them and know exactly which one may correspond to you, depending on the situation you present. These taxes are the following:

  • Real estate
  • Automotive
  • Boats
  • Gross income
  • Stamps – TGB
  • Agents
  • Cadastre

Cancel each of your ARBA taxes successfully!

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