How to Pay Cablevisión: Methods, Invoice and MORE

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We can say that it is very important to know How to Pay Cablevisión for anyone who has or wants to get this service. Paying the Cablevisión service on time would avoid any partial cut and any inconvenience with it.

Cablevisión is a company whose function is to provide cable television service, it was founded in 1981 but it was not from 2018 that it became part of Telecom Argentina. The purpose of this was to be able to provide all possible communication services. If you want to know each step to make your payment. Read our article!

Methods to Pay Cablevisión

Automatic debit

  1. Enter the option «My Cablevisión Fibertel account» in the cablevisión website.
  2. You will have to log in by entering the user or registering.
  3. Find the Invoice part and click on «Adhere to Automatic Debit ».
  4. The customer will have the option to choose between «Debit Card (CBU)» and «Credit Card».
  5. The person will have to enter the CBU or credit card number and then click «Continue».
  6. And at the time of this, this type of payment is ready. It is also reported that if at the time of this, there is an unpaid invoice. It can be paid with TDC in «My Personal».


The customer who wishes to make a payment by phone, should call 0800-555-0023 and follow all the instructions indicated. It should be noted that you can pay by credit or debit card. Visa Debit and Maestro cards are enabled.

Payment Market

  1. Enter the Mercado Pago APP. Which is available in the Play Store on Android and the APP Store for Iphone.
  2. Select the option «Pay for Services».
  3. You will have to scan the barcode on the invoice or in «Search Companies» write the name of Cablevisión.
  4. Write the reference number of Payments that is on the invoice.
  5. Choose how you want to pay.
  6. Select the way you want to pay.
  7. And finally, click on «Pay».

Pay my accounts

  1. Enter the web page of Payment My Accounts.
  2. Log in if the person has a user, if not, they can register in 3 simple steps.
  3. Enter Accounts and click on «What do you want to pay?»
  4. Write «Cablevisión» and select «Cablevisión – TV Operators» OR «Fibertel» and «Fibertel – Internet Providers».
  5. Enter the 8 digits of the Cablevisión Fibertel Payment Reference Number.
  6. Then you will have to enter the amount to pay and click on the «Add» option.
  7. Select the service to be paid, and click on the «Pay» button.
  8. Put all the information of your card in «Enter payment method».
  9. And finally click on «Confirm Payment»

Link Payments

  1. Enter the Link Pagos website.
  2. Log in if the person has a user, if not, they can register on the same page.
  3. Select the «New Payment» option.
  4. In «Item» you will have to write “TV Operator” and in company “Cablevisión”.
  5. Enter «08300» + the 8 digits of the Payment Reference Number found on the Cablevisión Fibertel bill.
  6. You will receive a code on your cell phone to confirm your payment, enter it and then click on «Confirm».
  7. In the event that you do not have any associated means of payment, you will be asked to add the details of the Credit Card with which you want to turn off.

Home Banking

  1. Enter your bank’s website and proceed to log into your home banking.
  2. Select «Payments»> «Pay»> «TV Operator»> «Cablevisión» or «Fibertel».
  3. Enter the 8-digit Payment Reference Number> Then select “Pay”.

ATM machines


  1. Go to a Banelco ATM and enter your details.
  2. Select «Payments»> «Electronic Payment»> «TV Operator»> «Cablevisión» or «Fibertel».
  3. Enter the 8-digit Payment Reference Number> Then select “Pay”.


  1. Go to a Banelco ATM and enter your details.
  2. Select «Link Payments»> «Payment of Taxes and Services»> «TV Operator»> «Cablevisión» or «Fibertel»> Select the concept to pay.
  3. Write «08300» + the 8 digits of the Payment Reference Number and then select the “Pay” option.

Visa Home

  1. Enter the Visa Home website and then select the type of Visa client that the person is.
  2. Enter the data, username and password. In the event that the username and password are forgotten, the person will be able to recover them. If you do not have a user, you can create it in «Get user».
  3. Select the section «Pay»> «Taxes and Services»
  4. In «Category» choose in «Videocable Services» and in «Company» I chose «Cablevisión». Write the payment reference number and click on «Add».
  5. Then you will have to select the option «Payment 1» and to finish clicking on «Pay».

Can Cablevisión be paid in cash?

It’s important to know How to Pay Cablevisión In cash, it is an option that this company gives to make the monthly payment. In the same way, there are all possible payment options for the enjoyment of customers. Payment can be made in cash in the following places:

  • Rapipago.
  • Easy Pay.
  • Province Net.
  • Express collection.
  • Ripsa.
  • BICA.
  • I’ll pay soon.
  • Polsa.
  • Multi-payment.

Pay Cablevisión: How to View My Invoice?

Another part of How to Pay Cablevisión It is knowing how to view the Cablevisión Fibertel bill, this can be done online through the Cablevisión service website.

If it is necessary to see the invoice issued by Cablevisión Fibertel, it can be viewed online or online. In addition, it can be downloaded for the customer’s convenience. The steps to follow are:

  1. Enter the Cablevisión Fibertel website.
  2. Enter in «My Cablevisión Fibertel Account» to be able to continue with the rest.
  3. Log in with the user or if you do not have, you can register.
  4. In the «Billing» section, you must select the invoice that you want to view or download.
  5. And then, you can select the «download» icon to proceed with the same.

It is important to see this invoice, because in it you can find all the information that the client may need or simply see. Among the data that this invoice has, are the total amount to be paid or the charges that have to be paid.

Pay Cablevisión: What Happens If I Do It Out of Term?

In another important point of How to Pay Cablevisión there is knowing what could happen if this payment is made after the date indicated. Any payment made after the due date on the Cablevisión Fibertel bill will generate an expense that must be paid out of time.

In other words, it is a payment that will be reflected in a future billing that is sent by the Cablevisión company. It will be displayed in the central part of the invoice, where all the items that are invoiced are detailed.

It is also important to know that it is not necessary to make a call to confirm that the payment has been made and that the payment can be reflected in a maximum of 72 business hours. In case there is any confusion.

If you do not cancel your invoice, the outstanding balance will be automatically included in the following month’s summary and you will see it in the «Account statement» section. In this section you will find:

  • The balance of your previous invoice.
  • Payment made late.
  • The balance of your current invoice, which will include the amount for the administrative expense.

The sum of these items will make up the total balance that you must pay. We remind you that you can subscribe to the automatic debit and avoid that this charge is generated for you due to forgetting. The way to subscribe to this was explained above.

Cablevisión benefits

Flow pass

This benefit can only be obtained if the person is a Personal and Flow client, with this a pass will be activated 10GB special for 1, 3 or 30 days. This so that the person can enjoy much more watching live TV, in addition to watching the series and movies that Flow brings. It can be viewed without consuming any data that belongs to the plan.

Exclusive Benefit for Cablevisión customers: Free Flow App

Another benefit for Cablevisión Fibertel customers is the totally free Flow APP application. This app was made so that the client can accompany himself with the days that he has to stay at home, in addition to being able to access without any additional charge.

What is Cablevisión?

Cablevisión Fibertel, a company whose function is to provide cable television service, was founded in 1981 but it was not from 2018 that it joined Telecom Argentina. The purpose of this was to be able to provide all possible communication services.

When Cablevisión announced its merger with Telecom Argentina in 2017, the objective of this was expressed. The objective was to be able to have a new company that manages to provide a good service known as «quadruple play.»

Quadruple play is a combination of fixed and mobile telecommunications, video distribution and the internet. Because we have finished explaining everything you need to know How to Pay Cablevisión, We can thank ourselves for reading this article.

Thanks so much for reading!

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