How to Pay Claro: Ballot, How Much I Owe and MORE

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How to pay of course, it is a simple way to obtain the services and provision that this company provides, from access to mobile service or digital technology.

If you want to make your payments, you can do it through this interesting platform where many Argentines give their confidence to have the best service in communication and entertainment.

How can you pay of course?

Cancel by clear service It is a transfer that you can carry out by directing them to their central offices or accredited service points for payment or by entering their website: www.

Clear payment in offices:

If you go to any of their offices, You only have to enter requirements such as: previous clearing contract or ballot number.

You can also go to any of the agencies or bank offices and present a clear ballot with code of visible bar.

Virtual clear payment:

  • Entering your virtual page:
  • Create username and enter RUT and password.

Payment by Credit Card or Visa Debit from:

Pay with your account number at:

  • Payment Market
  • Ualá
  • Virtual Wallet Plus Payments

From homebaking:

You can find the account number, if or you need at:

  • Invoice notification
  • My clear
  • Sent to SMS with the word «ACCOUNT» to 611

For more information on places and means of payment is by entering this link

If there is any doubt about the payment or invoice

Pay clear; How to see my ballot?

Initially it transmits to receive and view the ballot was carried out through the correspondence service, which consisted of sending it to the address domiciled of the client.

Currently this process has been changed and the client prefers to access the transmitters offered by the virtual offices.

The physical format of the clear ticket is maintained, since many clients just enter their password in the clear portal download supports for diverse diligence in banking and institutional.

If you only want to know your debtor position, they can communicate at any of the telephones indicated in the clear portal or by entering with their RUT or ID number.

Pay clear: Steps to follow to get your ballot

Today most of the telecommunications companies They offer various options for their clients to verify all kinds of information regarding services offered by the company.

Within these items are the payments. If the client has internet, they will be able to access easily through their mobile and fixed devices and obtain their clear ballot.

Previously the correspondence service, where the clear ballot format was downloaded and sent to the home address or office registered by the client.

Due to the programs of preservation of the environment and saving paper costs, this invoice is in virtual office, It allows you to get your ballot clear, following the following steps:

Meet and affiliate the services that Claro offers

  • Entering your virtual page: www.
  • Create user and Enter RUT and password to verify any information about the services they are affiliated with
  • By logging in to Claro you can verify any information about your data and services. By locating the «Payment» option, mark clear payment online and view all ballots.
  • Also, you can Download the clear ballot, and print it in physical format or request it to be sent by mail to the registered address.
  • If you want the clear ballot to arrive directly to an email account, you only have to locate the option: «Electronic Ticket» in my clear natural people) and in companies legal persons)

These processes are much better every day, thanks to the benefits of electronic invoicing, it has certain characteristics that should be highlighted, they are:

  • Efficiency: Online Process Management, which increases productivity a bit
  • Saving: The service can be performed digitally, it implies lower costs in paper, printing and distribution.
  • Agility: Easy to make reports and view graphics of the invoice to customers.
  • Security: Stores data on secure servers and 24-hour technical support.

Pay clear: Download and print the ballot

If you have trouble receive the physical from your clear ballot, do not hesitate to enter your website and obtain it through your virtual office, just download and print, according to the following steps:

  • Enter customer data on the virtual page:
  • Mark option. «Pay your Ticket», you can only cancel pending ballots, in case of being up to date, enter ballot history.
  • Once the payment process is completed, select the option «Download ballot»
  • Save in PDF format, to print them whenever you want, they will also be registered in the digital history.

How do I know how much I owe?

Every month of the year, Claro takes time to send emails or SMS, where it lets us know the invoice that needs to be canceled, in the same way, it is not the only way to know the account number and the balance to be paid.

This is precisely what is discussed in the following paragraphs, how to know the debt of course, so pay close attention.

  • By SMS in 611, the body of the message must write the word INVOICE, the answer, is obtained in our account number and the balance that you have to pay.
  • Another way to find out Claro’s debt is by dialing * 611 # and pressing the call button, in the menu that appears, choose option 1 (billing) 1 (check the amount and payment date of the last invoice )
  • A message will appear cope the total to pay the due date

Also, there is a way to consult Claro mobile or landline debt from Claro’s official site. Having the website clear, we enter:

  • On
  • Select option: «My bill»
  • Later: «Current Account Statement»
  • Debts can be carried in detail (amount until the time of the consultation and when it expires, the case of having late invoices.
  • If you want to see the complete detail of the invoice of «Account Summaries» It is worth mentioning in this tab available account summary of the last 6 months.

What is clear?

Claro represents being one of the companies of telecommunications best positioned in Chile, whose group has more than 6 millions of clients and endorsement by the group American Mobile.

This company offers various services, which offer advantages to its clients through its different channels such as: central offices, service points, and virtual channels.

The information for the services offered by Claro are billed through a newsletterto. According to your choice, it will reach the client by various media.

This ticket corresponds to a document that formalized the provision of a service contract by the company of telecommunications.

Clients have access to all the information corresponding to the I ride cancel for the contracted services. This control allows you to monitor the consumption expenses of their services.

This clear ballot fulfills a series of important functions, such as:

  • Clear account cancel
  • clear internet
  • clear cell phone
  • Cancel Clear TV.


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