How to Pay Claro: Channels, Queries and MORE

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If you are affiliated with this mobile and landline phone service, and you want to stay with one of the best telecommunications platforms internationally. You will be interested to know How to Pay Claro. We will detail which are the customer service channels electronically and also through telephone operators.

We will also give you the instructions for paying your bills in person and the places you can go to in the national territory for this purpose. We will also explain how you can check your account number and the amount to pay for the use of the service and how to inform that the corresponding payment has already been made.

You can get this and much more in the content of this article. Follow your reading and find out everything relevant about How Pay Clear!

Pay Claro: Online and Telephone Channels

Electronic payments

There are various payment methods for telephone service Of course, most of them are very simple and with a few steps the procedure will be completed. Regarding electronic payment facilities, you can access the website of Claro Argentina through this link that we leave at your disposal, just by giving click here.

It is an online service offered by the telephone company, called MyClear where you can make the payment of your invoices, with your credit or debit cards, through the computer, telephone, tablet, or the means of communication that you have at your disposal.

To do this, you must first log into your user account. If you do not have a profile, then you can register by entering your email address, your password and accepting the terms and conditions that arise. Once this is done, your email will receive a confirmation code.

You must go to your email address inbox to obtain the confirmation code that will be sent to you. Then, enter this number in the corresponding box on the page MyClear, and ready! you will have already created your account. The next step is to associate your phone line with the service Of course.

Sometimes the confirmation code that is sent to your email is not in the inbox. When it is, you can search the spam folder.

Once you have your profile, log in by entering your access data. Upon entering the page, select the option «Pay my bill«. Where you must indicate that the payment will be made through a bank card. The data that you must enter in this document are: the card number, the expiration date and the security code found on the back of it.

Next, press the button «Confirm payment«, After you have checked that the data entered is correct and that the amount to be paid for the invoice is according to your consumption. In this way you will have already made your online management of the payment of your telephone rent.

Payments by phone

Now, if you want to make the payment through your cell phone, you can do it fast and easy. You just have to enter the code * 7246 on your cell phone and follow the steps indicated by the automatic operator. Or you can also call directly 0800 123 72 46, and click on the number 3 key. Then, wait to be attended by the operator that will process your payment.

Pay Claro: In-person Alternative

Due to the high coverage that this telephone service company has Of course Throughout the Argentine territory, there are multiple sites where you can go to make your payments in person. However, the procedure to follow in any of these affiliated agencies is quite similar.

Below we will mention some of the payment entities where Of course It has a link and to which you can go to pay your consumption bills on mobile or fixed telephony:

  • Easy Pay.
  • RapiPago.
  • PlusPagos.
  • CobroExpress.
  • Ripsa.
  • Virtual Collection.
  • I’ll pay soon.
  • Multi-payment.
  • Province Net.

To do this, you just have to go to the payment institution that you prefer and is more within your reach. And you must take with you the invoice that you are going to cancel, your national identity document (DNI) and the number of your account or line of the service that you have Of course. With these few requirements, you can make your payment immediately.

Another of the face-to-face ways to pay your bills is to go to an ATM of one of these networks: Link or Banelco. Then, you must enter the option that is displayed on the screen titled «Payments for Services«, Specifically selecting a telephone service Of course.

After that, you must enter your Claro account number that appears on your invoice, and indicate through which bank account the amount to be canceled will be deducted. Additionally, you must indicate with numeric digits the exact amount to pay (corresponds to the amount) and accept the payment operation in the button «Confirm«.

Finally, wait a few seconds for the transaction to be completed and do not forget to remove your ticket from the delivery tray that the cashier has. This receipt will serve as proof of payment, if you wish you can save it, as it may be useful on a future occasion. And that’s how simple and effective it is to pay your bill! Of course!

How to Consult the Account Number and the Amount to Pay?

Get the account number

It may be the case that when you go to make the payment of your overdue invoice, or when you want to anticipate and pay in advance, you do not have your account number at hand. Don’t worry, getting it is very simple. Here we indicate three (3) ways to achieve it:

  • Checking the text or email message that is sent to you monthly to notify the expiration of your invoice.
  • Directly on the invoice, on the front of the receipt. It corresponds to the eleven (11) digits indicated.
  • When accessing your profile MyClear, looking for the option of your account data.
  • Or by sending a text message to the number 611, writing the word «Bill«. To which you will receive an immediate response with the code associated with your subscription.

Check the amount to cancel

To know how much you should pay for your Claro bill, you have several alternatives. The first is through the automatic text message that is sent monthly to the customer. Or also to email, depending on the medium that the user has affiliated with.

However, if you do not have those messages within reach and you want to consult it before the end of the month. You can write the word «invoice»In a text message addressed to the number 611. By doing this, you will instantly receive the respective response indicating your account number, the amount to be canceled and the expiration date of your phone or Internet plan.

Finally, entering your profile at MyClear, you can do this query too. In this case, you need to log in and press the option «My bill«. Here you will access the complete account statement associated with your profile, including not only the current invoice but also those in arrears, if you have debts with the service.

The advantage of this option is that you can get a summary of your movements made in the last semester of the year. Where you can see the detail of the amount collected, that is, the items of the payment concept. And also the amounts canceled in this period. This way you can get an idea of ​​your consumption level.

Pay Claro: How to Report Payment

When an invoice that is overdue is canceled, it is necessary to inform the payment of the same. To do this, you can do it through your username at MyClear, logging in and locating the option «Me invoice«. In this, other boxes will be displayed, where you must select the one that says «More options«. There you can report your payment.

In addition, you can notify it through your cell phone, just by entering the code * 611 # in which a call to an auto attendant will be created. Next, this will give you the indication to press the number 1 key to report your invoice payment or payment of pending debt.

How long should I wait for my invoice to be paid?
If you have canceled the amount corresponding to your invoice, whether it is past due or not, by any of the payment methods that Claro offers you. Then you must wait a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours. If after that time, it still has not been paid, we recommend you go to a customer service center or contact one of the contact lines.
What requirement must I have to claim that my payment has not been paid?
You just have to have with you your payment receipt, which must prove the date and the code that corresponds to your payment or transaction.

What is Claro Argentina?

The Claro brand is a mobile and fixed telephony network that provides Internet connection services that has been present in Argentina since 2008. It is not only recognized in this country, but also has wide coverage worldwide, being one of the telecommunications companies with the greatest predominance in the Latin American market.

It has a wide variety of telephone and broadband Internet plans, ideal for all the requirements of its users. Offering its clients packages with cutting-edge technology in mobile and fixed communications, at highly competitive prices.

This time we have told you all the details you need to know to be a consumer of the telephone service Of course in Argentina. Now you know how to make your payments online or in person, how to check the account number and the amount to be canceled and how to inform that the payment has already been made.

If you liked the information we have provided through this article, we invite you to recommend us to your friends and acquaintances. Or take a look at our website. Here you will be able to obtain many useful data about a lot of procedures and not only in Argentina but throughout Latin America.

Thank you for choosing us. Until next time!

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