How to Pay Daily Pass: Media, TAG and MORE

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How to Pay Daily Pass, you must perform certain parameters that work in a way effective to achieve our payment.

This company has grown over the years and we explain some concepts, instructions and data that are of great interest. Keep reading and you will learn more about Pay Daily Pass envelopes.

Means to Pay Daily Pass

There are different types of payment that are essential to streamline this type of paperwork, and they are:

Unired: By indicating the RUT number, you can pay in person at the closest UNIRED self-service with:

  1. Cash
  2. Debit cards
  3. Rut account
  4. Credit cards

Simple: Indicating the Ruth number you can make payments with

  1. Cash
  2. Business cards
  3. ABC DIN
  4. Hites

Servifacil: Just by indicating the RUT number, you can pay with

  1. Cash
  2. Debit cards
  3. Leader Card

Servipago: Indicating the RUT number to pay the Servipago with

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Business Cards: Jhonsons

Autopass: Indicating the RUT number or Present the ballot, you can pay at our commercial offices with:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. If you prefer to cancel in installments: Bank Card

Neighbor Box: Indicating the RUT Number you can pay the Neighbor Box with:

  1. Cash
  2. Current account
  3. Electronic Checkbook
  4. Rut account

All of these payment methods can help streamline a better-running Daily Pass experience.

If you want to register an account, you must follow these steps:

  • Get in «My Servipag», indicate the RUT and password
  • Click the button «Register Accounts» at the top right of the screen
  • Will ask a question «What account do you want to add?»
  • Search for the service or company
  • Select the account you want to enroll
  • Enter information of the account that was requested
  • Click on the «Add» button at the bottom of the screen
  • After this, the account appears in the section «My accounts»

Pay Daily Pass with Servipag

For this section, it contains some steps that should be completed without any problem, and they are:

  • Get in «My Servipag» and indicate the RUT and password
  • In the section of «My accounts» the sign must be selected «+» in the account to pay
  • You can select one or more accounts, or all at once, by clicking the button «Add All»
  • Click on «Pay» in the section «Added for payment»
  • In this way, you must choose the payment method and select «Continue»
  • Follow the steps indicated by the payment method
  • And finally, the proof of payment must be sent to the email

If you made a payment and want to recover the voucher, you can make it by entering this link

How to contract a TAG?

Known as TAG or Televía, is a name given to the Ministry of Public Works to the device that allows certain operations of an urban highway system in Santiago.

Or, to better understand it, a device that, housed in the car, offers a certain stability to travel on the Santiago highway, while the charges are being reconciled in a electronic and automatic passing through the porticoes.

To hire a TAG at home. You must enter the highway portals you want and follow the steps to hire a TAG.

On the contrary, it only needs to be exchanged (The TAG has a validity of approximately five years), when returning it, the highway informs from the web portal of the Cost of these transactions and how it can be done.

If you carry out a circulation without the TAG it is up to 3 days from the day the rule to acquire a single day pass was breached.

Therefore, if it is not done as soon as possible, there may be an infraction to buy a pass late only daily.

These two options are inexpensive, since a day pass or a late day pass serves to offset possible fines for all the gates that are passed in one day.

TAG Costs and Fines

For the value of the TAG lease, it can be expressed in the monthly installments, they are: $ 527 the invoice is made by e-mail, or $ 610 when sending ordinary mail.

By having the TAG device enabled, you can go to the Urban and Interbuenas Concessions Highway, charging an amount with the rates corresponding to frequent users.

For them. The tolls are much cheaper, around the fifty% less that happens in rare users who do not have the TAG enabled.

You can obtain information about the motorway rates for frequent, infrequent, or daily pass users, on different motorway web pages it can be found.

TAG fines have gone through different stages from when the offense is committed until it is noted on the Civil registration. To know the payment of fines in TAG, you must know the status or part of the process in your fine.

Depending on the time of the offense, you can go to the highway itself, before it does not become a fine, within 20 days of validity or in the courts

When the notification did not arrive from these 3 stages of the process does not mean that there is no fine. It’s a fines protocol TAGs are long and expensive, they can take a long time.

The period that lasts from when you commit an offense for not carrying the TAG or having it disabled, eventually scoring the fine, can even 3 years.

What is a Daily Pass?

This pass is one of the second options not to get the TAG. However, it is important to note that they can only be obtained up to 15 passs diaries of each year by patent.

Therefore, it is a good decision for all those drivers who usually circulate regularly through this type of racing.

Buy this type of Single Daily Pass online by clicking on this link or Servipago

It can also be obtained at different points of sale in Soon Copec And in the Servipago branches

The only daily pass is to buy before the transit and up to two days after the transit day. That price is $ 7,000 for cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles and $ 14,900 for the rest as: Trucks, buses and trucks with trailers.

What is a Late Daily Pass?

This pass can be purchased from the third day of transit and has a twenty-day purchase period from the next day until it circulates without TAG.

To buy this Late Daily Pass it can be done online or at a point of sale, just like the Single Daily Pass, with the only condition that from the third day of transit it will be charged at another price: $ 11,050 for cars, trucks, motorcycles and $ 21,150 for vans, buses and trucks with trailers.

These rates are normally in effect from January 1, 2020

If you have any questions about Transito sin Tag, it can be used when drivers operate an electronic toll road Free Flow, without having a TAG or having it enabled.

You have a purchase term of up to thirty calendar days from the day I circulate without TAG. The transit without him TAG It is purchased online on different websites on the highways where the device is circulated.

Value to be charged depends on the highway, for example, on the Pacific Routes, giving a value corresponding to double the value real toll.

Most of the traffic fines accumulate over time, it is important to highlight these concepts for Chilean citizens, since it has to do with the TAG.

It usually happens that many can take something negative from it, but it is because there is a total ignorance of the operation.

It is important to take into account all the factors that were mentioned and explained in these items. The idea is to understand the use of these permits for transit.

Many of those who move on these streets in Chile may not be aware of the completion of these contracts for the future.

Thanks to new technological innovations, we can find a platform that works effectively for the cancellation of payments and services.


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