How to Pay Directv: Prepaid, Benefits and MORE

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Perhaps at this moment you are wondering: How to pay DIRECTV ?. To pay your monthly DIRECTV fee, it is necessary to have knowledge of certain details and conditions of the service and the payment methods. You can make use of Credit or Debit cards, and in times of pandemic, without having to move from one place to another, from end to end and without queuing and having a more tedious payment process.

Here we will talk a little about how to pay for the service, what payment methods are available, the benefits that DIRECTV provides and more. Keep reading!

How can DIRECTV be paid in Colombia?


To make the payment of My DIRECTV it is necessary, in advance, to register in the online system providing personal data and following certain steps. It is explained below:


  1. Enter the official website of DIRECTV Colombia.
  2. In case of being new clients, you must click on the option «Check in».
  3. Select what type of customer it is, prepaid or postpaid. If it is prepaid select the option «Previous Client Payment» and add the requested data.
  4. You must click on the button that says «Check in» to continue.
  5. The page, for security measures, will request certain data through a series of secret questions for when the access data is forgotten, such as: password or user of the online account. You must click the button «Keep» to finish with this step.
  6. You will automatically access the new account.


  1. This is when you select the option «Get into» that appears at the top of the web page.
  2. You will enter another page where you must provide your Identity Card and Personal Password. Same data provided in the registration for the opening of your online account.
  3. After filling in the information fields provided, click on «Get into».
  4. You will be able to observe the amount that is owed for the service. To proceed with the payment you must affiliate the bank account with which you will cancel. Click on «See Invoice».
  5. The personal data, the amount due and the next billing will appear on the screen. You must select «E-Payments» from the bank of your choice to continue.
  6. Choose the amount of money you want to contribute and click «Accept».
  7. Select the preferred payment option, «Debit» or «Credit Card: Visa or MasterCard» from the bank of your choice.
  8. If the payment is by Debit Card, select the options that are made available to you to cancel the service and finally, click on «Continue».
  9. If the payment is by Credit Card, indicate the card number and the name that are printed on it, also the expiration date and fill in the requested fields. Finally, click on «Continue».
  10. The system will display a notification when the DIRECTV Online payment has been processed. Sometimes delays can occur but it is completely normal due to the connection established with the bank, which can be slow.

Pay DIRECTV with the Prepaid Method

Payment of this service with a pre-payment method can be made by going to the recharge centers identified with the DIRECTV Pre-payment logo or with authorized agents: Banco BCP, Banco Interbank, Banco Continental and Banco de la Nación. Or through the website following the instructions included above.

Simply indicating what type of payment you are going to make, providing your Identity Document (DNI) number and that it corresponds to the service holder and the amount to recharge.

Remember to make the payment in advance of the date of cancellation of the service.

DIRECTV benefits

DIRECTV offers accounts with a single satellite television system in the country, incredible audio and video quality, without fixed monthly bills and all this with the best movies thanks to the Internet.

Not counting on the daily programming that it offers wherever you are. Also the consultation of invoice information, recording of favorite programs, purchase of Premium programming, exclusive transmissions, discounts and special promotions for the time of contracting the service.

Rates to Pay DIRECTV in Colombia

In Colombia, the DIRECTV HD Pre-paid service has a cost of $ 69,900 Colombian pesos and offers 160 channels.

The official price of the service in DIRECTV Pre-paid is $ 49,900 pesos, which is equivalent to $ 13.4 USD. In the case of resellers, who offer the complete equipment: decoder, antenna and control, it is priced at $ 90 and $ 120, including the streaming service for the first month of use.

What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is an audio and television services company that offers satellite transmissions to its customers.

Services include private video services, local television channels, subscription television services, satellite radio services, and television networks.

They constantly do promotions and giveaways for their subscribers and it is very accessible.

Offers an online option called DIRECTV GO, which is a streaming platform with complete programming through the web. Includes your favorite live channels and a very complete catalog of On Demand titles.

For sports fans, it offers an exclusive section on the subject.

It can be enjoyed from any mobile device.


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