How to Pay Edesur: Means, Payment Plans and MORE

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If you are residing in Argentina and the network that provides and distributes electricity to your home is Edesur. You will surely be interested in knowing the details of the information that we are going to provide you in this article. Well we will explain How to Pay Edesur.

In this opportunity we will address the following points: what are the means to make the payment of your electricity consumption bill with Edesur, the method of payment via credit card or one of the other available payment plans, the rates to which this service is subject and how to make the respective inquiries to the account statements.

Stay reading with us and discover much more about How to Pay Edesur!

Means to Pay Edesur

To make the payment of your electricity consumption bills Edesur, you can go to any of the various options offered by this company, since it is linked to several payment methods. Next we will mention the most used ones:

Home Banking

First of all, you can make use of the medium Home Banking. Which is a completely online alternative that allows you to be solvent with your bills from the comfort of your home. And that has had a great boom today, where isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been the main impediment to managing procedures in person.

In this mode, Edesur is affiliated with the web pages Pay my accounts and LinkPagos. In which the user must register (placing their personal data), creating a password and confirming the user’s identity by email. Once you have a profile created, you just have to go to the service payment option and select Edesur.

Automatically, you can make the payment by means of your credit or debit card, as the case may be, and print your receipt as proof of payment. Given that these two (2) means of payment are linked to Edesur, when executing this operation, the amount paid will be transferred to your account to settle the outstanding debt of your invoice.

Non-bank payment agencies

Another option available to make the payment of your invoice is through the commercial premises that have a link with Edesur. To do this, it is necessary that you go personally (in the face-to-face mode) to one of the branches that is closest to your location. In the following list we mention the affiliated entities:

  • RapiPago.
  • Toledo.
  • Easy Pay.
  • Carrefour.
  • Express collection.
  • NET province.
  • Preserve.
  • Carrefour Express.
  • Liberty.
  • Walmart.
  • The Anonymous.
  • ECHO.
  • Changomas.
  • Military Life Insurance Society.
  • Interbanking.

If you want to access the web page of any of these options, just put their name in your browser of choice. In the web portals of each one you will be able to read and be aware of the payment facilities available to the user, as well as the special conditions that they imply.

The documentation that you require to cancel your debt is only the invoice with the amount to be paid, your national identity document and the number of the electric meter of your home.


You can also make the corresponding payment to your invoice, through the ATMs of the Link and Banelco networks, which are those that are affiliated with Edesur. To do this, you must go personally to any of these banking points, bring your debit card and enter the first eight (8) digits of the corresponding customer number.

Then, when the payment is made, you must withdraw the receipt that is given to you. This will be your proof of payment, in the event that there is a delay in the certification of the payment or that the money has not been paid, after twenty-four (24) business hours after the transaction.

Customer service agencies

Regarding the customer service offices of Edesur, customers can approach these branches in person regardless of the due date of the invoice. The payment methods accepted here are checks signed by the holder and payment in cash in the national currency.

You can also pay by debit card, if you are a regular customer. For this, you only have to indicate your customer number and the electric meter of your home, and cancel the amount corresponding to your rent. Remember to withdraw your payment receipt to avoid any future unforeseen events.

Bank entities

Finally, some banks accept that their clients pay their invoices of Edesur until the second month of expiration of the same. To do this, go to any of the public service ticket offices within your reach and take your invoice and personal identification with you. These banks mentioned below are the affiliated entities:

  • Credicoop.
  • Town.
  • Galicia.
  • Saenz.
  • Itaú.
  • Patagonia.

Pay Edesur with Credit Card

To make the payment of the invoice of Edesur Using the credit card, you must enter the website of this company, through this link that we leave for you. To access the system, you must log in to your user account, entering your email address and the password that you have previously established.

If you don’t have an account, don’t worry, registering is extremely easy. You just have to press the button «Sign up»And complete the form with the following information: customer number, meter number of your residence, type and number of national identity document and email. Finish this operation by clicking on the box that says «I am not a robot«.

Additionally, if you do not want to register, it is not a problem either since you can make your payments just by entering the customer number, the number of your meter and an email address that you use frequently, where you will receive the verification receipts for the payment. Remember that the first two (2) data are on your invoice.

You must bear in mind that the types of credit card that the system supports are: Visa, American Express and / or MasterCard.

Once inside the system, you must go to the box that says «Payments and Agreements«. This operation will direct you to another section where you must select the option «Pay Debt Balance with the Card«. Then, a window will be displayed where you must enter the card details, such as:

  • Card number.
  • Due date.
  • Security code.

In addition to this, you must enter the name and surname of the cardholder and their email address. After entering these data, and verifying the amount to cancel, press the button «To accept»To execute the payment corresponding to the invoice.

Pay Edesur using Payment Plans

Sometimes users of Edesur They require acquiring a payment agreement with the company to settle the outstanding debt. This occurs when the customer was unable to pay his bill on time due to forgetfulness or different reasons. Therefore, it is possible to reach this payment plan agreement to avoid the power outage.

This facility applies only to those users who are active in the corresponding period, and who also have a debit balance. Offering payment plans to customers who do not have an electric meter in their homes is not allowed.

It should be noted that for the user to access this modality, it is necessary that they do not have another payment agreement in progress, or that they have failed to comply with two (2) or more agreements in the last year, that is, invoices of payment plans expired .

To request a payment plan, you must go to the main page of Edesur, log in with your username and password and locate the «Payment plans«. Here you will fill out the form with your data and reasons for the debt, and you will be asked the modalities and terms for payment.

The amount of installments to be paid will be directly proportional to the amount of debt, however, there is a maximum of nine (9) installments. Regarding the request, it is necessary to pay an advance, which is an amount stipulated by the entity, according to the agreed agreement.

And that it must be canceled within a maximum period of forty-eight (48) hours after the request is made. Otherwise, when this period expires, the agreement will be canceled and it will be necessary to restart the petition process. The agreed fees will be charged within the monthly payment invoice.

Pay Edesur: Rates

Regarding the payment rates that this electricity distribution service has, in the attached document that we leave below you can see the summary established in 2019 and that is still valid. Here are the amounts to be paid based on the consumption of each home.

The values ​​expressed in the table of rates do not include VAT or any other tax established by law.

Consultation of the Edesur Account Statement

To check the account statement, you just have to enter the web portal of Edesur and log into your profile with your username and password. Once inside, go to the option called «My bills»Located in the main menu.

There a list of options will be displayed where you can enter the «Maturity and Amount», and find the summary of your account. Such as the date of your + last payment or the next reading, your consumption level, the balance to be canceled, the expiration dates of your invoices, among others.

You can download your invoice and account statement by clicking on the corresponding icon at the top of the screen. In the same way, you can print the invoice to have it physically.

What is Edesur?

Edesur is one of the companies of distribution and commercialization of electricity supply with greater presence in the south of Argentina. It has a wide range of affiliated clients and is an important source of employment in this area of ​​the country.

If you want to communicate to make your claims or leave your suggestions, you can call this number 0810-222-0200. In which you will be attended by an operator who will advise you and attend to your requests. Or also raise your concerns through this email

Since you have come this far, we have been able to provide you with a lot of information about How to Pay Edesur, the different modalities and methods available and the procedure to be solvent with this electrical service. We hope it has been useful for you and that if you liked it, share it with your acquaintances.

If you are a customer of this service, what are you waiting for to pay your Edesur invoices?

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