How to Pay Enel: Steps, Forms and MORE

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Do you know how to pay Enel? Know everything about this service that this Chilean company brings, to enjoy the best benefits and services that are currently giving something to talk about.

In this article, you will be able to know all the important steps regarding this issue, asking some questions that can help you speed up this process.

Steps to follow to pay at Enel:

From the comfort of your home, office, you can make payments for your electricity services, you only have to have the technological instruments such as: computer or smart cell phone.

Before starting your process to pay at Enel, you should know the balance of your last billingTherefore, you must enter the system by completing the following steps:

  • Enter the web portal.
  • Enter the receipt number
  • If you do not have a receipt, check the option «Consult customer number» and enter DNI
  • Verify that the system displays data such as: receipt number, date of issue, expiration, amount, then click to download it.

Once the last stepTo check your balance, you can now enter to make your payments on the web, just by entering and completing the following:

  • Get into to the website.
  • Click on the options menu
  • Register username and passwordIf you do not have it, you must check the option, «Check in» place data and confirm terms and conditions of the company.
  • Review generated receipts, then proceed to cancel them.
  • Locate amount to cancel and select your bank card operator credit and debit.
  • Enter data such as: name and surname, card number to be guarded, expiration date, verification code.
  • Verify in your email he sent digitized from proof of payment

You can also make your payments through your mobile device. Enel offers to download the application for their teams Android and Apple. You only have to register on the website, locate the online option and have sufficient funds in your credit and debit cards,

In case of making a query by telephone, the Enel company has the number 517-1717 or write to your email:

Pay Enel payment methods

Enel is one of the companies that provides energy services to the large population. Thinking of its community or population, it has created various forms of payment, making it easy for its clients to keep up to date with the payment of their services. Offer to cancel payment of your invoices or request delivery virtually.

To carry out your broadcasts, you only have to have digital platforms, in order to access the company’s website, follow the steps through your computer or cell phone. If you need to know the different payment alternatives, you should only choose the one that best suits your needs, such as:

  • Payment of electrical projects: They correspond to payments for inspection services, construction, electrical projects, services and sales.
  • Enel electronic payment: Enter the official page at and follow the steps
  • Enel customers app: Includes app for smartphones such as: Smartphones with operating systems Android OS
  • Other web portals. Those corresponding to the banks of Chile.
  • Automatic payments: corresponds to the automatic debit of your payments, in your checking account (PAT) or your credit card (PAT),
  • Face-to-face payment: You only have to go to their offices, with a document or proof of payment.

Pay Enel: how to know my customer number:

Comply with the payment of your services such as electricity and light are of the utmost importance. The Enel company seeks to offer different alternatives for accessing services and information through its digital channels.

This number corresponds to the code that you recognize as a user of the service on your Enel bill. It’s located at the top of that receipt. You just have to complete the following steps:

  • Get into.
  • Expand communes icon
  • Enter address
  • Mark search engine.

Pay Enel: Payment terms

There are two ways that can be of great help to make payments, with clients with debts less than 10 UF and with clients with debts greater than 10 UF.

In person with minor debt, they must create an agreement on the web that will allow them to carry out these simple steps and without any problem.

  • Login to the Web.
  • Enter the data to access your «Online Branch»
  • Upon entering, click «Generate agreement» located on the left of the screen.
  • The balance of the energy debt must be validated and the standing amount to be paid must be entered
  • Select the «Agreement Fees»
  • It is important to read the «Terms and Conditions» and click «continue»
  • Select the payment method
  • When finished, the agreement is all ready and you can withdraw your payment receipt through a file.

Debts greater than 10 UF

You must know the requirements and documents to access the agreements.


  • Identity card current of the owners
  • Certificate of Valid Domain of the property, with issue date no more than 30 days
  • In case the property has more than one owner, they need the presentation of a Notarial authorization of all the owners authorized to the person who signs the agreement.


  • Identity card current of the person who subscribes the payment facility
  • Certificate of Valid Ownership of the Property, with a date of issuance no later than 30 days.
  • Certificate Copy valid identity of the property owner
  • Include Notarial Authorization of the designs that are authorized to sign the ease of payment.


  • Valid identity card of those who sign the agreement (of a legal representative or other person)
  • Certificate of Valid Domain of the property, with an issue date no later than 30 days.
  • Legalized photocopy of the Society Constitution
  • Notarial authorization of the Legal Representative, who authorizes him to subscribe the payment facility.

Building Administration

  • Legalized photocopy of the Minutes of the Assembly of Co-owners where the appointment of the Administrator is adopted.
  • In the event that the Administrator is a legal entity, the following must be submitted: Articles of incorporation, legal representative power of attorney, minutes of the Administration Committee meeting with the authorization to request payment, and finally, the administrator’s identity card.


  • Copy of the valid Identity Card of all the heirs
  • Certificate of Effective Possession. If you do not have the documentation, you must present the Owner’s Death Certificate and Marriage Book where the heirs are identified.
  • Certificate of Valid Ownership of the Property, with an issue date of no more than 30 days.
  • Notarial authorization of the heirs, authorized by the person to sign the payment facility.

Frequent questions

These are the frequently asked questions about ENEL that can be found for you and here we will clarify them for you

  • How can I download the proof of payment?

To download the proof of payment you must register in the Online Branch, when entering you must enter the username and password. We will find a summary of the account, ballot, invoice for the last 24 months.

This information is detailed, with the possibility of downloading the receipts of said transactions.

  • When paying the bill, what is the supply replacement period?

The electrical law, in the decree is 327, Article 152 forcing the distribution company to replace the services suspended due to debt.

Within 24 hours after payment, Enel seeks to satisfy the need for clients, considering a shorter term than established.

What is Enel?

It is one of the total energy companies, made up of operators in energy and natural gas departments in the world. A group of subsidiary companies, which participate in the transformation of the energy business such as: generation, transport, commercialization and distribution.

Its energy is directed to thousands of homes, industries and businesses in the cities, allowing the country to develop and advance towards the country of the future. Today their competition is aimed at improving the services of thousands of homes.

Its beginnings in Chile, date from April 15, 2015, its activities were controlled by the company Enersis SA, in Chile and also others constituted in countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru.

As of December 15, 2015, the just board of “Enersis Sa, approved the division and companies, establishing Enesis Chile. Within these group integration processes, Enel Chile was established.

Once the merger process is completed, it becomes a generator park for 110 units along the National Electric System., becoming one of the companies positioned within the first electric power companies in the country.

Its system works as a generator field, distributing electricity in its 33 municipalities from to the metropolitan region. Its electrical power distribution covers almost 2 million Chilean households.

In September 2018, it became a company name, therefore, its activities are extended to sectors of economic development, such as: Innovation, electrical distribution concessions, commercialize technology products and services.


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