How to Pay Entel: Types of Payments, Ticket and MORE

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If you want to have access to one of the private companies in telecommunications with greater predominance in Chile, due to the variety and quality of plans it offers. You will be interested to know How to pay Entel. With this service you can enjoy mobile and fixed telephony, broadband Internet and much more.

All the information you are looking for on this topic, you will find it here. Since this time we will tell you what are the available payment methods, how you can see the ticket, what to do in case you cannot pay your bill on time and the benefits you have Entel for you.

Stay reading with us and discover much more about How to Pay Entel!

How can Entel pay?

To make your payments of the Entel invoice, you must enter the mobile application of this service, called My Entel, or also from the website. In any of the cases you must click on «Pay Account»And enter your profile by entering your RUT and password. If you don’t have an account, sign up right there.

Then, when entering you must click on «Debt consultation»To know the amount to be paid, and in that same section you must select the service for which you are making the inquiry. Which can be mobile phone, home internet plan, television channel plan, among others.

When you have chosen the service and the amount to cancel, click on «Pay»And you will be asked to choose the corresponding document (the number of the ticket you want to pay) and also decide by which of the available methods you are going to make the payment.

Pay Entel: Types of Payments

You can pay your bill Entel through different means of payment recognized by this service. First of all, you can do it via online with credit card, simply by entering the card number, security code, expiration date and zip code. The cards that are affiliated are the following:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Diners Club.
  • Magna.

You can also make your payments by bank transfer if you are a customer Santander. Or using the online payment platforms of Servipag or WebPay. Where you must select the type of service Entel that you are going to cancel, and enter with your RUT number and password.

Through these virtual means you can access numerous banks that have agreements with the platforms, and receive your proof of payment via email. The last option you have is to go personally to any of the customer service ticket offices that Entel has nationwide.

For this you must print the ballot for the month you wish to cancel and bring your national identity document. The forms of payment in this face-to-face mode are cash (national currency) or a debit card at the points of sale. And voila, you’ll be up to date with your Entel Payment!

Pay Entel: What happens if I don’t pay?

It may be the case in which the client of Entel cannot continue to pay the corresponding bills. For example: that you have suffered the theft or loss of your equipment affiliated with the service, or that you are not satisfied with the content of the plan you are using.

It may also be that for reasons such as unemployment or economic deficit you cannot remain solvent. Or that by your own decision, you change your company to another that offers you greater benefits or that is better adapted to your personal needs.

Regardless of the reason, stopping paying for the service will affect its provision. After five (5) days of delay in the payment of the overdue invoice, the supply of the service will be canceled. That is, they will cut off the connectivity you have either to your telephone line or to the Internet network, television, among other types of plans.

Even if the telephone service is cut off, you can make emergency calls or any other free benefit that you have in force.


  • In cases of theft of the equipment, it is best to notify the service company of the events that have occurred and request the plan lock. In this way, you will avoid paying for a consumption that does not correspond to you.
  • If you are using a postpaid plan and you do not meet your debit balance. According to the terms of the contract, the operator could block your mobile device so that it cannot be used with another SIM.
  • The replacement of the service after a cut due to non-payment will carry an interest of 0.2 units of development.

How can I stop paying for my Entel plan without consequences?

To do this, you must ask your operator for a anticipated termination of service. In this way it is possible to cancel the contract according to the following requirement: the payment of an additional amount to the monthly rate for the cancellation of the service. This disenrollment process cannot be extended for a period exceeding ten (10) business days.

Depending on the specific clauses of each contract, there may be other considerations involved. What is common to all is that when the plan term expires, the user will not have access to the benefits it offers and will not have to worry about the respective payment.

If the customer has prepaid amounts corresponding to invoices that have not yet been due, and still wants to cancel the subscription to the service. The company Entel will be on duty and will be in charge of sending the return of the money paid.

Pay Entel: How to see my ticket?

The Entel electronic tickets allow you to be aware of your outstanding debts and the respective amounts to pay. In addition, in this document you can access much more information about your consumption and the details of the items that are charged in billing.

If you want to see your ballot from this month or even from previous months (up to six (6) months prior to the current period), you can do so by entering My Entel. You will find it on the website of this telecommunications service, by clicking here. And heading to the top right of the screen.

To enter My Entel, you can do it from any compatible device, such as: computer, cell phone or tablet.

Once inside the portal, enter «My Payments«, Where several options will be displayed, among them select«My Tickets«. When you enter the ballot for the month you are looking for, you will find two (2) pages. In the leaf number 1 There are three (3) sections, the first one frames the personal data of the account holder and the mobile phones that it has affiliates.

The second section is intended to collect information on the consumption period that is billed, the total amount to be paid, the expiration date of the bill and the billing history of the last year that has elapsed. In addition, you will be able to observe the detail of the charges that are invoiced with their corresponding description, such as:

  • Fixed charge.
  • Additional charges.
  • Promotional discounts.
  • Outstanding debts.
  • Positive balance.

The third section is related to the redeemable points of Entel and the offers and promotions that exist at different times of the year. With respect to leaf number 2, this contains the information associated with the detail of charges for all the mobiles that are affiliated with the account and the deferred fees, discounts and insurance for the devices.

It’s that simple and fast to access the details of your data through the Entel Ticket!

Advantages of Entel

Customers affiliated with Entel They can enjoy a high quality mobile phone network, with different types of plans adaptable to the economic and occupation needs of each user group. In addition, it presents packages of home plans like DuoPack: Television + Internet / Telephony. Or the TriplePack: Telephony + Internet + Television.

In this way you can get the most out of your plans according to the conditions of your home and the work, educational or entertainment needs you have. In addition to this, this telecommunications company has Discounts and promotions monthly that allow users to obtain rebates on their bills.

On the other hand, there is the option of collect Entel points, through your monthly billing. Which you can redeem in equipment, accessories, recharges, movie tickets, gift cards, among many other promotions. These points they stay active even if you change plans telephone.

What is Entel?

Entel is the acronym of the National Telecommunications Company From Chile. Which has acquired great popularity in recent decades, throughout the national territory, due to the multiple benefits it offers to its customers in terms of communications.

In this sense, it has mobile and fixed telephony plans that are adapted to the needs of users, providing them with various options of different prices and capacities. It also has broadband Internet plans available for all TV channel packages and devices. All in one place!

As you have come this far, you now know many aspects about this important communications company. If what you are looking for is to equip your home with Internet, telephony and television, Entel is your best option. Visit their website, select the plan that suits you best and Subscribe!

We hope that the information we have provided in this article has been useful to you.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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