How to Pay Fonasa: Steps, Membership and MORE

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Fonasa It is a public entity destined to the collection and administration of monetary funds for the health of the beneficiary citizens. Therefore, if you are interested in being part of this group of affiliates and have access to the facilities it offers, we invite you to continue with your reading. In this opportunity we will explain CHow to Pay Fonasa.

In addition, in this article we will tell you what are the advantages of being a participant of Fonasa, what are the requirements to join the service, the procedure to make payments and payment of fees, even when you are unemployed.

Welcome! Follow us and find out much more.

How can you pay Fonasa?

Paying our insurance quotes is a process that should not be complicated by all the advantages that Fonasa offers for this purpose. In addition to cash pickup payments, online payment can now be accessed.

To pay digitally, a useful tool has been implemented that works as a virtual office in which you can make inquiries, affiliations, data updates and of course payments, called Previred.

How to pay Fonasa?

Previously paying Fonasa could have been a more complicated and tedious process. Due to the fact that it was carried out only in the face-to-face mode, forcing the affiliates to be on a long waiting list to be attended. However, thanks to the benefits offered by current technological resources, it is much easier.

You can make the payment of your health quotes through the virtual platform of Fonasa Or you can also continue doing it in the traditional mode, that is, by going in person to the customer service offices, filling out your forms manually and presenting them physically together with the money to be canceled.

Steps to Follow to Pay Fonasa

To make the payment of your quote by electronically, you can use the checking account of the banks that are affiliated with Previred. To do this, go to the website of this entity, and log in with your username and password. If you are not registered, do it on that same page, you just have to add your RUT and fill out the form.

Once inside your account, you must select your beneficiary status, whether it is a dependent, independent worker, pensioner, among others. Then, fill out the form with your calculation data that the page offers you, indicating your monthly taxable income, age, gender and the other questions that are displayed.

For institutional data, choose Fonasa like the adhered health system. Finally, based on the data provided, Previred will calculate the amount to be canceled, which corresponds to 7% of the taxable income that you have indicated. And it will also show a summary of your data. At this time, choose the payment method that suits you, among these options:

  1. Bank transfer from the selected bank.
  2. Payment coupon (you can print it and present it at the agencies, canceling with check or cash).
  3. Credit card.
Print the payment verification form, which is available on the page for a period of twenty-four (24) hours.

Pay Fonasa: How to Join?

People who join this public health service will begin to enjoy many benefits of qualified medical assistance. In addition, health plans not only cover the registered person but also their family dependents, who may be children, spouses or members with a high degree of consanguinity.

If you want to be part of the group of beneficiaries of FonasaYou should bear in mind that this service is aimed mainly at people who meet these characteristics and / or requirements that we mention below:

  • Be dependent or independent workers. It does not matter if it is a subcontracting or if the employment contract is recent.
  • Receive some type of pension or allowance for disability or old age.
  • Be classified within Group A as a person lacking resources.
  • Children under six (6) years of age.
  • Pregnant or recently given birth women.
  • Foreigners who are included in refugee agreements, or who do not have documents.
  • Those officials who are part of the health sector.

Regarding the requirements to have the protection of FonasaThey will depend on the characteristics of the applicant. If it is a dependent worker, they must have the employment contract, the identity card and a certificate that proves the link with the family responsibilities.

On the other hand, if you are an independent worker, you must present the national identity document and a certificate of Previred, which certifies that the person is solvent with the payment of last month’s contribution. Now, if it is a pensioner, you must show the receipt of receipt of the subsidy from the month prior to the application for enrollment.

For foreigners included in support agreements, they must present the passport and the certificate of the agreement that protects it. If the applicant is a person lacking in resources, they must include the form that approves their classification within Group A and the family responsibilities they have, signed by all the members.

Online membership procedure

  1. Meet all the requirements according to your quality of applicant.
  2. Go to the web portal of Fonasa, giving click here to go to the affiliation section.
  3. Access the system, either with your RUN and the serial number of the ID. Or through the Unique Key.
  4. Fill out the form with your personal and contact information.
  5. It also adds the family charges issued by the Compensation Fund.
  6. Enroll in a health facility, or modify the data if you are already in one.
  7. Print and keep the proof of membership that will be given to you when you complete the procedure.

Affiliation procedure in the offices

  1. Get all the requirements as appropriate to your particular case.
  2. Go in person to one of the offices of the National Health Fund.
  3. Deliver the requested documentation to the official who attends you.
  4. Follow the instructions that this person tells you and Ready!
To get the address of the branch that is closest to your home, click on this link, and find out the location and business hours of each office nationwide.

How do I pay Fonasa if I am unemployed?

If you are an affiliate of Fonasa and you are in a situation of unemployment, do not worry, because you will not lose the right to access the health plans that this institution offers. However, it is necessary that you evaluate if you have the appropriate conditions to maintain this insurance.

Now, if you want to continue with the payment of this service, you must go to an agency of this health service and present the receipt of severance pay, the national identity document and the health credential issued.

Also, if you were a dependent worker, you must bring the Unique Notification Form. Which is a document serves to record that your former employer will not continue with the payment of contributions, but that you will do it yourself as a beneficiary.

Along with this document, you must demonstrate the end of the employment relationship with your dismissal or liquidation letter. And in this way, you can also access a series of alternative health plans that have good benefits but at a lower cost.

What Service Does Fonasa Offer?

Fonasa is an insurance program designed for its beneficiaries to enjoy medical benefits and adequate assistance in public and private health centers. In addition, it provides its members with financial coverage to solve health debts, such as:

  • Allowances for inability to work.
  • Loans for medical needs (childbirth, surgical interventions, routine check-up, medical emergencies).
  • Special programs for plastic surgeries.
  • Transplant management.
  • Programs of assisted fertilization.

Generally, this type of medical assistance is very expensive, and thanks to the support it offers Fonasa to its affiliates, it is possible to carry out operations of this nature and save many lives that require it. However, it is necessary to emphasize that in order to access these special health programs, the applicant must meet a series of parameters.

To know all the details that involve accessing these programs, you can enter the website of the National Health Fund and go to the section «General benefits«. Once inside this, select «Special programs«. Here you will be able to know what the insurance covers, for whom it applies, the step by step to access and much more.

What is Pagar Fonasa?

Fonasa are the acronyms of National Health Fund de Chile, which is a public service dedicated to the administration of financial resources for health. It has its own assets and its main function is to receive and deliver the money that is destined for health purposes in the national territory.

Following a series of policies, regulations and plans established by the Ministry of Health, this body is in charge of raise 7% of your affiliates’ reported income to create a savings fund. It works like a solidarity health insurance, where the money collected is distributed to its beneficiaries according to their needs.

Therefore, Pay Fonasa It gives its beneficiaries the possibility of accessing a Unique Health Plan, which serves as life insurance at the time of an emergency or medical need. For the distribution of benefits, the body is based on four (4) categories called groups:

  1. TO: people with a free card, defined as lacking in resources, who are affiliated with humanitarian aid programs in the country.
  2. B: people with a monthly salary less than or equal to 165,000 pesos.
  3. C: citizens whose monthly salary is between 165,000 and 241,000 pesos.
  4. D: people with a monthly salary greater than 241,000 pesos (and who do not have more than two (2) family dependents).

How did you get here, now you know CHow to Pay Fonasa, what to do to join this public health service and what are the benefits it offers to its participants. We appreciate that you have chosen us as a means of information to clarify your doubts and concerns.

We invite you to take a look at our other articles. Well, we explain how to carry out many of the most important procedures and we also provide you with information about the payment of your services. Share it with your acquaintances if you found the content of this article useful.

What are you waiting for to be part of the National Health Fund (Fonasa) in Chile?


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