How to Pay for Cenat: Step by Step, Where to Do It and MORE

To carry out any type of procedure related to traffic, it is necessary to manage the National Traffic Background Certificate (Cenat). For this reason, through this article all those corresponding to How to pay for Cenat.

Here you will find the steps to follow to pay Cenat, where to make the payment, what is the Payment Slip and what is it used for, the Cenat Form and other complementary information, with the intention that you can carry out this diligence as best as possible.

How can you pay for Cenat?

It is necessary to know How Cenat is Paid in the centers admitted in the Argentine territory. This documentation is a very requested requirement to process other relative procedures, in front of the National Road Safety Agency, since it is very important. For this reason, the process is mentioned below:

  1. To proceed to pay the Cenat, the interested party must make them in financial institutions or in the centers allowed by the Statealso through electronic banking means.
  2. This process begins «online» and thus process the ballot and end with the payment which can be done in person. However, payment can be done online as well, through bank transfers or through credit card payments.

In such a way that, the State has the necessary instruments to be able to carry it out, among them the options offered by financial organizations for a variety of payments. Therefore, people must have within reach what are the means to process the payment and prevent delays when doing some traffic management in the country.

Step by Step to Pay Cenat

Regarding the process of How to pay for Cenat or any diligence related to transit, is carried out as follows:

  • Enter the website of Road Safety in Argentina.
  • Complete the Form, which will function as a payment receipt with all the necessary information.
  • Check the data provided.
  • Print the payment slip.
  • Make the respective payment with the ballot, through the allowed centers.

NOTE: It is a very easy procedure, you just have to follow the previously named steps and voila, you are done.

Where to pay for dinner?

After acquiring the Payment Slip to process the National Certificate of Traffic History, you have to assist with the printed document to make the payment. The same can be done in the payment centers that are named below:

In Red Link, Pampa Pagos, Provincia Net, Servicios Rapipago, Banco Provincia, Bancor, Pago Fácil, Banelco, in Ripsa Pagos. Also in, Formo Payments, San Juan Servicios, Banco Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe Servicios, Cobro Express.

Likewise, through Visa or Mastercard credit cards, Banco Provincia del Neuquén SA, Pago Mis Accounts, Supervielle Banco, Multi Pago, Banco de la Nación Argentina, Red Chubut Pagos, Plus Pagos and finally Sol Pago.

It should be noted that, before the interested person must know How to Pay Cenat (the ticket), which can be downloaded by entering the corresponding official site, which in this case is the Road Safety in Argentina.

Cenat Payment Ticket

The Cenat Payment Ticket is issued together with the Cenat Form, in order to complete the payment indicated on the ballot and that, like any management, it is necessary to make a payment and channel the procedure. This is an administrative management of great importance.

In the same way, there are related the pending payments to the organism under the responsibility of the interested party. This occurs when the applicant has pending penalties for canceling, where the default interest generated by it is included.

It’s important pointing that, ballot should print instantly to make the Cenat request, make the respective payment and attend the relevant institution to verify all the data.

How long is the validity time of the payment slip?

At the moment of issuing the Payment Slip, the interested party You have seven (7) days to complete the process through the payment centers allowed by the State. At the same time, this must be filed with the National Road Safety Agency for certification and concession of Cenat or solvency.

In the case of not consigning the Payment Slip in the previously named period, the interested party has to do the procedure for completing the Form and issuing a new Payment Slip again. For this reason, the validity period of the Payment Slip must be considered, so as not to ask for one again.

The objective is to lighten the Cenat request diligence, and additionally the process of other management for which this documentation is needed. To conclude, it is essential to mention that traffic laws must be respected and in this way obtain Cenat certification.

Cenat Form

The Cenat Form is the one that It is used to process the National Certificate of Traffic History, where in turn all the pertinent data about the person concerned are provided. To fill it out, you need to enter the official website of the National Road Safety Agency to start the procedure.

Its use is much more than carrying out an administrative procedure, related to the driver and that is incumbent on Road Safety. This is because it approves and certifies the applicant as a driver capable of driving within Argentine territory.

The first reason to manage the Form frequently, is the request for the driver’s license in the country. If there is any obstacle to driving in Argentina, the certification will indicate it, and they will also make the required verifications if it can be used.

Said verifications can be: Sanctions, transgressions, presentation in front of judicial entities and the petitions on the part of these institutions.

What are the Instructions for Completing the Cenat Form?

It is a procedure that must be carried out with caution when completing the Form, because essential and important data for management must be provided. Therefore, the data to be provided is mentioned below:

  1. The names and surnames.
  2. The number and type of identification document (DNI).
  3. The town or province where the diligence will be carried out.
  4. The name of the entity where the management will be carried out.
  5. Type of management to be carried out.
  6. The sex of the interested party.
  7. Current email address that is being used.
  8. The cell phone numbers or landline.

It should be taken into consideration that on the data provided, the resolution will be issued where the following will be indicated: The penalties to be paid, transgressions and breaches, request for presentations, penalties.

Gravity Violations

It refers to serious breaches that may be incurred, which are named below:

  • Transit without the corresponding documents or be disabled to drive.
  • Manaar without having made the registration of the car and at the same time having the patent of this.
  • Exceed the speed limit allowed by the State transit institutions.
  • Driving in the opposite direction due.
  • Do not use a motorcycle helmet.
  • Driving with children under the age of 1 in the front seats of the car.
  • Find yourself drunk, or under the influence of narcotic substances when driving a car or motorcycle in the country.
  • Disrespecting traffic indications, which are: Pedestrian markings, the school zone, traffic lights, etc., that are related to pedestrians.

Every driver should be aware that these are reasons to encourage the opening of a penalty file, which can lead to disability to drive. Likewise, that the National Certificate of Traffic History is not granted, and in turn related to it.

In the event that any user wants to make a query or claim, he must communicate or go to the authorities of the corresponding jurisdictions, due to the fact that those obliged to participate in traffic offenses. The respective coordinates are:

The Province of Buenos Aires: At Calle 6 N ° 928, La Plata, CP 1900:

  • The switch 0221-4270034.
  • Disabled Department, extension 9411.
  • The Records Department, Extension 9413/9414.
  • The Licensing Directorate, internal 9406/9407/9408.
  • Violations, 0800-222-0024.

What is Cenat?

The National Certificate of Traffic Background (Cenat), is a documentation that accredits the precedents of an individual as a driver in Argentina. Said documentation is necessary to process some type of procedure, in front of the corresponding body such as Road Safety in Argentina and which is mandatory.

To be acquired, a very simple procedure has to be carried out and the certification is granted after the pertinent validations are made in the system. Its concession certifies the driver as an individual who does not have penalties to pay, nor does he have obstacles to driving within the national territory.

Said certificate has the data provided by the institutions and national and provincial departments, corresponding to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and municipalities that have added to the national laws 24449 and 26363 and registered the relevant agreement with the National Road Safety Agency.

To the data of the jurisdiction is added the database of criminal records, which are related to traffic actions provided by the National Recidivism Registry.

It is important to note that, in addition to knowing How to pay for Cenat It is also essential that you do not have pending accounts for traffic violations, among other penalties.

The next step is to define the procedure you want to carry out, have the required requirements at hand, in order to prevent delays. It is a very simple procedure, which can be carried out by any Argentine citizen.

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