How to Pay for Housekeeping: Options, Forms and MORE

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It’s important to know How to Pay for Housekeeping because it is the way in which any employee in a private home is going to be paid. A series of requirements and contributions must be met in order to make this payment.

Payments made by any private home employer must be made through AFIP. In addition, it allows payment with Electronic Payment Flyer. If you want to know everything you need to make this type of payment, we invite you to continue reading this article!

How can you pay for the domestic service?

It is important to know that all the amounts that must be paid for the concept of contributions and salaries are determined based on the number of hours worked. In addition, for the domestic worker to be covered by Obra Social, he will have to have an amount equal to «16 or more» hours of work.

It should be noted that the salary has a specific place and date to be paid, the dates depend on the way in which the person performs the work and receives payment. If you charge per month, you will be charged the first 4 business days of the month.

If the person charges by the day or by the hour, they will have to do it at the end of each working day or at the end of each week. What the worker prefers is taken into consideration.

Likewise, it is reported that if the working day is less than 16 hours or more, it is possible to opt for Obra Social coverage. Voluntary or adding the contributions of all the jobs that the person has.

All contributions to be made are made for the month that has just expired. In addition, there is time to make all contributions until the 10th of the month. If you do not do it on those days, you will have no interest in the AFIP.

Options for Paying Household Service

You have several options for How to pay for domestic service, each one has its own way of doing it despite having the same purpose. The three options to make the payment or contribution of this, are:


In this way, it is done in Easy Payment, Rapipago or in any bank that collects taxes from the Federal Administration of Public Revenues. If done this way, the forms should be printed.

These are in the government website. In addition, they must be presented at the time of paying or making the contribution to the Domestic Service worker. There are two types of forms that must be completed.


This must be done from the website of the bank of your choice and select the option «Active Domestic AFIP». Then the person will have to choose the number of hours that correspond to the employment relationship.

AFIP with Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP)

If you want to do it with an Electronic Payment Flyer, you must first enter the website of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue. The person who is going to pay has to be registered as an employer on this page.

Then you will have to generate the Electronic Payment Flyer or VEP, which is used to pay through the «Payment My Accounts» website. It can also be used in Link Pagos or in the homebanking of your favorite bank in the «Payment of Taxes AFIP» option.

Forms to Pay for Domestic Service Manually

Form 102 / RT – Mandatory monthly contributions

In this type of form, you must fill in information about the income of the private house worker. This is used as a payment flyer in addition to having different items, these are:

  1. Monthly Obligation Income.
  2. Compensatory Interest Income.
  3. Income from Capitalizable Interest.
  4. Work Risks Insurance Coverage.
  5. And finally, the payment receipt.

In the second part of this form, explain the amount or amount that must be entered from the monthly obligation for the domestic service worker. with this form you know a way to How to Pay for Housekeeping.

Form 575 / RT – Voluntary contributions or beginning of the employment relationship by ART

In this type of form, the income of the private home worker must also be filled out. This is used as a payment form in addition to having different items, these are:

  1. Social Security contributions.
  2. Social Security Contributions.
  3. Social work.
  4. Work Risk Insurance Coverage (ART).

In addition, in this form on the left side, it is established all the taxes that the employer must rely on to make the payment. This contribution is subject to the law where each of these taxes is found for workers’ contributions to private homes.

Paying Household Service: Overdue Debts

It’s important to know How to Pay for Housekeeping if you have any overdue debt to pay or a payment that has not yet been made. At this time, the employer will be notified that they have a debt and will be given the option to pay it without any problem.

To begin with, at the time of notification, you will be shown a «Pay Debts» screen where you will have a list of all the workers who are owed a contribution or some concept. The steps to perform are:

  1. Enter the date from which the payment will be made. This is so that the system can calculate all the interest on the debt.
  2. At that time, the date is loaded, but despite this, it can be changed by the employer.
  3. Select all the employees who will be paid and cancel any debt you have.
  4. Choose the payment method between electronic and manual. In the first case, then you will have to select where you are going to pay it (Link Payments, Pay My Accounts, among other options).
  5. Generate the Electronic Payment Flyer: You will see the detail of the VEP with the total to be paid and the chosen means of payment. At that time, payment can be made online on the AFIP page.
  6. Finally, the receipt of the salary of the Domestic Service worker will have to be generated.

Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)

AFIP is the Federal Administration of Public Revenues of Argentina. It is an institution that is in charge of all taxes and the country’s tax policy. This organization is dependent on the Ministry of Economy of Argentina.

This body was created in 1997 according to Decree No. 618/1997, this institution is made up of organizations such as the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the General Tax Directorate (DGI) and the General Directorate of Social Security Resources ( DGRSS).

The mission of the AFIP is to administer all the payments of the country’s tax system, in addition to organizing the entire customs system and social security resources in a correct and simple way.

In addition, that among its objectives is to promote a culture of complying with all tax payments in a voluntary manner. Being able to establish a good economy by adding social inclusion, of the most needy.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue has as a strategy plan to assume a commitment to be able to carry out an integrated, transparent and ethical management. In addition to carrying out each action professionally and with teamwork, based on the human resources of the institution.

In order to accomplish this, the AFIP tries to deepen its management in a manner focused on service and close treatment of each taxpayer. In addition, they try to help the taxpayer by simplifying and digitizing the processes.

Among other functions that AFIP has are to implement an investment plan for technological and operational improvement. It can also be counted the one to establish certain fines and to sanction them correctly.

The AFIP is in charge of collecting any tribute in a tax way and liquidating debts through any judicial or administrative means in Argentina. AFIP is also in charge of any resource for Argentine social security.

What is the Domestic Service?

Domestic Service is considered to be all those people who perform household chores. Among them are cleaning, washing, cooking or ironing tasks. Other tasks are also taken into consideration, such as taking care of children, animals or even gardening arrangements.

It does not matter if the person resides in the private home or not, it is considered Domestic Service because a salary and contribution is generated for each hour of the work day. The Federal Administration of Public Revenue has established the salaries that must be paid to each of these people.

The AFIP also has established that the employer must pay the salaries according to the salary scale that is in force at the time. In addition to taking charge of all the contributions and contributions of the worker.

If all these rules and laws are not respected, the person who is a worker may make any type of complaint or report to a competent body. Now that you know everything you need to know about «How to Pay for Housekeeping », We thank you for reading us.

Successes and Thank you very much!

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