How to Pay for PSE: Steps, Requirements and MORE

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To start the PSE, it is a «secure online payment» service administered by ACH Colombia, through which customers can quickly and safely pay their public and private utility bills, goods purchased in chain stores, from airplanes, etc.

Here, the client or user automatically withdraws money from their checking or savings account through the virtual banking authorization of their bank. Currently, PSE collaborates with 17 financial entities in the country. If you wonder How to pay for PSE? Below we inform you all about it.

Steps to Pay for PSE

This is a process simple and effective, when you want to buy or pay for the service, all you have to do is click the button to make the payment with PSE, and then the transaction can proceed immediately.

Then, the bank’s virtual banking screen will be displayed, asking you to enter your username and password to confirm successful payment and debit.

These are the steps of How to Pay by PSE:

  • Select the product or service you need pay or buy. You must choose the PSE payment method.
  • After selecting the PSE, you have to provide your personal data and click on «Pay».
  • The PSE payment portal will open, in this step you must select the type of person and then click «I am a registered user.»
  • Provides the mail electronic that you have already registered in the PSE and click on «Go to the Bank».
  • You will get a new screen with the virtual payment page of your bank, in it you will have to enter your data, such as the username and your password to continue with the process.
  • It is essential, you must not forget that certain banks use a second password or dynamic key, and you must enter it if necessary.
  • Subsequently, you must provide the data and choose your account, where you want the amount of the purchase to be debited.
  • The system generates a summary of the transaction, and you must click on the «Pay to continue» button.
  • To finish, a message will appear verifying the payment and you can send a copy of the receipt to your personal email, when you get here you know How to Pay by PSE.

Requirements to Pay by PSE

To pay with PSE you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your account saving or current It must be activated to use PSE, so that you can make payments and transfers, in many banks, the account is already activated by default, but in certain cases it is required to request its activation.

  • Check if the maximum amount is enabled and the number of transactions necessary to make a purchase effectively. Sometimes the maximum amount enabled by default is $ 200,000, but you can always change this setting as needed.
  • You must have available sufficient funds in your bank account, to be able to make the payment of the purchase you want to make without inconvenience. More information here.

Banks that Allow Pay by PSE

The banks that allow you to pay by PSE:

  • Agrarian.
  • Av Villas.
  • Social box.
  • Colpatria.
  • Davivienda.
  • From Bogota.
  • From the West.
  • GNB Sudameris.
  • Pichincha SA
  • Popular.
  • Procredit.
  • Bancolombia.
  • Bancoomeva SA
  • BBVA Colombia SA
  • Citibank.
  • Itaú.
  • Falabella.

Benefits of Being a PSE User

The advantages offered by the PSE payment system, for companies and businesses:

  1. The transactions made will be confirmed online in real time and are easy to identify.
  2. This information will be reconciled automatically.
  3. This saves costs, time and resources.
  4. In this way you avoid mistakes payment and / or collection.
  5. Provides access to 18 million checking and savings accounts from almost 17 financial entities.
  6. The system improves collection levels and reduces congestion at service points.

The advantages offered by the PSE payment system, for users are:

  • It makes it possible for you to carry out transactions from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Improves security and flexibility by reducing cash handling.
  • You make the payment and / or purchase easier and more comfortable.
  • The shopping online are confirmed instantly.
  • You have it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. More information in page.

What can be paid for PSE?

PSE offers more than 10 categories so that its users know the transactions they can do there. The most sought after and used are public services such as:

  • The light.
  • Water.
  • Natural gas.
  • Cell phone bills.
  • Internet and fixed telephony.
  • school pensions and school route payments
  • administrations of buildings and complexes or carry out
  • home delivery payments.
  • Property tax,
  • Cell phone plan,
  • Home loans,
  • Vehicle,
  • Free investment,
  • Credit cards
  • Transit taxes.

This PSE gives you the possibility of making your payments in a safeWithout having a load of cash in your hands, without having to leave your home, you save time and transportation costs.

Between the categories those you have with the PSE are:

  • Commerce,
  • Education,
  • Entertainment,
  • Financial,
  • Government,
  • Health and
  • Beauty,
  • Business Services,
  • Public Services and
  • Cable TV,
  • Technology and Communications,
  • Transport,
  • Sale of Technological Products,
  • Housing and other Services.

What is PSE?

The PSE is an electronic service of Secure Online Payments, organized by ACH Colombia, with this means the customer can make their payment quickly and safely, your public and private utility bills, purchases are made online with chain stores affiliates, plane ticket purchases, and others.

How to pay for PSE? The client or user approves through the virtual banking of his bank, that he proceeds to the automatic debit of the cost of the purchase, in his checking or savings account. Today, PSE works with 17 financial entities throughout the Colombian territory.

The main interest of PSE’s profession is that it provides its users prepare your purchases and payments, electronically over the internet, without requiring a credit card or does not allow you to get into debt.

The process is simple and effective. When purchasing or paying for a service, you can use PSE to make a payment with the push of a button, and the transaction is completed instantly. After successful payment, you will receive the payment confirmation.

The key to the success of this service is that ACH Colombia, which allows the exchange of transactions financial, take advantage of the digital benefits of public services.

The promotion of digitization has provided some very valuable usage models. For example, companies and the self-employed with more than 7 employees must pay social security obligations digitally. Initially, the payment of social security was an important engine for the growth of the PSE because it represented a large part of the number and value of the transactions processed.

By simply connecting to the Internet, the product can be used by more than 8,500 companies anywhere place of the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The economic sectors of Colombia that are most involved in these payment methods are: housing (1%), business services (1%), social security (18%), technology and telecommunications (24%), entertainment (3%), transportation (3)%, public services and cable TV (11%), government (11%), aggregation services (19%), health and beauty (2%), education (2%), business (5%) , finance (17%)) and other services (2%).

Where do I find it?

The PSE button can be found on the Internet pages of more than 4,000 companies, so the price range is wide. You can usually use it to pay utility bills, tax payments, airline tickets, subscriptions, and online store items. Easy to find and access.

The PSE payment button can be found on the pages of companies such as Avianca, Grupo Éxito, MercadoLibre, Directv and most of the country’s insurers. It also pays taxes and fees to citizens in certain ministries.

How much does it cost to use?

By means of PSE payment, you will have to pay some additional fees, if you make a transaction of less than 60,000 pesos, the commission is 2,000 pesos plus VAT.

Who is ACH Colombia?

ACH Colombia is a company that provides technical services to Colombians to improve their quality of life. ACH Colombia is supervised by financial regulators and its shareholders are the main financial entities of the country, which means the support of the Colombian financial sector.

ACH Colombia’s services include ACH interbank transfer, social security information operator SOI, and PSE payment buttons.

Can I use any web browser with PSE?

As long as it is updated to the last version To ensure the security of transaction information, the following versions or higher are required to use PSE: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 40, Chrome 45, Safari 9 and Opera 35.

What information do you ask me to be able to make a payment with PSE?

When making the payment as a Natural Person, you are only asked to enter the email registered. On the contrary, when doing it as a Legal Person, you are asked to enter the NIT of your company and the email associated with the company registration.

In case of problems, where can you contact me?

Can you contact to the telephone service line in Bogotá at no. 380 88 90, or write to them at


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