How to Pay Movistar: Cards, Debt and MORE

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It is not a secret that today we have incredible technological advantages for a less complicated life. That is why today we invite you to know How to pay Movistar without the need for a physical invoice or the handling of bills that are contraindicated for current biosafety measures due to Covid-19.

Communication, telephony and entertainment services abound in the market that offer us incredible opportunities. But sometimes we feel overwhelmed. Is it your case? Don’t be impressed … it’s easier than you think. We invite you to continue reading.

How can Movistar be paid?

We know that it worries you to be aware of How to pay Movistar. Don’t worry, here we will give you several tips. If the invoice did not arrive at your home, do not worry, you do not need it to pay, you can obtain it by dialing 112 of your Home Line or * 611 of your Mobile Line. You also have the option of using digital media enabled by the telephone company.

Due to Covid-19, Movistar has created the Electronic Payment Code, with which you do not have to leave your house to pay the bill. We want you to know what it is about. It is a 13-digit code that is in the upper right corner of the first page of your invoice, which appears as follows:

  • Movistar Móvil invoice 042 + 0 + Customer ID
  • Movistar Hogar invoice 053 + 0 + financial account ID

With this electronic payment code you will be able to pay your invoice:

  • If you did not receive the physical invoice and the Rapipago or the Easy Pay they do not accept payment by line number.
  • It is also available to you if it is the first time that you activate with the payment to Movistar at ATMs (Red Link or Banelco) or in «PagoMisCuentas».

If it happened to you that the invoice was due and you did not pay it, you can do so in the option “Payment of Overdue Bills” through the Mi Movistar App by choosing the “Mercado Pago” option. Or you can do it on your landline in the established payment places, as long as not in cash. Remember the biosecurity measures to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, established by the authorities.

An alternative that you also have is the bank debit, either by joining the National Payment System with a debit to your bank account, to your savings account or to your checking account, doing the management in your bank. After you choose your payment method, you have to review the payment places enabled to pay your monthly bill.

We need to remind you that the imputation time of the overdue payment is modified according to the payment method used.

Avoid suspending the service or any measure that may be applied to you due to non-payment or delay. You have enough ways and means to do it, some easier and more accessible than others. Here we are going to point them out to you. The first is via Internet accounts using the following applications:

  • My Movistar (App and Web) in Account> Amount to Pay / Consumption> Pay
  • Pagomiscuentas / Linkpagos (Redlink)
  • Visa Payment Service (Mobile only)

Too accounts with traditional bank means of payment such as credit card, debit card, account debit, cash (not recommended to use due to biosecurity measures) and checks.

Pay Movistar: Credit and Debit Cards

It is super important that you know what your best options are when you ask yourself How Pay Movistar through banking means. Here we indicate the credit cards enabled for you to do so:

  • American express
  • Exact
  • Automatic Letter (Home Line)
  • Free Letter (Mobile Line)
  • Consumax (Home Line)
  • Credential
  • Credicash (Home Line)
  • Diners
  • Italcred
  • Mastercard
  • Sight
  • Orange (Home Line)
  • Native (Home Line)
  • Patagonia 365
  • Platinum Titanium (Home Line)
  • Shopping Visa (Home Line)
  • Visa

You can also use the App and the Web My Movistar, placing yourself in the section and following the sequence that we indicate: Account> Amount to Pay / Consumption> Pay Max. 2hs * 611 / * 610/112

And to be closing with the means that you have to pay Movistar, we review once again with you these other virtual options:

  • Easy Payment (See electronic payment code)
  • Rapipago
  • Province Net (Cap $ 100,000)
  • Payment Express
  • I’ll pay soon
  • Ripsa

How much do I owe you?

It is essential that before payment you inform yourself in detail about the amount owed. You can check your debt or generate a payment coupon by entering your phone number and the security word in the Movistar page.

Later, download the coupon with the corresponding amount or you have the alternative of changing it if it is the case that you need to pay a different amount. Hence, you must always stay informed of your invoices and information as a customer. Only then can you be up to date and follow the steps for a payment on time.

So that you know the amount you must pay, use these channels that we indicate below:

  • My Movistar (Web and App) WhatsApp:
  • My Movistar in Account> Amount to Pay / Consumption> Pay
  • Enter the number + 549112261-6666 (record it as it appears here) and send a message with the word #DEUDA

Remember: it is not mandatory that you have the invoice in your hands to pay your debt or amount. There are no excuses if you want to be up to date. Do it directly in the places enabled for «payment without invoice»: you only have to inform your line number and the amount to pay. Ready! More complicated is that your service is suspended or you have to pay for delay or cut.

Access the Invoice to Pay Movistar

By now you may be wondering how I do to check the invoice (amount to pay and due date) and when can I do it, in order to Pay Movistar. Well, we tell you that it is still something simple. Enter the Mi Movistar App, and select the following sections:

  • See Invoices (according to package: Full, One or landline)
  • See History (if you are Community or Control)

You can also do it from your WhatsApp by this number +5491122616666 sending #invoice.

Once you know the amount you must pay for your invoice, you can pay it in the places enabled for payment without invoice. Don’t forget: you only need to inform your line number and the amount to pay.

Another way you have to check your invoice is by entering the Web of Movistar so that you receive your printed invoice.

The point is that you will have to wait up to 10 days before expiration. We believe that it is best that you use applications and digital media that speed up the procedures and time. You will be up to date with just doing a click.

When you have doubts about your bill, nothing better than going to interactive guides that are easily available on the internet. Here we leave you two:

  • Mobile Line, with two options: when it is 1 line and when it is more than 1 line
  • Home Line.

So that you know the details of your consumption, try one of these routes that we will point out to you right away. By Mobile Line, you must follow these three steps:

  1. Check your consumption and how much you have left to consume in the current period by entering My Movistar (app or web) and then in Account> Consumption
  2. You can see the detail of consumption for the current period in these sections:
  • One / Full: My Consumption> Consumption of the current period
  • Control / Community: My balance and consumptions> My consumptions

  1. If what you want is to review the detail of your consumption in previous periods, enter:
  • One / Full: My Consumption> Detail of charges and consumption of your last invoices
  • Control / Community: My balance and consumptions> My consumptions

Another way is to use Home Line. To see the call details you must activate the Detailed Information service, entering My Billing> Detailed Billing.

What is Movistar?

I don’t know if it happens to you, but it seems to us important and even fun to know the companies that offer us their services. If you are using a quality telephone service like Movistar, wouldn’t you like to get to know it a little more than just see a logo and ask yourself How to pay Movistar. So here we leave you some information.

Movistar operates since May 1, 2010, as one of the main commercial brands of the Spanish telecommunications multinational Telefónica, in Spain and in various Latin American countries, with fixed, mobile, internet and television telephony products.

That’s right, as you read, Movistar not only takes care of mobile telephony, it reviews its products and discovers options for you now that you know how to pay.

So it is good that you know that Movistar operates in the following countriesIn case you have to travel to any of them, you will already have some details located and you will know that you have their services:

  • Europe: Spain
  • North America: Mexico
  • Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama
  • South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela

Movistar has also been very competent as one of the largest sports sponsors internationally. It is the main sponsor of the Spanish cycling team Movistar Team, and two basketball and futsal sports clubs.

The Movistar Team is a Spanish cycling team of UCI category WorldTeam. Participate in the UCI WorldTour and in some races on the Continental Circuit.

You see that it is a company of international level that, in the future, will be able to continue providing services on an international scale. Every time you pay your bill, you are contributing to it.

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