How to Pay Movistar: Virtual Branch, App and MORE

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If you are a new customer of Telefónica Movistar or you already have time but do not know the appropriate mechanisms for paying the Movistar line, you are in the right place. That is why in this article we will be providing you with details regarding How to Pay Movistar.

Learn about the different forms and means of payment that Movistar offers to its entire clientele, offering every day a greater approach to comfort and practicality when making the corresponding payment.

Read on and as a Movistar customer you should be aware of the opportunities to make late payments. Also, learn a little more about the Movistar telephone company.

Pay Movistar from the Web and the Virtual Branch

To perform the Movistar payment from the web portal you need to follow the steps shown below:

  • To make the online payment from web portal of payments Movistar de los Servicios Hogar, internet, Television, Fixed Telephony.
  • You must have your RUT account, debit card or credit card.
  • You have to select the type of account you want to pay for the home or mobile.
  • Enter and confirm the number to pay home or mobile. The number must have nine digits.
  • You can pay using a number, using the RUT or using a ticket.
  • If you are going to pay for mobile lines, confirm the number and amount to pay.
  • Immediately, select the payment method and you must click Pay.
  • Once the payment method has been selected, the transaction is carried out.
  • To finalize the payment you get the transaction receipt. You can download it to your computer or provide an email address to receive it this way.

If you want to do the Movistar Payment from the Virtual Branch

For him Mobile Phone Payment:

  • Has to enter the Virtual Branch and choose the line to payTo change it you can do it from the top menu where it says Change Line.
  • Then, you must click the button
  • The detail of the account you want to pay will now be displayed.
  • Continue pressing the button that indicates «Select payment method»
  • To end choose a payment method and you’re done.

For him Home Services Payment: Internet, Television, Fixed Telephony:

  • Has to enter the Virtual Branch.
  • Then from the top menu indicate the line (number) that is linked to the contracted service.
  • You must locate the box «My account» from the main menu summary.
  • You must click the button «Pay online.»
  • The screen shows the total amount to be paid and the number associated with the service.
  • Select one of the payment methods that are available.
  • Now, you must click on «Continue».
  • Then you must verify that the data is correct.
  • Proceed to complete the operation by pressing the button. «Pay».

Pay Movistar using the App

The Mi Movistar App is a mobile application that makes life easier and allows you to manage mobile lines from your Smartphone in a simple, easy and fast way. All this also allows you to manage products and services simply at your fingertips.

To pay Movistar using the App follow the steps shown below:

  • Download the Mi Movistar App from the online store Google Play or App Store.
  • On the cell phone screen appears «Log in».
  • Proceed to open the App.
  • You must enter the Mi Movistar App with the RUT and password.
  • Then you must select phone line you want to pay.
  • Appears on the screen «Late Ballot».
  • You must then press the button «Pay».
  • Go to select the payment method.
  • Finally, the transaction ends when the financial institution confirms the payment and issues the receipt or voucher.

Pay Movistar: What happens if I am late?

Movistar clients must be up to date with the different payment methods, opportunities and facilities that Movistar offers to its associates. In this particular case, it is very important to know what to do if you have not paid the bill on time.

If you have not made the payment of your invoice by the expiration date of the account, the Movistar company has the power to cut off the fixed or mobile phone service. Therefore, it is important that you know that if you run out of phone service due to non-payment, you must make an additional payment called Replacement Cost.

The replacement cost will be reflected in the next month’s ballot. Likewise, all charges associated with arrears will vary according to the time it takes to catch up with the debt on the telephone account.

It is therefore recommended to avoid cutting off the service as much as possible, you can do so by subscribing to the automatic payment of the invoice or payment directly at the Movistar offices, also in the My Movistar App.

Take into account that once the payment is made, the mobile phone service will take two hours to be restored. Likewise, if it is the Home Service, after payment the service is restored in approximately one hour.

Request for Extension to Pay Movistar

To make the request for an extension to pay Movistar, whether you want to do it from the Home Line or the Mobile line, you can easily enter from the Mi Movistar App with the RUT and the password.

The extension gives you an additional payment period to the due date of a ballot and / or invoice. It consists of giving up to five additional continuous days to make the corresponding payment with the guarantee of not suspending the service. The extension request option can be seen automatically in the Mi Movistar App after a day of delay in payment. If you want to know more make the query here.

Steps to request Extension for Home Service Line:

  • Request the extension of the Home line.
  • Enter from the Mi Movistar App with the RUT and the password.
  • Then, in the profile select the «Home Line» that you want to review.
  • Later, from the section «Summary» from the menu located at the bottom.
  • Make the request for the Extension, as long as it is in arrears.
  • If the account is up to date, you will not have the option of extension.
  • After requesting the extension, make the confirmation Of the same.
  • The display shows the information related to the value of the extension.
  • If it is suspended, the replacement charge is what appears on the screen.
  • You can then see the receipt on screen.
  • Ready, the extension was requested and the new payment date is visible in the section where you made the request.

Steps to request Extension for Mobile Service Line:

  • Request the extension of the Mobile line.
  • Enter from My Movistar App with the RUT and the password.
  • After, make selection from the “Línea Móvil” customer profile.
  • Then, from the section of «Summary» which is in the menu at the bottom of the screen is the option «Requesting an Extension» as long as it is in arrears. If the account is up to date, the option does not appear.
  • Made the request, go to make the confirmation.
  • You can then view the information of the value of the extension.
  • In the case of being suspended, the value of the replacement charge is what appears on the screen.
  • Now, you can see the receipt on screen.
  • And everything is ready you can view the new payment date in the same section where you requested the extension.

Don’t forget to download the Mi Movistar App if you don’t have it.

Subscribe to Automatic Payment

To subscribe Movistar accounts to the Automatic Account Payment service (PAC) or Automatic Payment by Card (PAT), you must apply online or directly with the bank of your choice from the list of associated banks.

You should bear in mind that if it is a mobile services account, it is required to know the customer’s code, but for Home services you must know the account number.

Both the Automatic Payment of Accounts and the Automatic Payment by Card must be done separately, the mobile services of the fixed line services, in case of being a client of both platforms, cannot only have an automatic payment (PAC-PAT) but two payments respectively.

To subscribe a Movistar account to Automatic Payment of Accounts, whether it is a fixed service or mobile service, you must do so with the following financial entities: Banco de Chile, Banco Estado, Banco Edwards, Banco CorpBanca, BCI, BCINova , TBANC, Bice, Itaú, Santander, Banco Security, Banco BBVA, Banco del Desarrollo, Scotiabank and Banco Falabella.

Steps to follow to subscribe the Automatic Bill Payment (PAC):

  • To subscribe the mobile services should be done with client code.
  • Instead, to subscribe the home services These must be done with the account number.

To do the PAC or PAT removal process, you must go to the bank through the account executive or on the financial institution’s website. If you are subscribed to the Automatic Payment of Accounts (PAC) or the Automatic Payment with Card (PAT), the discount is made in the bank account on the day the ticket expires. Payment is shown within 24 business hours.

What is Movistar?

Telefónica Movistar is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world when it comes to market capitalization and number of clients. It offers customers a great innovative offer of products and services.

It has a presence in 21 countries and with a large number of clients and a strong representation in Europe and Latin America, where it launches the largest growth strategy.

In Chile, Telefónica markets the products through the Movistar trademark offering mobile and fixed, broadband and digital television services present in absolutely all the communes of the country.

Movistar is currently the largest customer community in Chile, with more than 10 million subscribers and more than 14 million accesses.

Very good, now you know what are the means of payment and the facilities that Movistar provides to deal with payments and in a situation of possible delay, all the information that was indicated in How to Pay Movistar it is very valuable to all your clientele.


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