How to pay my Claro Invoice in Colombia online

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Clear is a subsidiary of América Móvil, a leading provider of telecommunications services in Latin America, with operations in 18 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean.

In Colombia it is a leader in its branch and has many users who use its services on a daily basis.

If you have one Claro line in Colombia or you are interested in obtaining it, we guide you with How to pay the Claro Invoice and something else in this article.

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Pay the Claro Invoice from the App

These are the steps to be able to pay your Claro Invoice from the Application:

  • Enter the Mi Claro App.
  • Look above for the Postpaid option.
  • Select Pay your bill.
  • You already have all the consumptions on your bill.

Pay the Claro Bill by Phone

You can also pay Claro Invoice from the Application dialing * 611 #:

  • Dial * 611 # on your cell phone and press call.
  • Select option 1. Mobile Services.
  • Select option 1. Balance and Consumption.
  • Select option 1. Current Balance.
  • Know the balance of your invoice.

Claro Payments and Recharges Portal

The in portal you will find all the options to recharge your Clear Prepaid. In order to recharge your phone, you must access My Prepaid Claro or use any of the recharge methods available to you:

  1. Login to My Clear Prepaid.
  2. You can recharge online with ATH de la Popular, credit cards or PayPal.
  3. ATH machines from Banco Popular.
  4. Automatic recharge in several stores.
  5. Buy Prepaid Cards.
  6. Recharge outside of PR.
  7. Recharge at all Payment Kiosks of Clear.

How to Pay the Claro Bill: Benefits

Go to Claro to enjoy endless Benefits, how to get the most complete plan for national and international calls. In fact, just by taking advantage of portability, you will get huge benefits and discounts on the service.

Due to the number portability of Argentina now, you can keep your phone number and provide the services of your favorite operator. Therefore, it is now easier to take advantage of Claro’s services, promotions and discounts.

You must complete the digital form or contact the 0800 123 CLEAR to start the process, which will not take more than 24 hours. The important thing is that the phone must be unlocked for the chip to work properly.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay the Clear Bill?

If you don’t do the pay respective of the receipt in a postpaid line, this will be cut by debt, later calls, messages, first outgoing, then incoming, you will not be able to use mobile data, you will be able to use Wi-Fi on your computer or insert a chip in mode prepaid.

Also, you do not accumulate Clear points and your line can go to a block for collection, at the moment you make the corresponding payment and your line is activated, in the next invoice that is generated you will be issued an additional charge of S / 10.00 for reconnection and late payment. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that you make the corresponding payment on the date that they set you.

After a certain time, the line, and you lose the number without the option of being able to recover it, if you have a team agreement you will be charged the «refund» or «penalty».

Portability: the best coverage is provided by Claro, international roaming and points.

  • The Benefits Using portability to switch to Claro starts with the planned discount. If you want to activate the postpaid plan, you can use 50% of the whole year.
  • Those who choose prepaid routes will see the benefits of the 6-month discounted navigation package. All of these include WhatsApp for free, so they can use the program to navigate at will.
  • Other benefit What is worth mentioning is that all of your customers enjoy international roaming, and there will be no charges for processing the line when they travel abroad, but they will be charged at local costs. Roaming can take place in neighboring countries and depends on your plan, as well as in Europe.
  • But that’s not all, you will get a points plan through which you can to enjoy of special discounts to watch movies, buy mobile phones, participate in special contests and even activate your backpack to make calls or surf.
  • Regarding the services, you can choose to become one of the largest telephone companies and communicate with you anytime, anywhere.

Know the prepaid plans

  • If you plan to go to Clear and rent a prepaid plan (in addition to free WhatsApp, you can use YouTube, and free games). With megabytes of gifts, you can talk unlimited for 30 days.
  • One of the many attractive offers and its packaging. Some of them can be purchased as prepaid: if you plan to go on vacation to Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and the United States, a roaming package is a good option.
  • You can activate it for 7 or 30 days, the first option costs 200 pesos and you will have 300 MB of browsing space, while the second option costs 450 pesos and you will get the show.
  • Otherwise, you can choose a loan package, and when you choose any package but you leave it or you lack balance, Clear He will lend it to you, so they don’t cut it off.
  • The third alternative is «unlimited calling», ideal for those who choose to make calls rather than send messages. This service package has a duration of 30 days, only 50 pesos, you can make unlimited calls to all calls from ClearIf you top up 300, you can also call other operators.

Claro’s postpaid options and their advantages

  • The advantage of choosing the fixed subscription of Clear is that it will include roaming, internet data, free WhatsApp, unlimited calls and text messages, which is very attractive. Like prepaid, there are a variety of options in postpaid plans.

  • In this way, you have plans that range from 1 to 20 gigs, and you have up to a 60% discount on the one you choose when subscribing to Claro, the cost without promotion varies from 600 to 2700 pesos.
  • The advantage One of these plans is that you will pay a fixed subscription fee for the service and you will not have to worry about running out of balance or time. You only need to choose the one that suits you best according to your consumption and enjoyment.
  • These are generally the Benefits you get when you switch to Claro using portability, and the plans they offer to keep in touch even when abroad.

What is Claro?

Clear is a subsidiary of América Móvil, a leading provider of telecommunications services in Latin America, with operations in 18 countries and regions of the Americas and the Caribbean.

Clear has experience in the region, stable capital structure, based on efficiencies derived from its rich operating experience, this allows them to consolidate their position as a leading company in the production of mobile telecommunications in Latin America and the United States, in relation to subscribers It is the fourth largest in the world.

This is a telecommunications service that can help you completely reshape your business process through innovative technology.

Have a good connection service Networking is the key to ensuring the connection between headquarters and your application. It can provide performance and for this you have a network solution and a secure connection to the Internet, which can be obtained quickly.

Using broadband internet from Clear Companies, to optimize your productivity, you and all your employees will be able to access the Internet through their end-to-end fiber optic network, according to the contract plan, the speed can reach up to 100 megabytes, they also have a business Internet , very suitable for the demand of permanent use without worry about consumption peaks.

América Móvil has:

  • Operations in 18 countries of the American Continent.
  • More than 225 million cellular customer subscriptions.
  • More than 28 million landlines.
  • 13 million broadband accesses.
  • They have more than 10 million television subscribers, for a floating population of more than 823 million inhabitants.
  • State-of-the-art products and quality services.
  • Commitment to the region, proximity to its customers, and the ability to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, allowed América Móvil to continue growing profitably.

Claro Colombia

Today, an important moment has passed for the company, because since June 26, 2012, the Telmex and Comcel brands merged into a single brand with entertainment, innovation, coverage and services, the business will be Independent, and they consolidate their position as great brand in order to always provide the best service to its customers.

With Clear, customers can get what they want most: entertainment, fun, better business opportunities, close relationships with loved ones, and the feeling of being close to making their dreams come true. They can provide customers with all technologies, communication solutions and the best service experience in one place.

In turn, your employees can share tools, information internally and data to promote their work, which will ultimately bring very positive results, will make them grow as a company and will also help to achieve their goals.

Where do I contact you?

Claro Colombia, Direction: Plaza Claro Carrera 68A No.24B-10 Tower 1 Bogotá – Colombia.

Telephone: +57 1 7429797 and +57 1 7300 500. Website here.


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