How to Pay Netflix: Prices, How to Hire It and MORE

How to pay for Netflix, is currently the main video-on-demand entertainment medium in Ecuador. Although there are other OD sites, the top site in this category is Netflix.

This is how Netflix is ​​an American entertainment company that pays monthly and can access various content for children, adolescents, youth and adults. This is because it has the largest number of documentaries, series, movies, and soap operas.

How can you pay for Netflix in Ecuador?

If you ask yourself the question How to pay for Netflix? The only way to pay for any Netflix plan you join, be it a basic plan, a standard plan, or a premium plan, can be done with any credit card, be it from Ecuador or an international credit card.

The cards that pay Netflix in Ecuador are:

  • Visa
  • Diners club
  • Discove
  • Mastercard
  • American Express.

Pay Netflix: Subscription Prices

We detail below the plans and monthly payments that Netflix has in Ecuador:

  • Basic: It has a cost of USD 7.99 and is a suitable plan for 1 SD screen, you can watch Netflix on one device at a time, in standard definition.
  • Standard: It has a cost of USD 10.99 and is a plan for 2 HD screens, you can view on two devices at the same time, in high definition when available.
  • Premium: Its cost is USD 13.99 and it is a plan for 4 HD / Ultra HD 4K screens, you can view on four devices at the same time, in high definition and ultra high definition when available.

As you can see Netflix It offers you the cheapest plan to the most expensive, you can choose according to your preference on its official website.

It is important that you have the account, that there are people outside the company who offer you this service at low cost, we recommend that you ignore it, since it can lead to a scam.

What you can do is share the bill of a friend or relative who is already registered, and thus they can share the payment of the service. This originates from the profiles created in the account, it is very advantageous for people who want to share their email and password, from different locations they can use the service simultaneously.

Pay Netflix: How to hire it in Ecuador?

For check in on Netflix, you must enter here, where you must enter your email and password to create an account, or you can log in with your Facebook account.

You can use a one-month free plan, which is a promotion for Netflix Ecuador, but if you want to be able to cancel the service before the free trial period ends, you must sign up with a payment method in the same way, without a receipt.

We inform you of the step-by-step procedure:

  • Enter the website of Netflix.
  • Select enjoy one month free.
  • Choose the plan of your interest, according to your ability to pay.
  • Press continue.
  • The system will require you to register a bill, enter your email and create a password.
  • It will give you to choose the form of payment, with a credit card or through a bank account.
  • You must enter all the information about the payment method: name, surname, card number, expiration date and security code.
  • Finally it will take you immediately to the opening from your new Netflix account, so you can enjoy 30 days free of a wide variety of film productions.

One day before the end of Free trial, Netflix will send you an email informing you if you want to cancel the service or continue paying for the selected plan.

The quality of HD and Ultra HD depends on the equipment used and the speed of the Internet. Watch page.

Netflix Catalog

Netflix has a Catalogue very wide, for all ages and for all tastes:

  • Action and adventure: 1365.
  • Action comedies: 43040.
  • Action Thrillers: 43048.
  • Action and adventure programs: 10673.
  • Animation for adults: 11881.
  • Adventure: 7442.
  • Aliens and science fiction: 3327.
  • Anime: 7424.
  • Action anime: 2653.
  • Anime Comedy: 9302.
  • Anime Dramas: 452.
  • Fantasy anime: 11146.
  • Horror anime: 10695.
  • Anime series: 6721.
  • Movies about soccer: 12803.
  • Martial arts cinema: 8985.
  • Martial arts, boxing: 6695.
  • Sport: 9327.
  • Sports comedies: 5286.
  • Sports documentaries: 180.
  • Sports Dramas: 7243.
  • Sports-themed movies: 4370.
  • Boxing cinema: 12443.
  • Documentaries: 6839.
  • Biographical drama: 3179.
  • Mockumentaries (mockumentary): 26.
  • Social and cultural documentaries: 3675.
  • Religious-themed documentaries: 10005.
  • Food and travel TV shows: 72436.
  • Historical documentaries: 5349.
  • Science and Nature TV Programs: 52780.
  • Spiritual Documentaries: 2760.
  • Family Movies: 783.
  • Movies about camping: 1252.
  • Classic cinema 31574.
  • Classic Action Adventure Cinema: 46576.
  • Classic Comedies: 31694.
  • Classic Dramas: 29809.
  • Classic foreign cinema: 32473.
  • Classical musicals: 32392.
  • Romantic classics: 31273.
  • Science fiction classics: 47147.

  • Classic Thrillers: 46588.
  • Classic TV shows: 46553.
  • Classic war cinema: 48744.
  • Classic Westerns: 47465.
  • Crime Documentaries: 9875.
  • Criminal Dramas: 6889.
  • Criminal Thrillers: 10,499.
  • Crime Programs: 26146.
  • Cult cinema 7627.
  • Cult comedies: 9434.
  • Cult Horror Movies: 10944.
  • Cult science fiction: 4734.
  • Cult shows: 74652.
  • Film noir: 7687.
  • Black comedy: 869.
  • Dramas: 5763.
  • Dramas based on books: 4961.
  • Educational Movies: 10659.
  • Epic Movies: 52858.
  • Experimental cinema: 11079.
  • Religious theme: 26835.
  • Fantastic cinema: 9744.
  • Satires: 4922.
  • Psychological Thrillers: 5505.
  • Military TV shows: 25804.
  • Miniseries: 4814.
  • Political-themed comedies: 2,700.

What is Netflix?

It is an American entertainment and subscription service company operating worldwide, whose main service is the distribution of audiovisual content through online platforms or video-on-demand streaming services.

This is how the company was founded in 1997 and is located in Los Gatos, California, and began activities a year later, providing DVD rental services by mail. Currently, Netflix participates in the creation or acquisition of the product until its diffusion on a global scale.

Netflix is ​​a streaming service that can deliver a variety of award-winning movies, series, and documentaries on almost any screen connected to the internet.

Everything you want to see, unlimited or without advertisements, at very affordable prices. There are always new discoveries and more movies and series are added every week!

The programing

In making decisions about Netflix, the use of algorithms as a basis for the production or purchase of a certain product is an element that experts, analysts and the public continue to mention.

This tool is a complex system. In addition to other functions, it also sorts the platform’s product catalog according to the content previously viewed by the user and their rating of certain movies or series, and also generates a large amount of help that customers choose to watch.

The label or category of the content, the platform itself allows you to do suggestions. Other data used by the system are the preferences and preferences of other users classified as similar users, as well as the types of jobs the user is used to, actors and release years, viewing time and the devices they use (tablets, computers, videos). Console, etc.) and the time of use of the platform.


Netflix works with a Microsoft Silverlight-based player to prevent downloading of audiovisual content (currently, it provides download services for certain movies or series that can only be played in the application), although you can also choose to use HTML compilations. Player.

On Linux, you can use the browser Google Chrome (version 38 or higher) to watch Netflix. After entering the movie, Netflix will load a small part of it in advance to avoid buffering.

The services operated by Netflix are actually based on more than 700 microservices, which operate independently and communicate with each other via API or application programming interfaces.

Each microservice is programmed to perform specific tasks, such as uploading demo vignettes for recommended series or movies, or charging monthly membership fees for each account. In this sense, Netflix is ​​a small system ecosystem with specific goals, not a general computing architecture.

Local production

Since launching businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, Netflix has turned to local production, first with products that have been created and positioned in the hands of the public, and then by producing products under its own brand.

In the first case, negotiations with companies such as Telemundo, Televisa, Univision, Telefe, TVN, Caracol Televisión and RCN Televisión allow users to offer up to 20% of the Telenovelas at some point, and about 80% of them are American movies and series.

Later, the standard was to develop their own products using the language and figures known from each country, to establish contact with local audiences and attract media attention. More information in the page.

How does Netflix work?

To access content, your device must have a Internet connection, which can be: Smart TV, video game console, PC, Mac, mobile device, tablet.

You need to download (download) the Netflix application, create an account and register (subscription), for a weekly or monthly plan.

Then go to the desired location anywhere you need and with all the team that you need. Log into your Netflix account, to instantly via Netflix from your personal computer, or any device connected to the Internet with the Netflix application (such as smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, media players and consoles), that have the Netflix application.

Plus, you can download your favorite series using iOS, Android, or Windows 10 apps. With the download feature, you can see where you are going without connecting to the Internet. No matter where you are, you can bring Netflix.


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