How to Pay Orange Card: Applications, Online and MORE

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You want to know the best ways to better manage your money and expand options to finance yourself. Then you are interested in knowing How to Pay Orange Card.

Here we will show you what you have to do to get your Orange card, so you will enjoy its promotions and discounts. It is easy, you will achieve it in a few minutes and it is 100% on-line. The world thus becomes digital and orange. Read on, this information is for you.

Pay Orange Card Using Applications

It is a fact, we live in an increasingly digital world. The options are growing to do everything from our devices, comfortably, quickly and without leaving home. Here we will tell you the applications that you have at your fingertips to pay an Orange Card.

You have different options, starting with the Orange application, going through Home Banking, the ATM network (Banelco or Red Link) and even the traditional option of approaching the Naranja branches in person.

Anyway, you can still take your turn in advance. on-line, from the web page by entering the option of Turnero Orange. Once there, you just have to enter your ID number and type the 4 digits of the Naranja card in order to validate the information.

You have several options. Only download the applications to your device from Google play or App Store and go following their directions. Here we leave you the detail:

  1. You have Orange X. Enter the «Cards» section and make a click in «Orange Card». You will immediately see the amount you must pay from your last summary. Click on the «Pay» button and select the one that suits you from the available financing options. Of course, you need money in your Naranja X account.
  2. There is also the Orange App. Affiliate with your ID or email and your Orange password. Choose between the forms of payment that it offers you: debit card of all banks, CBU / Alias ​​of your bank account or with the balance of your Naranja X. And that is how easy your available balance is released and your payment is credited between one within two business days.
  3. You have Orange Online. Enter Naranja Online with your ID or email and password. Select how you are going to pay: debit card from all banks, CBU / Alias ​​from your bank account or with the balance of your Naranja X. Your payment will be credited in up to 72 business hours.
  4. And there is always a conventional option, you can call by phone. By dialing 0810-333-6272 option 2 with your debit card or with your CBU.

Pay Orange Card Online

The best thing about these digital novelties is the increasing possibility that you are the protagonist of your procedures and procedures. You will have the time in your hands, goodbye to the hassle of the bureaucrats!

With the Self-manage in Orange On-line You just have to take simple, short and immediate steps and you will be able to improve your finances and decisions about your money.

  1. Enter and you will be able to see and pay your account summary without delay.
  2. You can also check the payments you made and the due dates that are coming.
  3. You can always be aware of how your expenses can be, doing shopping simulations.
  4. You can adhere to automatic debits.
  5. You have the possibility of recharging your credit, from the device you have and wherever you are.
  6. You can ask for loans.
  7. You have an additional card to your account.

In order for you to do all this you must generate your password, enter your ID and choose how you want to obtain it: answering security questions or via SMS to the number registered in your account.

We want you to know that with this Orange Card your transactions and your information will be protected. Because you should carefully follow the Security Questions that they will ask you:

  • Your ID, the last 4 numbers of your Orange and expiration date, automatic debits associated with your account and the amount of extras.
  • For the Additional: the DNI, the last 4 numbers of your Orange and expiration date, automatic debits associated with the account of the holder and ID of the holder. Once you answer the questions correctly, register your email and generate your password.
  • Through an SMS you will receive a code to the cell phone that you associated with your account. Then you can register your email and generate your password, with which you will enter Naranja Online and App Naranja to carry out all your procedures online wherever you are.

After all this you can make your arrangements via on-line, apply for loans and choose your Seguro Naranja. You will be calm when knowing instantly your movements: purchases, expirations, payments, available balance and credit recharge.

Other Methods to Pay Orange Card

In addition to the applications that we have already indicated and that you will have just by downloading them from Google play or App StoreIn this section we will tell you other options available for you to pay for your Orange Card on-line.

Here we will tell you about three: Home Banking, Banelco ATM and ATM Red Link. So you can use the Home Banking follow these short steps:

  1. Enter to Home Banking from your bank, com or
  2. Locate Orange Card or by item.
  3. Register the number of your Orange card that begins with 5895 and the amount to pay.

If you choose the Banelco ATM to pay for the orange card, follow this sequence:

  1. Enter your debit card.
  2. Select the option Pay My Bills.
  3. If this is the first time you use it this way, click on Credit Cards> Orange Card.
  4. Enter the number of your card that begins with 5895 and the amount you are going to pay.
  5. Choose the account from which you are going to make the payment and that’s it!

With the ATM case Red Link, you must first of all register the service from an ATM, if you have already enrolled it. Then complete these moments:

  1. Mark your debit card at the ATM.
  2. Click the option Link
  3. If this is the first time you use this ATM, press the option New tax or service payment.
  4. Enter your card number that begins with 5895 and choose Credit Card> Orange Card.
  5. Dial your card number again.
  6. Enter the amount you are going to pay, and now, you did it.

How to Know the Summary to Pay Orange Card?

It’s time to tell you how you can view and pay for your summary online. You only need 2 minutes from your home.

Keep in mind that if you pay close to the closing date (the 25th of each month) it is possible that the next account summary does not include that payment and you will receive it out of date. In that case, you have the possibility to check the correct amount to pay by entering Naranja Online, App Naranja, or by calling 0810-333-6272.

Frequent questions

We are sure that you will have more questions and concerns about everything that has to do with the Orange Card On-line. Here we anticipate some to anticipate answers that will help you.

How can I see the summary of my Orange credit cards?

In addition to viewing it, you can also download it. You have three ways:

  • Go to Naranja Online> Last summary
  • In App Naranja go to the section Your summary
  • If you subscribe to the digital summary in Naranja On-line you will receive an email every month with a link to see your summary.

How is the information displayed on my account summary?

When you obtain the summary of your orange card, you will see that on the first page you will find the total to be paid for the corresponding month, the expiration date and all the financing options available. Below the total amount to pay you will find the consumptions in Plan Z.

In the following sheets you will have a detail of all the operations (holder and its additional, if applicable), along with dates important, future installments, balances available for purchases and a detail of the payment of the previous summary.

When does the summary of my Orange credit cards expire?

The account summary of your Naranja always expires on the 10th of each month and the closing date is the 25th.

Where can I find the sum of my purchases in Plan Z in the summary of my Orange credit cards?

On the first sheet of your summary, specifically below the total amount to pay. Locate the text that says: «Includes purchases in Plan Z for $$$.»

Where can I see the payment options for my purchases in Plan Z?

In the Payment options section on page 1, you will distinguish the Plan Z option in 3 zero interest and in the More options section you will find the rest of the alternatives.

Can I pay the summary of my Orange credit cards if it has already expired?

You will always have the opportunity to catch up with the payment. You should only consider that if you cancel very close to the closing date (the 25th of each month) it is possible that the next account summary will not include that payment and the outdated summary will be presented.

In this case, check the correct amount to pay by entering Naranja Online, App Naranja, or by calling 0810-333-6272.

What is Orange?

Once you know how simple How to Pay Orange Card, it does not seem important that you know that Orange is the main issuer of credit cards in Argentina.

It is a company that has existed for 25 years and that has sworn to make our lives easier. Innovation is its main work philosophy and its employees are highly qualified. That is why they project as strong leaders in the financial area.

Visit GESTIONALO.NET Argentina

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