How to Pay Property Tax: By Fees, Service Channels and MORE

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Do not stay with the doubt of How to Pay the Property Tax, keep reading this article. It is a tax that must be paid by all Colombian citizens, owners of real estate. And when we name real estate we mean houses, apartments, among others.

The Property Tax is a responsibility that every Colombian owner must assume every year, but knowing how much, when and how to pay is very common.

How can you pay the Property Tax?

Steps to pay the Property Tax:

  • Comply with the following conditions and collect documents: Being the owner or owner of a property located within the jurisdiction of the Bogota Capital Region. The property owner and the property owner will jointly and individually assume the tax liability.
  • The arranged base of the annual property tax, is the value defined by the taxpayer through self-assessment, a value that must at least be consistent with the cadastral rate at the time of generating the tax. To determine the validity, the unit in charge of determining the cadastral evaluation is the Special Administrative Unit Cadastral Regional (UAECD). Enter the unified property tax assessment in 2020; see the conditions to select one of the options and generate a tax settlement. As a result, you will receive the property tax form immediately.
  • If the owner has implemented property tax settlement procedures for 2020 or earlier, you must show your ID.
  • It is important to note that if a third party carries out the property tax settlement procedures in terms of 2020 or before, and it is carried out in accordance with article 18 of Regional Decree No. 807 of 1993 (Reserve Declaration), authorized by the corresponding person, and provide the following requirements: If you present a general or special authorization, it can be through public or private deed or any other understandable method (understanding or understanding). The can General is not valid unless the power is produced by public contract that must be established for 1 year. For a special power of attorney, its validity depends on the type of procedure specified in the document, and the agent is only authorized to act on behalf of the principal specified in the document.

If you are a natural person

A Letter of Authorization Simple signed by the taxpayer to the local Finance Minister (the name and identification number of the authorized person must be indicated in the letter, as well as the required procedures).

The date does not exceed 30 days, please attach a copy of the identity certificate of the authorized person, and the authorized person must show their identity certificate.

If you are a legal person

  • A simple power signed by the legal representative (the name and identification number of the authorized person and the required procedures must be indicated in the power of attorney), dated no more than 30 days, and a simple copy of the DNI is attached. Legal representative Person, certificate of existence and certificate of legal representative. If the citizen does not provide, the official will consult Consulta RUES online.
  • If the citizens want claim Debts for real estate immersed in the auction process, must authorize the person who pays the debt to be the entity responsible for the property.
  • For the inheritanceLikewise, for the deceased who has not yet begun the inheritance process, the information will be provided to the partner, spouse or permanent partner, or other heirs, recognized children recognized by law, and they must attach a copy. Death certificate and documents proving blood and / or related kinship (civil registration, marriage certificate, etc.).


  • For the owner, the person who performs the Procedure You must present an identity document and be registered as the owner of the property with the special cadastral management unit. If you are unable to participate in person, you must meet third party authorization requirements.
  • To be processed by proxy or power of attorney, said documents they must clearly identify and designate the customer or customer authorization process.
    If the property is under the number of «lease«, The tenant must present the contract to request the corresponding payment form.
  • To check if your good is harmed by the update cadastral, you can follow the instructions to use the UAECD online service and obtain the cadastral certificate immediately through the Internet. If the property that the taxpayer receives at home is not or is not his property, it is recommended not to pay.
  • The taxpayer must check that the data entered in the settlement are consistent with the legal and current conditions of the property as of January 1 of the taxable year, since your signature supports this information (in the case of a return); for invoices, the same payment Indicates to accept the value determined in it. More information in page.

Can you pay by installments?

Residential and non-residential property taxpayers registered for installment payments must download and print receipts through the virtual office so that they can be presented and paid in person, at any branch of the authorized banking network or at more than 20,000 bank agents. They can also pay online.

Where to pay the property tax?

You have the following ways to pay the Property Tax:

Pay on line

The Banks where you can pay the tax online are:

  • Bancolombia.
  • Banking Caja Social.
  • The Bank of Bogotá.
  • Agrarian Bank.
  • Popular Bank.
  • Procredit banking.
  • The Bank of the West.
  • Bancamía.
  • BBVA (Colombia).
  • Pichincha Bank.
  • GNB Sudameris Bank.
  • Bancoomeva.
  • Davivienda Bank.
  • The Falabella Bank.
  • AV Villas.
  • Santander.
  • Citibank (Corporate Banking).
  • Coopcentral.
  • Itaú.
  • Serfinanza Bank.
  • Scotiabank Colpatria.

Face-to-face payment

The banks where you can make the payment in person are:

  • Bancolombia.
  • BBVA Colombia.
  • Bogota
  • GNB Sudameris.
  • Popular.
  • Davivienda.
  • West.
  • AV Villas.
  • Citibank (Corporate Banking).

I pay with credit card

To access this form of payment by physical or virtual means, the following banks are currently enabled:

  1. Bogota
  2. Popular.
  3. Bancolombia.
  4. Citibank.
  5. GNB Sudameris.
  6. BBVA.
  7. West.
  8. Davivienda.
  9. AV Villas.

Bank correspondents

  • Baloto.
  • Success Group
  • Traditional correspondents.
  • Banco BBVA Banking Correspondents (mobile network, fullcarga, gelsa)

Once the payment has been made, you can check with the sticker number and the chip, with the essential data to obtain the certification.

When is the time to pay the property tax?

The Regional Finance Secretariat announced a new tax calendar for natural and legal persons. There are deadlines for property tax, vehicle tax, and industrial and commercial tax.

If you want to get a 10% discount until March 27, and the deadline for not having a discount is June 19, you can also pay in installments. More information in page.

  • First installment: August 28, 2020.
  • Second installment: October 30, 2020.
  • Third installment: December 18, 2020.
  • Fourth installment: February 19, 2021.

Attention Channels to Pay Property Tax

Telephone channel

Line: 195
Telephone support District Secretary of Finance 3385000 ext. 5581 or 5523 Monday to Friday: 7:00 am – 4:30 pm

Virtual channel

Office Virtual


What alternative, until face-to-face care is completely restored, for guidance and consultation, email has been activated

This is how, temporarily and due to the current declared contingency, possible virtual requests or consultations will be assisted through email or through portal.

WhatsApp lines have been activated for citizen service: 3503337011/3017875046/3503337009/3002703002/3015488793/3002702526/3003519219 / 3002702528. Monday to Friday: 7:00 am – 4:30 pm

What is it?

The Property tax It is the tax that must be paid by any person who owns a property, regardless of how it is used, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

This is the tax that all Colombian citizens must pay. When we mention real estate, we mean houses, apartments, buildings, parking lots, financial properties, lots, commercial premises, warehouses, warehouses, factories, rural properties assigned to agriculture, etc.

Similarly, the owner You must also pay, the person who does not have the document owns the property as the owner, and the final beneficiary is the person who has reached an agreement with the owner, to legally use the property.

Each city and each municipality can independently determine the taxes to pay, the dates, discounts and interest are also different.

It is relevant to note that according to your account statement, this payment is only made once a year. Don’t forget that you can pay in installments, in case you need to go to Bogotá for a loan application.

The calculation for the payment of Property Tax It is carried out based on the value of the land, which depends on the location of the property, and the price of the construction, which includes the type of property, the number of floors, the area of ​​the land, the surface of the construction and the years that the property has.

The tax must be paid every year and the dates are in the tax calendar announced by the Ministry of Finance.

This is how the main function of the Property tax, is to produce resources so that municipal governments can provide public services at the local level, such as lighting, paving, waste collection, and others.


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