How to Pay PSU: Webpay, Payment Coupon and MORE

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If you are studying secondary education and intend to continue university studies in the near future, then read this publication that deals with How to Pay PSU.

In this article, you will learn about the payment methods for the University Selection Test, who are the ones who are exempt from paying and also know how many times the PSU can be presented. Prepare for this test and do it knowing details of the necessary procedure for registration. You are invited to continue reading.

Pay PSU Printing the Payment Coupon

To make the Payment of the corresponding fee of the PSU, it is made of two forms or modalities. This section refers to the PSU Payment with the printing of the respective coupon.

To make the payment by printing the Coupon, you must pay at the Bank of Chile, then you must wait 24 hours to enter the web portal again and register to print the identification card.

Procedure to perform the payment via coupon printing:

  • You must enter the web portal of the PSU registration.
  • Select the Payment Coupon option and click the Accept button, then a document in PDF format with the corresponding payment coupon is displayed on the screen.
  • The document contains the data of the person who will make the registration and the value of the fee.
  • The value of the fee must be paid in cash or check in the name of the University of Chile, at the box office of the Banco de Chile cashiers.
  • Has to print the payment coupon in letter size sheet with vertical orientation to make the payment.
  • When you have completed the coupon payment, you must wait one business day to continue with the registration process. You can print the Identification Card in the Registration Portal, if the coupon was paid during banking hours.
  • If you made the payment transaction outside banking hours normal then should wait two business days to continue with the procedures. This as established by the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, since any operation after banking hours is reported on the next business day.
  • If after this period, you still cannot continue with the process established for enrollment, you should contact the Attention or Help Desk. Also, you can do it by going with the payment coupon stamped by the Bank to the Admission Secretariat that corresponds to him, where they will surely give a timely solution to the problem presented.

Pay PSU with Webpay System

The Webpay System is an online system to make PSU payments through bank cards .

Steps to make the payment through the webpay system:

  • In principle it must select payment method.
  • Then click on the OK button.
  • After clicking on the Accept button, a screen opens where the financial transaction is carried out.
  • You must enter the data corresponding to the card and the number of installments.
  • Then you must press the Payment button.
  • Once this step has been carried out, a message is displayed on the screen where the transaction is confirmed.
  • After payment, the registration system immediately notifies you of the payment and gives access to the issuance of the Identification Card, which is the valid document together with the identity document (identity card or passport), to render the PSU.
  • Once this is done, you can return to the registration web portal with the user (identity card or passport) and a personal password.

Who should pay PSU?

The PSU has a scholarship that is a subsidy that is aimed at financing the total cost of the fee for taking the test, in the case of students from educational centers in the municipality and also individuals who have been subsidized by the promotion of the year .

The Tariff Subsidy for the delivery of the PSU test applies to the following cases:

  • The application can be made by students from those paid private education centers that certify certain vulnerability condition to be eligible to receive the benefit.
  • Those students who meet the requirements to have access to the scholarship, only have to register to be beneficiaries.
  • For all the students and female students of municipal education centers and subsidized individuals, which are governed by Decree with force of Law No. 2 of 1998 and Decree Law No. 3166 of 1980.
  • Students must be in the fourth year and a half.
  • Likewise, graduates of previous promotions.
  • The students from paid private educational centers and in a special situation. This application must be submitted by the accredited teacher to the JUNAEB Regional Directorate. Students in this particular case cannot apply.
  • Also, Chileans who have graduated from the education centers located abroad.

Pay PSU: How Much Does It Cost?

The fee to Pay PSU, the payment of the surrender of the Transition Test (ex PSU) has a value of 32,700 Chilean pesos.

As mentioned before in this enrollment process for students who are studying for a fourth and a half in municipal educational centers, local education services, subsidized private educational centers are exempt from payment. This benefits more than 191,000 students aspiring to enter higher education throughout the country.

Students from private educational centers may be exempt from payment if they require it and this situation is duly documented and certified by the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (Juanaeb).

How many times can the PSU be given?

Knowing how many times the University Selection Test (PSU) can be given is a common question when the date to take the test approaches. Also, if there are doubts regarding the selection of the university career.

Similarly, every year the university authorities make modifications to the process college admission. As for example when they did the incorporation of the ranking of notes. Faced with uncertainty, the question arises again of how many times the PSU can be given.

There are those who think that the PSU can only surrender three times, which not true. According to the Department of Educational Evaluation, Measurement and Registration (DEMRE) the test can be carried out as many times as you want.

There are those who already within the university want to change careers but cannot do it internally, but must go through the university admission process again. Without a doubt, it is something that is difficult and complicated, however, we must take care of the application and the weightings.

In addition, to present the test on several occasions, now in conjunction with the secondary education marks (NEM) must take into account the ranking corresponding to the year. Also, some universities have limitations regarding the number of applications and the number of times they can enroll.

An example of this is the Andrés Bello Catholic University, students can apply twice via PSU. If they cannot enter, an appeal is available to the Technical Admission Commission, with duly substantiated reasons.

Take into account, then, that you must find out since the number of applications will depend on the university institution.

It is recommended if you have doubts about the choice of the university career or about the preparation, it is better to present the PSU again.

What is it?

The Transition Test or former University Selection Test (PSU), was a standard written questionnaire that was implemented in Chile since 2003, until it was eliminated in 2020. Currently, the test is called the Test of Transition.

The PSU at the time was prepared by the Department of Educational Evaluation, Measurement and Registration (DEMRE) of the University of Chile in accordance with instructions from the Council of Rectors of Chilean universities.

This test has even been used by some private universities in their admission process.

The PSU is based on the 1998 high school curriculum, it has become a benchmark for university entrance.

It is a global test made up of a set of tests whose purpose is to choose applicants who wish to continue with the university career.

This test has the characteristic that it is used as a reference to the curricular framework.

As you can see, it is very important to know all these details that have been indicated in this article, now you know well How to Pay PSU.


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