How to Pay Pycca: Inquiries, Electronic Bills and MORE

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If you are looking for How to Pay Pycca, you came to the right place. In this article we have for you everything related to this procedure. The intention is to provide customers with this service, and that the experience in addition to buying their products is comfortable, as well as making the corresponding payments.

Here you will find, how to consult the Pycca Account Statement, what electronic invoices are about, the benefits that Pycca offers, what Pycca is, what it takes care of and much more.

How can Pycca be paid?

When making an online purchase of any of the items in the Pycca stores, it should be known that there are 4 ways to do it, according to the Pycca website, among which are:

  • Club Pycca Direct Credit: Through this method, all items purchased online from Pycca stores can be paid with the Pycca card. Additionally, you have the alternative of delaying payment from 3 to 24 months with the respective interests.
  • With Credit Cards: In addition to the Pycca card, you can also make payment with other types of credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), it does not matter if they are international nationals. The cards that can be used for this type of payment are mentioned below:
    • Visa or Mastercard, for current payments.
    • Discover, Visa, Mastercard from Banco Pichincha and Diners, for late or current payments (the payment term is between 3 to 6 months and 12 to 24 months With interests).
    • The American Express, the Pacificard, the Visa and the Mastercard, are used for delayed or current payments (from 3 to 12 months without interest and from 15 to 24 months with the respective interests).
  • Through Debit Cards: Payments are not made only with credit cards, but you also have the possibility of paying with debit cards, from the banks named below:
    • Of the ProCedit Bank.
    • The Riobamba Savings and Credit Cooperative.
    • From the Banco de Pacífico.
    • The Atuntaqui Savings and Credit Cooperative.
    • Bank of the Austro.
    • The Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Jep.
    • From the Produbanco.
    • The Mutualista Azuay.
    • From the International Bank.
    • The Pichincha Bank.
    • From Banco Guayaquil.
  • Through Telephone Payment or Phonocompra: This payment is not made in a virtual way, but said purchase if it is possible to do it online, likewise, you can choose the items you want to buy online and contact (04) 3700800 to finalize the purchase. The forms of payment are the following:
    • With credit cards, La Titanium, American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard and Diners.
    • Through debit cards, Banco del Pacífico, Banco del Austro, Banco Pichincha and the Guayaquil Bank.

Pay Pycca: Inquiries

To consult the Pycca account, the user must create an account, the instructions will be detailed later in this article.

However, to enter the system you must enter email address and password. Ready now you can access.

Pay Pycca: Electronic Bills

Pycca’s mission is to provide its consumers with an excellent experience when making purchases, in such a way that, constantly you are exploring about items and services that meet the needs of customers in terms of quality.

Regarding the electronic invoice, it can be said that it is one of the services with which you want to optimize the shopping experience, through electronic invoices, since the corresponding invoices are received, of the consumptions that have been made in any of Pycca stores.

It is important to note that the electronic invoice will be made through the Seed Billing system, therefore, it is required to have an account created in this system. Given the account, it must be accessed through from this link, enter the RUC or ID number, and the password.

In such a way that, the procedure to be executed through the Seed Billing account, is as follows:

  1. The first thing is to download the specific documentation.
  2. Select the alternative that says Do you want to download a specific document?
  3. Then a screen is shown detailing the document to be downloaded.
  4. Register the ID or RUC, the documentation number, the type of documentation and the date of issue.
  5. Finally, click on the «Download» option.

Pay Pycca: Account Statement

Among the values ​​that Pycca has as a company, there are trust and honesty, which influences the mission of creating a great experience for customers in the acquisition of their items.

For this reason, it has different alternatives so that the account statements, pending amounts, available quotas, etc. can be consulted.

The purpose is that all the account data of each client is transparent and easy to handle. Pycca currently offers 4 ways to view account statements, and these are:

Deliveries to the Home Address

It still retains this formality which is a tradition of the company, since the Pycca account statement is physically carried to the customer’s home address. It is important to note that this address must be registered at the moment the Pycca card has been managed or when the account has been created.

On the other hand, the procedure for issuing this documentation is carried out on the last day of each month, therefore, the Pycca Account statement would be received between on the 5th and 10th of the following month.

Through Customer Service

This type of query is divided into 2 procedures. One refers to the Telephone Service, and the other refers to the Customer Service. However, in the 2 methods the client can communicate with a Pycca worker, and in this way the account amounts can be consulted.

  • The Telephone Attention Service: Through this service, the customer can contact Pycca staff, with only dial the number 1 800 179222 and wait while the call is processed.
  • Customer Service: Through this service you can go to Pycca stores, and contact the area in charge of customer service, where you can request the Pycca Account Statement and the available amount.

Through Online Consultation

When referring to technological tools Pycca has an online system, in order that its clients have the opportunity to make your purchases online, and make arrangements regarding the company’s accounts or cards. However, the first thing is to create an account through an easy and simple procedure.

To know how to enter this web system for the first time, the steps that must be followed are mentioned below:

  1. It’s fundamental have a cell phone or a PC with an internet connection.
  2. Find a search engine on the Pycca website.
  3. While on the website, select the alternative that says «My account».
  4. A message will be displayed saying «Receive password by mail».
  5. You must click on that alternative.
  6. Then, enter the email address and select «Confirm».

The Pycca Mobile App

Aside from getting into the tech realm with a website, Pycca created a mobile app with the objective that its clients can be comfortable when making their purchases or verifying the Pycca Account Status. This application is totally free when downloaded by the App Store and Google Play Store.

To proceed to download this App, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Open the store Mobile phone app, App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.
  • Find the application of Pycca.
  • When you find it, click on the «Download» option.
  • Once the process is complete, the application will begin to download.

Pycca benefits

By becoming a customer of the Pycca Direct Credit Service, you also have the possibility of belonging to the Pycca Membership Benefits Club. This is a service that offers access to privileged prices and discounts in some stores in the country.

Among the benefits that Pycca provides, are those that are detailed below:

  1. 10% discount in the first consumption to be done.
  2. 20% discount on consumptions made in the customer’s birthday month.
  3. 20% discount on the first anniversary with the Pycca Club.
  4. Provides 24 deferred installments on consumption.

What is Pycca?

Pycca is a network of warehouses for the marketing of household products. Its mission is to offer a pleasant shopping experience, attached to the avant-garde value, service and commitment. In other words, it regularly strives to provide articles that contribute to improving the quality of life of its users.

Additionally, it is a company that bets on the comfort of its customers, for which it provides different means of attention and communication, so that its users have information about their accounts. In such a way that they have a mobile application, an online system and good customer service.

Since you know the methods of How to Pay Pycca, you should take advantage of them according to your needs and comfort. Pycca is a company that strives so that its users, in addition to acquiring excellent quality products, also benefit from its services.

Just by following the instructions that were named above, it is enough to optimally make the payment of your Pycca Account Statement.


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