How to Pay the American Visa: Costs, Requirements and MORE

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You need to know that Ecuador is not part of the group of countries exempt from visas to enter the United States. So if you want to travel there you must apply for a B1 / B2 visa to enter the United States. Here we will tell you what you should do to Pay the American Visa.

Keep reading, you will see that what we have to say will help you.

Pay the American Visa: Processing Costs

It is important that, first of all, you know well what is the procedure you need to do. That is why we tell you two key differences: the B1 visa is useful if you are going on a business plan, while if you want to go on tourism, you must get the / B2 visa.

What we recommend is that you manage a B1 / B2 visa so that you can have both options, since they are not necessarily exclusive. You can take advantage of the benefits of having this breadth of purpose.

You need to have clarity of how much does it cost you applying for a US B1 / B2 visa as citizens of Ecuador. This will also depend on how quickly you want to have your visa. Here we tell you the three options with which you have to pay the American visa:

  • The quick process where you can complete the procedure in 24 hours and costs you USD 205.
  • The super fast alternative, with which you will have your visa in 18 hours, you will receive the confirmation by email and it will cost you USD 225.
  • The standard one that lasts 72 hours and you will have to pay USD 175.

Now too take into account the following information about the circumstances and particular conditions of your case:

  • If you are going to process a first passport as an adult (16 years or older) or if you need to replace a lost or stolen one, you will have to pay $ 145.00.
  • In the case of a minor passport (under 16 years old), it will cost you $ 115.00.
  • If you have to renew your adult passport, you will have to have $ 110.00.
  • When you need an adult passport card, you will pay $ 30.00.
  • In the opportunity that you must obtain a passport card for minors, your amount will be $ 15.00.

You must be aware that even when you have your visa up to date, when you enter the country of destination an immigration officer will make an inspection that will condition your trip, which may result in your visa being revoked.

Pay the American Visa: Requirements

As we already told you before, it is important that you know that if you consider making a trip to the United States, you need to review the types of visa available and decide which is the one that corresponds depending on your purposes.

In general, we tell you that the most common to process in Ecuador is the American tourist visa as it has been the most appropriate and the most common when it comes to processing applications by consular officials.

In the basic information you must register a valid email. This is key, because remember that this will be the way you will receive the confirmation of your request. You must be clear in indicating the dates of your trip and a phone number.

If this is your case, you must complete the details of each of the people for whom you want to apply for the visa (personal data and passport information, so make sure you have your passport in hand when starting the process).

Remember: It is in this step where you must choose the time in which you want your visa to be processed. We already told you before: it oscillates in opportunities that go from 72, 24 and 18 hours.

When you get to the second step, which refers to the payment, you must complete the corresponding data. accepts credit card, debit card and PayPal payments. And in the last step, you will only have to upload the documentation that has been requested (for example, digital photography).

As long as you organize everything in advance, the requirements will not be complicated at all. As an Ecuadorian citizen you must have the following documentation:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your stay in the United States.
  • Provide a recent digital photo with a white background.
  • Leave an active email, as this will be the way in which they will send you the confirmation page that you will have to print for your interview at the embassy.
  • Be clear about the payment methods, which can be credit card, debit card or through PayPal account.
  • You must have your travel itinerary. We advise you to have it already planned.
  • It is important that you have the data of your previous trips in order.
  • Prepare everything you need and anticipate that, depending on the reasons for your trip, you may be asked for additional information such as information about your current job or place of study.

When you have all the above ready, complete the form DS-160 from Ecuador online correctly.

Consider that to apply for the American visa in the city where you are, the website of the Embassy is the only official way to request the procedure.

It is important that when you present all documents, from personal to financial (bank account statements or employment certificates), you are aware of the importance of proving your family, social and work ties in your country sufficiently so that the consular agent sees that you do not intend to travel to the United States to stay and reside.

You can request an extension of the validity of the Visa payment. It is key that you know that the United States Department of State is aware that all those who have processed the visa, have already paid the fee and are still waiting to schedule their appointment.

What we tell you is that you be aware of the page of the embassy or consulate to obtain information on the restoration of routine visa operations. To obtain the latest information from the United States Department of State on visa issues and travel to the United States.

Form DS-160

Within the efforts made by the Department of State to simplify visa procedures through technology, you have available the “smart” electronic form DS-160. Keep in mind that in this document you will be able to integrate in a single document the forms that you previously had to fill out and present printed at the interview.

You must apply for the visa at the US Embassy in Ecuador (Quito and Guayaquil), fill out Form DS-160, make an appointment and attend the interview.

Make sure you have your current and previous passports, your previous visas, your employment and / or studies information (dates, addresses, etc.) and complete information about your destination in the US, before you start filling out the form.

You must review and edit the information before completing the form. It is important that you know that you must fill out the form in English. You are solely responsible for the information you provide in the form. You just have to print the confirmation sheet.

Here we leave you in a simple and fast way the steps you must follow to apply for the VISA B1 / B2:

  • Enter the form.
  • Select the language and then the country.
  • Type the code.
  • Click on star an application.
  • Copy the identification code that appears on the page, so you can log in again and complete the form.
  • You must also enter a security question.
  • Start filling out the form with the requested data, with real and reliable information.

Finally, you must print the DS 160 form and request your appointment at the embassy online. It is vital that you know that the information you record will be verified in the interview. So Make sure of everything, because any false or doubtful information will make you deny your visa.

Paying the American Visa: Steps to Renewal

If you need to make a renewal of your visa, enter the United States Government portal, select continue, enter your username and password and start following these steps:

  • Register all the information that they are requesting and the confirmation number DS-160 that you received by email.
  • Submit your 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2 inch) color photograph, the most recent passport with the visa, the confirmation page of the DS-160 form and the appointment scheduling portal.
  • Provide the address where you want to receive the documents from the Consular Section.
  • Cancel the non-immigrant visa application fee for $ 160, using the payment channels enabled.
  • In order for you to opt for the interview exemption, you must schedule an appointment and be accurate in your answers under the qualification criteria.
  • If you are in Guayaquil, you will receive a prior appointment with date and time at the Document Service Center, in Torres del Norte. While there they will receive the renewal application with the passport and other documents that are indicated. Go prepared.
  • If you are in Quito, you only have to send your documentation to the embassy using the courier.

What are Visa Interviews like?

Once you have completed the steps of the application process and carried out everything necessary to Pay American Visa VisaGet ready to close the process and wait for the best news.

Of course, you must have sent the electronic form DS-260, the financial guarantee document (Affidavit of Support) and all supporting documents to the National Visa Center (NVC). After that, they will review your file to verify that it is complete.

You must wait for your case to be qualified for an interview, the NVC together with the General Consulate in Guayaquil will schedule your interview appointment for you. At the end of your interview, the consular officer will inform you if your visa was approved or denied.


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