How to Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card: App, Other Banks and MORE

To know How to Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card It will allow you to do more ahead intuitively. Remember that making your payments correctly and, in addition, doing it on the indicated date, will guarantee that you maintain a good credit history with your bank. This is certainly vital for any cardholder, for multiple reasons.

For this reason, we have brought this article especially for you. Today we will explain how you can pay, the steps you must follow to do it, and how to do it from the App or from another bank. In addition, we will tell you about the additional benefits of paying your card. Keep reading!

How can the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card be paid?

There are multiple Options to Pay the Bank’s Credit Card Bogota Whether you do it online or in person, it is a very simple procedure to do and with many advantages that we will mention much later.

For now, you only have the decision to choose which method is easiest and safest for you to follow. We will also explain each of these to you, so that you can choose the best option for you.

Currently, you can pay your credit card in different ways, these being:

Pay on line.

You can pay your card using the Virtual Banking. You just have to follow a series of simple steps and you only need to have enough amount in your debit account to make the payment online.

It is a very dynamic route and widely used at a general level.

Bank correspondents.

In this case, you only need to go to the headquarters of your choice and make the payment at the cash register. Remember to bring the bank statement (account statement) or obligation code / number. Once there, you just have to indicate that you want to cancel your credit card debt and submit the requirements.

The correspondents that you can use are the following:

Carulla, Surtimax, Superinter
Copidrogas Drugstores
Win Win
Jer SA
All Express Payment


It is also a fairly short route. You just have to go to a bank teller and insert your card. We will explain this to you in the next section.

In the end you get an invoice for the canceled amount, which you should keep just in case. There are thousands of ATMs throughout the country, making it a very useful option.

Bancamóvil Banco de Bogotá.

We are talking about the application that you can download on your cell phone to make the payment. We will explain step by step how to do this in the corresponding section. For now, you should know that this is a very viable option if you have a smartphone. You can make the payment in a matter of seconds.


Another alternative that you can use is the Customer Service Line of the Bank of Bogotá. You just have to find the assigned Servilínea number in your area and call. Then you must proceed to select option 1 (Transactions) and answer the security questions.

If you pass this filter, then you will have to dial 2 to make the payment, select the credit card and follow the instructions that the automatic system will give you.

You can consult these lines, both national and international, in the following table.

Bogota 382 00 00
Barranquilla 350 43 00
Bucaramanga 652 55 00
Cali 898 00 77
Medellin 576 43 30
Nacional level 018000 518 877

Payment from another bank.

Finally, you can also pay your Banco de Bogotá credit card debt from another bank. We’ll talk more about this later as well, so don’t worry.

Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card

In this section we will explain How to Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card in three modalities: online, by ATM or by cash machine. All three are extremely simple to carry out, so it shouldn’t be a problem that you understand them.

Pay online

To make the payment online, all you have to do is:

  • To begin, you must enter the official web portal of the Bank of Bogota.
  • Locate the Personal Banking> Banking Products section, which is on the right side of the page.
  • There you must select your identity document, debit card key number and the last four digits that appear on it. Then you just have to click on Enter Safe.
  • You will enter the Personal Banking system, from which many procedures can be done. You have to locate the menu Transactions and click Bank Obligations / Payments.
  • Select the card, check the amount owed, and then click Pay.
  • Finally, you only have to confirm the payment for it to be made. Save the payment receipt that will appear on the screen and voila!

If you wish to enter the system with a Secure Password, you have the option to do so. You just have to look for the corresponding option below the Secure Enter button and click it. Likewise, if you want to verify the payment receipt, you just have to go to the Payments option, which is found in the same menu that we mentioned before.


Excellent alternative if you only have cash. What you should do is the following:

  • Approach a multifunctional cashier from the Grupo Aval network.
  • Select the option Operations without Cards> Banco de Bogotá.
  • Then press the option Product Payment and then Credit card.
  • Proceed to enter the card number, the phone number and the amount to pay. This must be exact and only a maximum of 50 tickets can be entered per transaction.
  • Check that the amount is correct and click on Accept.
  • Finally, remove the invoice.


  • Likewise, go to a Grupo Aval cashier.
  • Choose your transaction: Other transactions.
  • Proceed to select the option Payment of obligations Guarantee > Bank of Bogotá.
  • Click on Credit card.
  • Enter the number of this and then enter the amount to pay.
  • To finish, select the type of account, enter the ATM password and voila!
  • Don’t forget to withdraw your card when you finish.

By following these simple payments you will be able to cancel your debt with the bank in the most efficient way.

Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card Using the App

On the other hand, you can also use the App to Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card. This means that you can cancel your debt from your phone, from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. You just have to religiously follow the steps that we will indicate below.

  • To begin, you must download the application. On your phone, go to the PlayStore, search Banco de Bogotá BancaMóvil and download it.
  • When the download is finished, open the app and go to the option of Transactions. Do not forget to enter your personal information to be able to access the system.
  • Locate the option Payments once you authenticate. Next step, choose the card payment and the card account that you are going to pay.
  • Next, enter the amount you are going to pay. This can be the minimum, the total or one that you select.
  • Finally, check the data and cancel your debts. If you want to receive a receipt you must have your email registered.
  • As a result of the process, you will have paid the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to make the payment using this route. Also, once you get used to it, you will do it intuitively.

Pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card from Another Bank

I know You can pay the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card from another bank either using Avalpay Center, using the ATMs of the Aval network or in the offices of the banks that make up this network. For the latter two, the process is the same as we explained before, so we will only explain the steps you must follow to pay from Avalpay.

  • First, you must pay with a member bank of the Red Aval. These are Banco de Occidente, Popular and AV Villas.
  • Then you must enter Avalpay Center.
  • In the space of Search for Payment, enter Bank of Bogota and click on the magnifying glass.
  • A list of results will appear. Select the Credit Card Payment Visa / Mastercard > Pay.
  • Enter your payment information: credit card number and the identity document you select. Then enter the amount to pay.
  • Please confirm that the information you entered is correct.
  • Finally, pay and keep the voucher.
  • As a result of the process, you will have paid your credit card.

You already have all the available ways to pay. So do not expect more. Do it!

Benefits of Paying the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card

In closing, let us briefly mention the Benefits of Paying the Credit Card. You may not understand very well the importance of keeping up with your debts, so we will tell you concisely why you should pay on time.

  • You can have a good credit history. This is especially important when you want to apply for another credit of greater weight such as a mortgage. Your history of defaults will determine how risky it is to grant you a loan, so you should try to pay on time.
  • You avoid accrue interest. If you do not pay, the delinquent interest will accumulate and when you go to do it you will have to pay a larger amount, which reduces the benefit of having a credit card in terms of personal finances.
  • You will have it in cases of emergency. If you need the credit for an emergency and your card is blocked due to non-payment, you will not be able to use it. This means that you will not have this means of payment to solve this situation. Therefore, cancel your debt.
  • Finally, you will not have anyone bothering you to pay. You will be calm or calm.

For all this and much more you must pay your credit card. This is a responsibility that you have with the bank.

What is Banco de Bogotá?

The Bank of Bogota is a financial institution that offers products of this nature. We refer to cards, credits, accounts and other financial products. It is part of Grupo Aval, together with Banco de Occidente, Banco Popular and Banco AV Villas.

This entity is private and among its services it offers a consumer credit for its debit card holders. This credit is used by means of a card and the amount owed must be paid on a monthly basis to avoid the consequences of non-payment.

Now know all the alternatives you have to pay your card. Look no more excuses! Keep in mind the benefits of being up to date with your payments and do it.

Until next time!


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