How to Pay the CAE: Requirements, Banks and MORE

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Chile is a country that helps all citizens who want to study. The CAE is a system that grants credits to all those students who wish to study at a higher level. You just have to register and know How to pay the CAE.

If you applied for the CAE credit you should consider How to pay the CAEIn this article, you will learn more about it. The financing of educational credits by CAE helps all those people to develop professionally, you just have to comply and cancel the installments in a timely manner. What are you waiting for, fill all the requirements and take advantage of the credit!

Keep reading and you will learn more about how you can do it!

How can you pay the CAE?

It is very easy and simple how you can pay without falling into default on FALLS OFF, here we inform you:

  • Enter the official website of the preferred bank
  • Place the RUT account.
  • Select the means of payment, Electronic Checkbook or Bank Checking Account.
  • If for some reason you do not have these products in the bank, you can ask another trusted person to make the transfer.
  • AND Ready!

Also, you should take into account the following:

State Guaranteed Credit

  • In month 19, counted from the date of graduation (registered by the study organization in the CAE Framework).
  • Completed two consecutive years without studying. Due to this situation, school dropout is manifested and the obligation is collected in the long stretch of November of the second year without educated enlistment.
  • You must pay your Credit directly to the bank that granted you the assets. Remember that, as of February 2020, you can pay your CAE charge until the tenth of each month, at 2:00 p.m.
  • If you make the payment, you will not lose the benefits of the fee (rate reduced to 2% and fee reduction to 10% of your income, if applicable).
  • In the event that the tenth is Saturday, Sunday or holiday, that date is extended until 2:00 pm on the corresponding business day.

Consider the attached payment terms for the CAE Credit:

  • Agreements for 2006: the loan consists of 240 installments (20 years) staggered in three tranches. This implies that when the collection of obligations begins, the main portions will be of less incentive than those that are towards the end of the table.
    • The design is that the portion weight is less critical to the debtor when entering the universe of work.
  • Agreements from 2007 to 2011: the credit has fixed and equivalent portions (without staggered portions), paying little attention to the fixed term (10, 15 or 20 years).
  • Agreements from 2012 onwards: the loan considers staggered portions in three tranches, for advances that have a delivery term of 10 years or less, and in four tranches, on account of advances of 15 and 20 years.

Students should consult the table of fees and the dates on which you will change the tranche, directly at the bank that allowed the financing and in the «My CAE Credit» part. It is vitally important to consecutively cancel the agreed payment to avoid arrears.

How to Pay the CAE: Requirements

Students who are interested in opting for the financing of instructional credits by CAE, request it through the Payment Commission. The prerequisites to fulfill this monetary commitment for academic purposes are the following:

  • Must be Chilean by birth.
  • In the event that you are a Foreigner, you must have a long-term residence in the nation.
  • Enter the page and apply.

In addition, you must register to learn at one of the Advanced Education Foundations that participate in the State Guaranteed Credits framework. Each establishment that enters the CAE understanding is listed on the official section page.

As long as you are granted a credit with a state guarantee or CAE, you can start studying undergraduate studies in institutions endorsed for it.These are the ones that are important for the Credit System for Higher Studies and you must make the payment.

Being a beneficiary of the Credit, you need to know the indicator of the expense that you must pay. To do this, you can use the test system accessible in the «My CAE Credit» segment of the official website of the web portal. The system will show you the charge in UF and the payment term of the obligation.

Pay the CAE: Available Banks

Now paying the CAE loan is easy and simple. Below we inform you of the banks available to carry out the banking operation:

Bank of Falabella

Right now the Falabella bank is one of the organizations that did not have the platform to receive the payment of the CAE loans. As of April it is extremely easy to do it and it is as follows:

  • Enter the official website.
  • Press the «PAY» button.
  • In the tab «Locator of records», compose CAE Banco Falabella.
  • At that time, enter the RUT and select the payment method.

Scotiabank Bank

It is a banking entity related to the CAE credit system, it is a bank through which you, if you have an account at this headquarters, can make the payment of your credit installments. You just need to do the following:

  • Enter the official page of the web portal.
  • Select the «PAY» button.
  • In the tab «Locator of records», write CAE Banco Scotiabank.
  • At that time, write the RUT and select your payment methods in installments.

State Bank of Chile

The state bank of Chile is one of the monetary elements related to the CAE credit system, through its foundation you can pay the installments of the State Guarantee Credit (CAE)

Credit payment can be made at the cashier before 2:00 p.m. on the due date or the next business day at any of the payment locations. Likewise, you can cancel the installments in Caja Vecina depending on the business where you are.

To make the payment, you must show the RUT of the Credit Holder and choose the activity number or Credit Number that you want to pay. The installment payment is made with real money or is charged to an installment payment method with RUT registration, check book and records.

Santander Bank

Like the rest of the online payment banking entities, Banco Santander enhances the alternative by entering the page:

  • Enter the official page of the web portal.
  • Press the option that appears in the «PAY» system.
  • And I continued to enhance what the page asks of you.
  • Finally, keep your payment receipt for your records.

Arrears in Paying the CAE

It implies that if the individual does not pay the bank for this credit, the state will respond in due order regarding the amount owed and pay what is owed. It is important to note that the bank lends the cash since it knows that in the event that it is not paid, it will be the State who performs it.

Next, the payment terms are similar to those of any collection process, among them we have:

  • Extrajudicial collection (without demand) In the event that you stop paying and approximately 21 days pass, the bank will begin to make phone calls and send you letters to pay the obligation.
  • Judicial collection (with demand): In the event that 90 additional days (3 months) have passed after the last 21 days, at that time the bank will not call you by phone, it will ask you to pay.
  • When it is demanded, the inconveniences begin (we will relieve it in the next point).

How to Eliminate CAE Debts?

The debts of FALLS OFF They are eliminated by paying the installments a day, another way is that the bank decides not to sue you, after five years that debt will disappear and you will not have to pay anything. You can also apply the bankruptcy law so that the debt is paid.

That would be the options for other credits, but in the case of the CAE it is different for the debt to disappear. The falls works like any other type of debt, one of the options given as the bankruptcy law can be applied to them, although it does not always work.

Citizens who do not pay the loan to CAE, a collection process is applied by the bank, even though the state has already paid the institution. It is important to highlight that the person will be blacklisted, as a high-risk client for the banking.

What is the CAE?

The CAE or Comparable Annual Charge is a framework that grants credits to finance advanced education in Chile. Credits may vary in amounts and accessibility is applied through the applications that are made on their official pages.

Financing costs are low and you can drop your credits into regularly scheduled payments on a satisfactory time frame. What is important is to cancel the credit in a timely manner, it depends on this to re-opt for other study credits.

Thank you for reading us, we hope it has been helpful!


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