How to Pay the Car License: Means, Calculation and MORE

You want to know How to pay the car license? Continue reading what we have for you through this article, so that you can carry out this process as well as possible.

You will find what a car patent is, the channels to pay for it, how to calculate the fee you must pay for the patent. Likewise, what is the patent for, how long does it take to deliver the patent, what happens when it is a 0 km car, and additional information of interest.

Means to Pay the Car License

There are some options for How to pay the car license in Argentina. These are named below:

  • Payments without Invoice: Through this channel, real estate, automotive type payments, sports boats, in the available NET Province, where the physical ticket is not required, only with the starting number, boat or patent.
  • By Arba Payments: There is the possibility of paying the automotive tariff and also the real estate with Visa credit and debit card, through the services available. You should first check with the bank that issues the updated rates.
  • In Banks: Among those enabled are Red Banelco, Banco Ciudad, payment by ATM, Cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Cabal, Red Link, telephone payment with card, Bank province, the Province Agencies NET. Consult beforehand with the bank that issues the updated rates 0800-321- ARBA (2722).
  • Through Online Payments:,,,
  • By Automatic debit: With this service you can make real estate and automotive payments.

Calculation of the Fee to Pay the Car License

Already talked about How to pay the car licenseHowever, many wonder how much is the amount they should pay for it. Said amount is a fee that is imposed for the location of a vehicle in a specific province, forcing the payment each year of a tax which is divided into six (6) installments every two (2) months:

  1. The criterion is the same throughout the territory except in the Province of Buenos Aires, and it is used as a basis for calculating the amount of the vehicle.
  2. The calculation is updated every year, and depends on the qualities of the vehicle and for the amount that is fixed to each car.

What are the Cars that do not have to pay Patent?

To know the amount that must be paid for a car patent, it is essential to know the year of manufacture. This determines whether a vehicle for tax or not. In 2015, the total exception of this tariff was set for all those cars that are over 25 years old.

In other words, those cars whose production date is less than or equal to 1995 are excluded (here are used cars to transport people with disabilities). If any car is in the degree of those who have to cancel this tax, it should be known that there are different ranges that change according to the amount of the car.

How is the Patent calculated?

Taking the tax amount of the car, starting from the table of the National Directorate of Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRPA), it is pending to consult what rate will be applied. The updated rates, according to the Tariff Law of the City of Buenos Aires in Article 23, Annex I, are detailed below:

  • When the tax valuation is less than or equal to $ 580,000 pesos, the respective aliquot is 3.20%.
  • If the tax calculation is higher than $ 580,000 and up to $ 800,000 pesos, the rate is 4%.
  • When the tax assessment is greater than $ 800,000 and up to $ 1,190,000 pesos, the aliquot is $ 4.50%.
  • If the tax assessment is higher than $ 1,190,000 pesos, the rate is 5%.

For example, a Chevrolet Classic LS PACK 1.4N car, 4 Door Sedan year 2016, has a tax amount of $ 263,400 pesos. This amount is in the first degree of the rate, and is 3.20% (the amount of the rate is each year not per installment).

The respective calculation is made: 263,400 x 0.032 = 8429. In other words, the value each year of the patent for said car is $ 8,429 pesos. To conclude, by six (6) installments every two (2) months, 8,429 / 6 = 1,405 is divided. In such a way that, each installment has an amount of $ 1,405 pesos.

What is needed to calculate the patent in the Province of Buenos Aires?

When calculating the patent, the owner has to verify the valuation of the car in the official table of the DNRPA. Having the amount, the next step is to acquire the tax base. Below are the conditions to perform the patent calculation:

  1. In used cars, the proportion of 0.95 is used to the tax amount to set the tax base.
  2. New cars are taxed by the fixed valuation (without using a coefficient).

With the amount of the calculation obtained using the coefficient or not (according to whether it is or km or used), you define what level the car is located with the table reflected. Afterwards, the respective tax base is subtracted from that valuation at a lower level.

The aliquot with the respective percentage according to the level is used to that amount, and the fixed fee is added. The amount acquired will be the annual value. The annual amount is divided by 5 and the result is what the person must pay for each installment.

Below we proceed to calculate the patent with the example set out in the previous point. The calculation is for a Chevrolet Classic LS PACK 1.4N, 4 Door Sedan year 2016, and its tax amount is $ 263,400 pesos. This through the new Buenos Aires regulations:

  • To this car which is not or km, the coefficient of 0.95 is applied. Logically the result is $ 250,230 pesos, which is the tax base.
  • After having said base ($ 250,230 pesos), the highest value of the previous level is subtracted, where the result is $ 230 pesos.
  • When this amount is reached, the aliquot corresponding to the minimum limit residue is used. In this case the aliquot is 6.26%.
  • Therefore, 6.26% of 230 is 14. To that amount is added the fixed fee, which is $ 11,691 pesos, which gives a total of $ 11,705 pesos to be paid annually. That figure divided by five (5), is what must be paid every two (2) months, that is, approximately $ 2,341 pesos.

What is the purpose of paying the license of the car?

Annually, almost 1,500,000 Argentine citizens who own cars attend any registry to apply for a new car patent or transfer a used one. The amount of this management contains some incognito payments that are used to cover activities of the Ministry of Justice.

The expenses can be manufacturing courts and prisons, super-salaries for most of the portfolio workers and the entire data of almost half of the 45 experts who work in the Anti-Corruption Office. Patent plates are expensive, in addition to the paperwork, and they are also old so their verification is difficult.

In the case of a new car, you must pay a tax, obtain some forms, certify the signature in front of notaries, and register the car with the Revenue Directorate. Also, process the green card and obtain a set of plates. The amount of patenting one or km of $ 15,000 pesos It is approximately $ 150 pesos.

The reason why the patent is so expensive is because this management is directed by Acara, a corporate body which brings together 90% of car dealers. It is an institution that serves as a collaborating entity of the Ministry of Justice.

What is collected through the concessionaires is not reflected in the national budget. They are the boxes that are not examined by the State inspection bodies and that serve to cancel the salaries of citizens who work for the State, but who contribute as independent persons subject to contracts with collaborating organizations.

Through this process many workers of the Ministry of Justice, integrating half of the 45 workers from the Anti-Corruption Office, they receive their salary directly from Acara.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Patent?

File a Car Patent takes approximately five (5) years. On the other hand, the concession of this lasts about five (5) years as well, and in the case of a concession of a utility model it takes about three (3) years on average.

Paying the Car Patent: What happens if it is a 0km?

There is another constant question on the part of the people who are preparing to carry out the process of How to pay the car license. This is, about the payment of the Patent when it comes to a car or km, since there are other expenses that must be paid.

As a first point, the amount of the patent must be known, which is 1.5% of the amount of the car that has just been purchased. However, this depends on the valuation list of the National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry.

It should also be taken into consideration that, if the car that was obtained is imported the amount increases to 2% of the respective valuation. However, in both conditions the least that you have to pay is around $ 6,625 and $ 8,835 pesos, that is the proportion more or less of the budget.

The aforementioned amounts do not include documentation, paperwork, management and everything related, which is very expensive. This is because it is the acquisition of a vehicle and also the patent process.

What is a Car Patent?

The Patent of a Car, refers to car license plates, which authorize distinguishing both motorcycles and cars and also other motorized vehicles. Currently, this distinction mechanism is made up of numbers and letters, and between them there are a total of seven (7) characters.

It’s important to know How to pay the car license, since all vehicles in Argentina must have their respective identification. This helps the owner of the vehicle have legal certainty about it and thus prevent possible illegal situations.

The use of the patent is mandatory, since without it no vehicle can circulate in Argentine territory. Good luck with your procedure!

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