How to Pay the Duplicate Cedula: Methods, Requirements and MORE

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Do you want to know what to do and how Pay the Duplicate of the Cédula? Well, keep reading us.

We all know that the citizenship card is the document that identifies us as a national of a country. Losing her is quite an inconvenience. Luckily we have the possibility of requesting a duplicate.

Methods to Pay the Duplicate ID

In order for you to have a duplicate of your identity card, it is essential that you comply with some requirements, procedures and deadlines. Here we will help you to know everything you need to get it.

Currently there are three ways to request and pay a duplicate of the ID:

The first modality that we present to you is the Online processing with electronic payment (PSE). You can carry out the procedure online from the comfort and security of your home by entering the Entity’s website

Of course, you must enable your bank account to make online payments and have already had your first-time citizenship yellow with last-generation holograms.

Then you must go to the selected Registrar to claim your document. Your replica of the last document issued will be issued, between 15 and 30 business days, depending on the place of shipment.

The other way you have is with a Face-to-face processing. You only need an appointment and present the original proof of payment. A replica of the last document issued to the holder will be issued, in a term that ranges between 15 and 30 business days, depending on the place of shipment.

And finally, the third option you have is the Face-to-face procedure with data capture mode. This procedure is carried out with complete data capture. You must go to any Registrar or Consulate, upon request for an appointment in cases where it is required.

IMPORTANT: We want you to know that in the case of care for people with disabilities you should go to SuperCADE, Calle 13 in the OPADI office.

After you comply with the required procedures, you will immediately receive a password as proof that your document is in process. You will be able to obtain your duplicate of the Citizenship Card between 3 to 6 months.

Requirements to Process and Pay the Duplicate Certificate

Now it is up to us to tell you what Requirements you must meet for you to manage and pay the duplicate of your ID. You can do it either because it has been lost, stolen or because your document is in poor condition or deteriorated.

Meet these requirements as comprehensively as you can. Review them and organize yourself to be successful in this process:

  • You must have your yellow first-time citizenship card with last-generation holograms.
  • You need to confirm the HR and your blood group.
  • You have to go to the Registrar with proof of payment and tell them your document number, basic and contact information and place of delivery of the document.
  • After 24 hours of your attention, you will receive in your email the proof of document in process (password) with QR code.
  • If you require a duplicate of your citizenship card to complete the passport process: you must inform the official who will assist you.
  • the process is carried out in the appropriate way to your need.

Once you meet these requirements to get your duplicate credential or citizenship card, you can pay through the methods that we explained before.

If you do not remove the duplicate of your identity card in the established time, they will file it in the Registrar’s Office and you will have one year to search for it in the agency. If you are still not looking for it, you must make the request again.

This is not necessary, do not let your time pass. You have the necessary means to do this process quickly and comfortably. What’s more, You can do yourself the follow-up of how the duplicate management is going by entering the link Status of Procedure.

DO NOT STOP READING. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Registrar’s Office has taken temporary special measures and there is no face-to-face service. You will have to request and cancel the duplicate of your ID through the PSE system or web system with electronic payment.

Valid Fees to Pay the Duplicate of the Cédula

In this section we will tell you what they are current rates for services of the National Registry of Civil Status, which you must cancel through the affiliated collecting entities that we are going to indicate.

We recommend that you verify the care modality of each entity, at this time of the special biosafety measures due to the pandemic.

  • BANCO POPULAR, through Account No. 220-012-11008-6, in the name of OPERATORS OF POSTAL PAYMENT SERVICES – OSPP.
  • EFECTY National Coverage with the Agreement Number: 110968.

Now, in what follows we inform you of the rates for duplicate service of the Cédula (due to loss or deterioration) of the National Registry of Civil Status, established by Resolution No. 1204 of February 5, 2020, which began to govern as of March 1, 2020:

  • if you are in Colombia you must pay $ 46,050, and
  • if you are located abroad you must pay US $ 46.05

NOTE: If you carried out this procedure before March 1, 2020, the rates established in Resolution No. 315 of January 18, 2019, valid until February 29, 2020, will be applied to you.

Keep in mind that, if you did it after March 1 and your payment does not correspond to the new rate, you must cancel the respective surplus and submit the two payment appropriations at the time of management.

Where can I pay?

Once you make the payment of the rights of the procedure for duplicate of citizenship card with the cost of $ 46,050 in the following means of payment:

  • Banco Popular to the account number: 220-012-11008-6
  • Efecty And Dimonix
  • 4-72
  • Supergiros SA
  • Matrix Giros Y Servicios SAS

Then, request your appointment on the website of the National Registry of Civil Status of Colombia, in the section on scheduling appointments, civil registration and identification procedures and review the Registrars that require appointment scheduling for any of the Auxiliary Registrations.

If the Sumapaz Auxiliary Registrar’s Office corresponds to you, you do not require the appointment.

Here we leave you the address and business hours: Address: Service Center (Santa Rosa- Nazareth) corregimiento. Telephone: 3102032981. Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

What is the Registrar’s Office?

It is important that you know that the National Civil Registry Office is an institution of the Colombian State, which is in charge of the administration of the national civil registry, and of the organization and convocation of elections under the disposition and supervision of the National Electoral Council.

Among its functions are those of attending to the civil registration policies in Colombia, as well as the identification and protection of your exercise and right to vote. As well as organizing the civil and identification registry of people and others that the law determines.

It is also the entity that runs the birth registration service in clinics and hospitals nationwide and issues all copies of the civil registration of the people who request it. So this organism is very important to you.

You should know that it is also the institution that is in charge of the policies and processes of adoption and certification in Colombia and abroad, of the reliable record of all those events, facts or acts prone to protocolization.

What is the Duplicate of the Cédula?

For you to consider how important it is to achieve success and without discomfort Pay the Duplicate CertificateWe are telling you that as a Colombian natural person by birth or adoption, you must have had your citizenship card.

If it happened that it was stolen, lost or damaged, and even if you live abroad, you have the possibility and the right to request a duplicate of it.

You can manage it either at the Registrar’s Office if you live in Colombia, or at a Colombian Consulate if you reside abroad.


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