How to Pay the Hites Card: Via Web, In Person and MORE

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How to pay the Hites Card? It is very simple, certain rules must be met to enjoy these benefits. Many users tend to get complicated, but in this article we mention some of the processes that must be fulfilled.

Each one of the steps is very strict, so as not to have inconveniences, it is advisable to read carefully so there is no problem.

Pay the Hites Card Via Web

If you want to carry out the management via the web, it is very simple:

  • Must be have internet access to enter the platform.
  • In the link of Easy Pay can be done more quick and easy.
  • In this way, the status, balance and other data will be reviewed of the account that must be verified by the user.
  • It is important to remember all the information on the card to have a better rune platform experience

Pay the Hites Card in Person

There is a way not to do it within a website, since it may happen that the person does not have access to the internet. This tends to complicate many things and we must go to a closer establishment.

For this, a series of steps must be followed:

  • You can go to one of the Hites stores, CajaVecina branches of Banco Estado, Unimarc Supermarkets, Mayorista 10 and Ok Marquet through the Unired system and also in Sencillito and Multicaja agencies.
  • We will enter our data in a simple way and we will put the amount to pay and go.

Usually this type of face-to-face procedures can generate certain hours and long lines during the procedure. But, in the same way, it is a function that all citizens should perform for any inconvenience within the platform.

Pay the Hites Card: Requirements to Apply

To request this type of procedure, you must comply with a series of guidelines that are important to comply with, among them are:

  • Chilean nationality or foreigner with residence in the country
  • Minimum age from 21 years and maximum 77 years
  • Include identity card current and unblocked
  • Do not present current delinquency, or have a current doubt in Hites Cards
  • Income that is not less than:
    • Minimum current salary for independent workers
    • $ 200,000 for independent accredited through Annual Income Tax return
  • The card must be credited, together with the account statement of the commercial house or bank credit card with a quota of no less than $ 100,000 must be up to date and without refining product
  • Address: particular and work that they are verifiable
  • Ppresent at least two phones that are verifiable.

If you want to hire this type of card, it is not necessary to take out insurance. All insurance is marketed is by volunteering.

When thinking about these cards, we must take account statements and how they can be handled, we recommend some points that you can get it.

  • Online, by entering the account on the Hites website, through Webpay, with any bank card, including the account RUT of the State Bank.
  • Self-service terminals HITHESMATIC, are located in some branches of Hites
  • Pthe Commercial Relations platforms, located in the Hites branches
  • By calling Hites customer service
  • You can subscribe the sending of the account statement by email on a monthly basis.

How to request it?

  • To request this type of card and enjoy all its services, we must take into account these 3 points:
  • Present the valid identity card (foreigners with temporary visa can apply this product)
  • The required age range is from 21 to 77 years old at the time of applying for the card.
  • Adding the AFP Quotes, at the time of requesting a pre-evaluation request an authorization and fingerprint to consult the information in the system. It can be recommended to wait unless you have a quote reflected in the system.

In the event of theft, loss, theft, robbery or falsification of the Hites card, it has 3 channel arrangement to lock it:

  • Hites Stores: You can block the hite card in any of the country’s stores by going to the Commercial Relations department and asking the executive for the Hites card block by entering the number of RUT and password, selected the Menu «Security», we will find the option of «Card Blocking”. Unlike the previous channel, the portal available 24 hours.
  • Telephone Blocking: Finally, the card blocking process can be done by calling the operators, available 24 hours: From landlines to 800 224 800. From cell phones to 22 675 6300

Pay the Hites Card: Benefits

On this card you can find a variety of features that you can enjoy while using it, and among them are:

  • Discounts on events and concerts exclusive using the Hites Card. In addition, by registering all your purchases, associated businesses and cash advances, you can participate by double entry to different events.
  • Access the exclusive offer in the Hites stores in Chile and on their website.
  • Get the previews: from $ 5,000 to $ 600,000, from 3 to 24 months. That way you can have the money immediately in boxes at Hites stores or at Sencillitos points. You will be able to access cash advances 60 months after obtaining the card.
  • Access the wide variety of insurance or assistance with the card
  • Can be withdrawn up to 3 additional cards free of charge
  • The option of buy and pay up to 3 months after
  • With the hites card, it can be used in thousands of associated businesses, such as: supermarkets, health, perfumery, hardware and construction, restaurants, travel, footwear, opticians, online stores and recharges.

If the evaluation is positive and the card is not approved, the credit limit it depends on the number and the amount of the AFP listing, if you have a temporary visa, the card limit is smaller when compared to someone from abroad or from Chile.

What is it?

The Hites Card is the first credit card that many foreigners and Chileans access. Most people who have this type of card offer it to them after they have made a purchase in the store dictating the RUT in the box.

It should be noted that the use of these cards, for now, does not have an endorsement of visa or MasterCard, it means that it is not used anywhere. They are limited in associated businesses, such as:

  • Supermarkets: (Unimarc, Monserrat, Santa Isabel, Cugat, 10 Mayorista, Club Alvi Mayorista).
  • Restaurants: La Piccola Italia, KFC
  • Personal Care Stores: Maicao, PreUnic
  • Hardware and Electronics: ChileMat, ConstruMart, RedMTS, PuntoMaestro, Prat, Weiztler Hardware Stores, Higuerillas Hardware Stores
  • Discounts on Concerts and Events: PuntoTicket

It is important to rescue all the factors that have been mentioned before to make a successful purchase with the Hites card. In all financial products, it is important to be up-to-date with everything and use it correctly.

This is a card that a temporary visa can seldom be accessed, in the case of foreigners and without showing a very high salary. They can accept it in any supermarket, it can help if you are in trouble.

But, it is important to remember that, when using it with a responsible party, since, when we stop paying, we can face great negative consequences in the sChilean financial and commercial system.

To use it more intelligently it is better not to get into debt, this type of card It is recommended to use it to take advantage of those discounts that are necessary for the benefit of each user.

Much earlier, if it was paid before the billing date, it is usually the 20 or 25 every month. No administration costs are paid, so, for example, you can buy something on a date and pay for it later.

Several clients report that as of 2015 this type of form was applied for the use of the card, you have to pay if or if the cost of maintenance. So before you go crazy with a super offer you have to take this into account.

The costs in administration and interest, must be considered in the costs associated with the voluntarily contracted insurance, it is necessary to take into account that if you hire 3 and up to 4 insurance, you can pay more than $ 10,000 and for that concept.

Of addition an interest, the cost of administration and the value of the purchase, you can end up paying double for a product that can be paid in cash.


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