How to Pay the La Polar Card: Media, Application and MORE

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Surely you have the La Polar Card or are planning to apply, but for this it is very important to know How to pay the La Polar Card.

The La Polar Card is granted by the La Polar Group of Companies, it is a public limited company converted into a large chain of stores, and whose main field of action is Chile. The La Polar group has approximately, with more than 10,000 employees.

In this article we will tell you how to apply, what are the means to make the corresponding payment for the La Polar Card. Find out which are the affiliated businesses, likewise, where you can apply to be a beneficiary of the discounts.

Learn about the benefits of having the La Polar Card and the commissions that must be paid according to the corresponding use. So, read on and soak up the topic in everything that interests you. Take action now!

Means to Pay the La Polar Card

For the convenience of customers, there are different payment methods for the la Polar Card. Below are the current forms of payment:

  • The cardholder you can pay through the La Polar web portal with bank credit cards or those of Redcompra.
  • Likewise, you can make the payment of the La Polar card on Chilexpress where you can only do it in cash.
  • The payment or prepayment of the total debt and the easy payment (the payment and the rest in four installments), can be done exclusively at La Polar Stores. They are not available on the La Polar web portal or on Chilexpress.

You can also use these means of payment for inquiries and payments:

  • La Polar stores that are enabled.
  • Also, Servipag Offices.
  • In the same way, you can do it in the Sencillito Offices.

Pay the La Polar Card: Application

To apply for the Polar Card, you can do so virtually, for this, take into account the indications shown in this article.

  • You must initially comply with all Basic requirements to get the Polar Card:
    • It must be a Chilean citizen or foreigner with established residence.
    • Likewise, you must have an age between 25 and 70 years.
    • In addition, you must supply a number of landline of which it is the owner and a number of mobile phone.
    • Present the valid identity card.
    • Likewise, it is required that you have a confirmed home address.
    • Also, you must have a income that is creditable.
    • Please note that the applicant must not have negative business reports.
    • It is important to bear in mind that the granting of the Polar Card is at the discretion and credit evaluation.

  • Subsequently, upon verification of the basic requirements, you can enter the web portal to do it card application.
  • It is up to you now fill in the fields corresponding to:
    • Indicate the RUT.
    • Place the Names.
    • Indicate the Paternal Surname.
    • Also, indicate the Maternal Surname.
    • Likewise, indicate the address, region and commune.
    • Also, you must specify the cell phone and landline.
    • Likewise, you must indicate an address of email.
    • The Branch of attention.
  • To finish the process, you must click on Send and wait for the evaluation of the request and the positive response to be carried out.

Pay the La Polar Card: Associated Shops

The Merchants Associated with the Polar Card are those that participate in the promotions, discounts and use of the Polar Card. They are business allies.

The associated businesses are those mentioned below:

  • The Salcobrand Pharmacy Network.
  • OK Market supermarkets, Unimarc, 10 Wholesaler.
  • Fast food establishments: China Wok, KFC.
  • Cell phone charging: Entel, Movistar and Claro.
  • In the area of ​​Health: I-Med.
  • The hardware stores: Construmart, the chain of hardware stores Chilemat, Ferrexperto, ConstruMart.
  • The Gas: Lipigas

Commissions and Benefits of the La Polar Card

It is important that you know what the commissions are regarding the Polar Card. The commissions are as follows:

Interest rate for purchases up to 50 UF in La Polar stores.

  • For Quotas under 90 days: The monthly interest rate of 2.7125% and the annual interest rate of 32.55%.
  • For those Odds from 3 to 36: there is the monthly interest rate of 2.9017% and the annual interest rate of 34.82%.
  • In the case of Odds of 15: there is a monthly interest rate of 2.1200% and an annual interest rate of 325.44%.
  • In the case of Odds 25: in this case the monthly interest rate of 2.2400% and the annual interest rate of 26.88%.

Interest rates for cash advances between 0 and 50UF in La Polar and Banco Estado stores:

  • For Quotas from 4 to 35 quotas: The monthly interest rate of 2.9017% and the annual interest rate of 34.82%.
  • Likewise, for those 36 odds: The monthly interest rate of 2.9017% and the annual interest rate of 34.82%.

Interest rate for cash advances between 50 and 200UF in La Polar and Banco Estado stores:

  • For those Odds from 4 to 35: The monthly interest rate of 2.3183% and the annual interest rate of 27.82%.
  • Also, for a number of Odds up to 36: The monthly interest rate of 2.3183% and the annual interest rate of 27.82%.

Benefits of La Polar Cash Advances

The Cash Advance is a benefit where you can obtain cash using an available space on the La Polar Card.

La Polar Advances Benefits:

  • It is fast and without paperwork.
  • Also, you can get it in a Monday to Sunday hours at any of the La Polar Stores.
  • It is allowed to do withdrawals at any Banco Estado ATM, The 24 hours of the day.
  • Likewise, allows you to choose a deferred payment and postpone the first installment up to three months.
  • Likewise, it can be requested in La Polar stores from $ 15,000 to $ 1,500,000.
  • From four to 36 quotas.
  • Also, the requests are subject to the credit evaluation and the available amount that the client has at the time of making the request, and is exclusively for La Polar clients.

La Polar stores and affiliated stores are located throughout the country. This group of stores has grown a lot in recent years and covers different sectors, including the financial sector with the granting of the La Polar Card.

What is the La Polar Card?

The Polar Card is an instrument that allows access to the promotions and benefits of its stores. Discounts on first purchases, cash advance and also deferred payment.

In this section there are some recommendations for the proper use of the Polar Card:

  • When you make purchases throughout the Chilean territory, you must have evaluated and previously chosen the number of installments.
  • Notification is not required for travel, but if the card corresponds to years prior to 2018, you must make the plastic change to be able to make purchases abroad.
  • When traveling, always present the ID when you proceed to make purchases and use the card, as they usually request it.
  • It is recommended that the PINPASS and internet password of the La Polar Card don’t share them since they are personal. You must safeguard the information only for you.
  • It is suggested that you change the password periodically.
  • Must also make the monthly consultation of the Account Statement.

Benefits of the La Polar Card

First purchase benefit paying with your La Polar Card:

  • A 30% discount on clothing, footwear and sports. Only in own brands.
  • The 20% off on white textile.
  • He too 10% discount on telephony.
  • Likewise, 10% discount on appliances, techno, bedroom and
  • Likewise, 50% of the administrative expense in the first 3 months.
  • Take into account that all promotions apply to OFFER PRICE.

Exclusive Offers at La Polar Stores: you can access hundreds of Offers with significant discounts if you pay with the La Polar Card.

What’s more, can do shopping with your fingerprint in La Polar Stores it is safer, faster and easier.

It offers the Insurance Broker: rest assured, whatever you want is assured. All insurance is voluntary.


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