How to Pay the Penalty for Not Voting: Fee, Justifications and MORE

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If as a citizen you do not participate in any electoral suffrage, it is necessary that you proceed to Pay the Penalty for Not Voting. With which, indispensable, you must take into account the value rates that correspond to said fine. Likewise, this amount of capital will depend on the type of justification or not, depending on your case.

That is why these payment fines that you must cancel are raised by the National Electoral Justice in Argentina. Therefore, to avoid that you find yourself in situations of this type, we suggest that you be very careful with the electoral votes in the country. So, below we will tell you everything you need to know about this.

How Can You Pay the Penalty for Not Voting?

First of all, as a main aspect you must know how you can Pay the Penalty for Not Voting, in case you find yourself in this situation. For this, it is essential that you take into consideration each of the indications that we will point out in this section. Thus, the steps you must follow to carry out the payment correctly are the following:

  • First, you must bear in mind that this payment must be made through the services offered by the National bank
  • Then, when entering the website of the specific bank, you must click on the option By Banco Nación
  • Next, a new window will open and generate a payment receipt that you must to print

  • Immediately, once you have done this, you must go to the Banco Nación branch and pay at the corresponding window
  • Also, when you have already completed the payment, no you must carry out other procedures
  • Well, the National Bank itself will be in charge of informing the National Electoral Judicial Power

Finally, it is essential that you take into account the possibility that you keep a proof of payment. Because, in this way, you can guarantee your fine cancellation in case you require it. Likewise, the update of this payment can be viewed with your data in the portal of Consultation of the Offender Registry.

Fee to Pay the Penalty for Not Voting

In this sense, regarding the rate for Pay the Penalty for Not Voting corresponds to 50 pesos. Likewise, this will apply in the event that you do not present a valid justification before the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina. That is why, below we will indicate some of the justified reasons for not complying with this obligation:

  • The first justification corresponds to some condition or disease
  • Thus, in this case, it must be a kind of force majeure disease that is fully demonstrated, which prevented you from participating in the elections
  • Also, for this disease you must have a certificate
  • Which must be explained by a national public hospital, an official doctor at the provincial or municipal level, or a private doctor
  • On the other hand, if you couldn’t vote for absence remotely, you should take your ID cards to the nearest police station

  • Next, there you should ask them to provide written proof that you do not have the right to vote.
  • Also, if you have no reason to be absent in the last national elections, then the only option to get rid of the criminal record is to pay a fine.
  • However, by appearing on the offender lists, no You will be able to carry out other procedures at the moment before state, provincial and municipal entities
  • As well as you will not be able to carry out tasks related to public areas during the next three years, after the suffrage has been carried out.

Persons Exempt from Voting

  • Judges and their assistants directly involved with the voting activity on Election Day
  • Those people who left the election site more than 500 kilometers away
  • Therefore, they showed that, by Election Day, the evacuation was due to justifiable reasons.
  • The staff of public service organizations or companies

  • Who, for reasons related to performance, must perform tasks that prevent them from participating in the electoral process
  • That is why, in this case, the employer or its legal representative must notify the Ministry of the Interior and Transport of the corresponding payroll
  • This must be done ten days before the date of the election and thus will issue the corresponding certificates
  • In addition to this, those who must be busy during the election due to work, have the right to obtain special permission from their employer that allows them to vote.
  • As well as, perform functions in elections without implying salary cuts or subsequent hourly supplies

Persons Excluded from the Process

  • The insane declared as such before the jurisdictional law of Argentina
  • Person sentenced to imprisonment for the crime of deliberate deprivation and final judgment
  • Those convicted of the crimes provided for in the National and Provincial Hunting Prohibition Laws
  • Likewise, these will have a period of three years, but if they are repeat offenders, six

  • Also, those who have been sanctioned for raping qualified defectors have double the sanction period.
  • The person declared a rebel in criminal proceedings until the rebellion ceases or the statute of limitations enters into force.
  • As well as, those citizens who are disqualified by virtue of the Organic Law of Political Parties
  • Finally, those who have been disqualified from exercising political rights due to other laws and regulations

What Happens When You Don’t Pay the Fine for Not Voting?

Now, on the other hand, once you have taken into account each of the previous points, it is important that you are aware of one more. This corresponds to what will happen when not Pay the Penalty for Not Voting. With which, below, we will indicate what are the measures taken by the competent Argentine authorities in this regard.

Therefore, if you do not cast a vote on an electoral bill (primary or general election), the fine is 50 fifty Argentine pesos. Likewise, if voters are absent from the closest elections, they must pay a fine of one hundred pesos, which will add up to fifty pesos, equivalent to the first offense. That is, a total fine of $ 150 will be paid.

Justified Reasons to Avoid Paying the Fine for Not Voting

Likewise, it is essential that you take into consideration each of the reasons that will be accepted in case you avoid Pay the Penalty for Not Voting. Therefore, you must be attentive to these in order to determine what is the situation in which you find yourself for the given moment. Some of the reasons indicated by the authorities are the following:

  • Strong illnesses or illnesses
  • Absence for the time of the elections with an advance excuse
  • This corresponds to the instance where you are not within Argentina
  • With which, you must go to the police headquarters closest to the place where they reside
  • Thus, you must proceed to state the reasons why you cannot participate in the suffrage process.

Requirements to Vote in Argentina

  • Enrollment book / civic book
  • National Identity Document green book
  • Light blue booklet of your National Identity Document
  • Card of the National Identity Document celestial notebook, which contains the legend «Not valid to vote.»
  • New National Identity Document card

In addition, no Citizens whose documents correspond to the copies that appear in the electoral roll will be able to vote. With which, if the person who registered a superior version of the document in the registry gets a vote, it will be accepted.

Finally, as long as you do not have your National Identity Document, you can vote by showing the register or citizenship book. So if you show your name, for example, using an ID in triplicate, and it appears that you have been given a duplicate status on the register, you can also vote. If you show copy A DNI and pattern B appears, you will not be able to do this.

How is the Voto in Argentina?

Initially, we can tell you that voting corresponds to the action of exercise your political rights to choose the authority that represents you by occupying different public positions in the country. Likewise, this must be respected in the strongest way by each government entity. Some of its characteristics in Argentina are the following:

  • First is universal, since all Argentines, regardless of their sex, race or religion, have the right to vote from the age of 16
  • Likewise, voters under the age of 16, who must wait until the day of the national elections (including the first and last two days) also have the right to vote.

  • Like the accused in preventive detention have the right to vote
  • Therefore, they must vote in all elections held during their detention.
  • It is also equal because the vote of all the people has the same value
  • With which, this principle is expressed as follows: «one citizen, one vote»
  • That’s it secret since no one can influence the respective decision of each citizen
  • Finally, it is required, since it corresponds to a necessary action raised by the competent authorities

Therefore, once this last point has been pointed out, it is necessary that you take into account that, in case you do not do it, you must Pay the Penalty for Not Voting. In this way, we suggest that, if you find yourself in this situation, you provide a reasonable justification. Otherwise, you must proceed to cancel the determined rate.

We hope you make your cancellations in a satisfactory way!

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