How to Pay the Vehicle License: Methods, Requirements and MORE

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Are you a Chilean citizen and do not know how to process the circulation permit? What is it?How to pay the registration certificate? Don’t worry, here you will find all the information you need to carry out this process in a versatile and simple way.

Note that this is one of the permits, which is available for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and other items; It is one of the main documents that Chilean citizens must have to be able to travel the streets of their country legally. What are you waiting to get yours!

Keep reading and you will know how to pay the registration certificate!

Methods to Pay the Vehicle License

To pay for the deferred broadcast license, you can choose several payment methods, for example, money, daily check, bank and business Mastercard cards, credit card, which has the direction of travel of each district.

Requirements to Process and Pay the Circulation Permit

To restore used car permit

Important records for restoring and paying for a used car driving license are:

  • Driving license passed.
  • Endorsement of approval (if applicable), or current specialized audit.
  • Obligatory accident coverage strategy, which must cover the legitimation time of the driving license.
  • Records Expected to Pay for Enlistment Authentication – Vehicles Used

To recharge used car permit

The important records to recharge and pay for the driving license in used cars are:

  • Driving license passed.
  • Declaration of approval (if applicable), or current specialized audit.
  • Required accident protection strategy, which must cover the legitimacy time of the driving license.
  • Area or registration card, according to enlistment in the Common Library Administration.
  • Registrations Expected to Pay Enlistment Endorsement: New Vehicles

To restore new vehicles

The fundamental records for restoring and paying for the driving license in new vehicles are:

  • Purchase receipt (incorporates duplicate).
  • Enlistment in the Common Libraries Administration.
  • Declaration of homologation (if material) and authentication of homologation principles.
  • The required accident coverage strategy is valid until Walk 31 next year.
  • Significant: new vehicles will pay for the license in relation to each of the months that remain to end the year.
  • Reports Needed to Pay for Enlistment Authentication – Non-Broadcast Vehicles

To restore vehicles out of circulation

The important reports to restore and pay for the driving license in vehicles that will not circulate during the year are:

  • In the event that the vehicle has not flowed or is not circulating constantly, a city expense must be paid and the explanation must be shown in a basic affidavit.
  • Significant: Cut-off time ends on November 30 of each year.
  • Archives Expected to Pay Enlistment Will: Fines Upcoming
  • The enlistment statement can be obtained only if the vehicle does not have unpaid traffic tickets. Otherwise, you must pay at the municipal depository of the group where you obtained the piece, or directly at the approved sources to obtain the diffusion subsidy.
  • To get the 2020 enrollment endorsement, you need to know if your vehicle has fines as of November 30, 2019.

How to do the procedure?

Enlistment authentication delivery dates depend on the type of vehicle we have:

  • February 1 through Walk 31: Private Vehicles, Bicycles, Pickup Trucks, Ambulances, Hearse, Wacky Rental Vehicles, Travel Industry or Uncommon Administrations, Station Cars, and Pickup Trucks.
    • Additionally, vehicles and trailers for coupling to mechanized vehicles are recalled for this period, up to 1,750 kilograms of limit load, a large part of one unit.
  • May: taxis and transport.
  • September: payload vehicles, bicycles, mopeds, mechanized bicycles, agricultural trucks, rural agricultural transporters or mechanics and automotive machines.
    • Additionally, vehicles and trailers for coupling to mechanized vehicles are recalled for this period, more notable than the 1,750 kilograms of load limit.
  • On a consistent basis, Chilean drivers must consent to the delivery of the Flow License. For this method, they must satisfy some needs, for example:
    • Have the modern specialized audit
    • Don’t have unpaid fines.
    • Have the previous Broadcast License paid in the district.
    • They have paid fines.
    • Purchase the Mandatory Protection against Individual Accidents (Cleaner) before paying the Outreach Grant.
    • The gas and specialized inspection must be in force upon delivery of the course license.
    • Find out if they are registered in the Vault of indifferent travelers (RPI).

Who must pay the Circulation Permit?

All natural and legal owners of mechanized vehicles must compensate each year for the registration certificate and this benefits the regions. It allows vehicles, trucks, cruise ships and others to circulate on the nation’s highways legally.

When must the Circulation Permit be paid and what is the amount?

To calculate the estimate of the delivery of your license, you must consider information, for example, the vehicle equipment, the production time, the acquisition time, among others, the vast majority of the evaluation information for the vehicle or motorcycle that has.

The Internal Revenue Administration then has control, on an annual basis, to update expenses and enter them depending on the model and shape of the vehicle. Although everything will depend on the conditions in which your cars are.

There is currently a Dominant accounting page where you can check the variant of your vehicle. Not far away you will discover the estimate of the grant for the current year. You can access this information by going to the Web.


You can set aside the fee in real money, with credit or debit cards, by check, or using a two-part frame. Finally, you should consider that:

  • Vehicles have the opportunity to pay until March 31, with a first portion of half, and the rest until August 31 of the current year.
  • For transport administration vehicles, for example, taxis or transports, the dates change depending on each network, so you should move towards your group without a doubt.
    • However, we realize that the back has an additional charge corresponding to the Buyer’s Value File between the long periods of February and June.
  • Needs to pay on the web
  • Have mandatory protection (Cleaner)
  • I have no fines
  • Have the 2019 broadcast license paid in a similar region
  • Modern specialized survey

In fact, for example in the Santiago collective, you can pay the flow license online on the District’s site, only if the previous year you completed the methodology in that cooperative and the total amount to be paid will be charged in addition to the intrigue.

In the event that you have a surplus consent to pay the deferred dissemination grant, go to the Region where you made your last reestablishment, there they create a calculation of the financially overdue amount and later you can settle the installment arrangement.

What is the Circulation Permit?

The broadcast subsidy allows vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and different vehicles to circulate legitimately on the nation’s highways. Before acquiring or reinstating the driving license, you should check in case you record unpaid traffic tickets.

Therefore, refrain from paying for the deferred driving license in case it is up to you to do so. In any case, in the event that you have a problem and miss September 30, we will reveal how to make up for lost time.

Appraisal of all motor vehicle owners must compensate each year and that is to the benefit of the districts. It allows vehicles, trucks, bicycles, and others to legitimately flow on the nation’s highways.

To begin with, we must consider that the individuals who have time until the end of the month to pay the vehicle permit are cargo vehicles, bicycles, mopeds, mechanized bicycles, agricultural trucks, agricultural trucks and automotive machines.

Likewise, vehicles and trailers for coupling to mechanized vehicles are recalled for this period, more notable than the 1,750 kilograms of limit load. All depending on the type of car or motorcycle that the individual owns.

Regressive permission

So our first proposal is that you refrain from having a regressive driving license, from that moment on you will not have the option to use your vehicle. The site surprises Carabineros when using it, you must accept certain results:

  • Pay a fine for a deferred driving license of between 1 UTM and 1.5 UTM.
  • They hold up his vehicle and take it to a metropolitan corral.
  • Expect towing costs for moving from vehicle to pen.
  • Pay expenses for as long as your vehicle is there.

To try not to be presented with these costs and conditions, which definitely end up costing you additional time, it is ideal that you recharge your deferred driving license as soon as possible and within a year you should be the first to pay the permit based on the Web.

You already know How to Pay the Circulation Permit, successes!


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