How to Pay Traffic Fines: Methods, Consultation and MORE

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How to Pay Traffic Tickets It is the most important information to know when committing an offense that can lead to a traffic ticket. To avoid all these inconveniences, you must comply with the entire Traffic Law.

A traffic ticket is an offense or punishment due to a breach of the norm and / or law that the country has regarding the circulation of automobiles. This brings with it an administrative penalty that must be met, if you want to know everything you need to pay a fine We invite you to read the article!

Methods to Pay Traffic Fines

It is important to know if you have a traffic fine to pay in order to find all the ways that these can be paid. You can find out by consulting any web page where the vehicle or driver’s license is registered.

After finding out and confirming if there is a fine in addition to knowing how much is the amount that must be paid, the person must know all the ways in which and can make the full payment of this debt in addition to knowing How to Pay Traffic Tickets.

If your case is that the traffic violation is registered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, you have the option of making this payment voluntarily. It’s called «voluntary payment of traffic violations.»

It should be noted that at the time of making this option, a 50% discount will be generated because the offender voluntarily agreed to pay the debt. Although it must be paid before the due date, which is stipulated on the payment slip. The 3 ways to make the voluntary payment are:

  1. Payment by Internet: In this option, you can make the payment of the amount with a credit card. After consulting the traffic fines that are had in the option «Online Infractions Consultation.»
  2. Payment by Easy Payment, Rapipago or Bapro: First you must print the ticket and then you can go to any of these entities. Payment is made through the window with cash. The payment is reflected in the system from 48 hours and maximum at 96 hours, that the payment is made.
  3. At the Infractions Central Headquarters or at any Community Headquarters that attends to infractions: At the headquarters the person may print the payment slip and do it at the payment terminals or ATM.

Where to pay the traffic fines in Buenos Aires?

When fines are dealt with in the Province of Buenos Aires, there will be several options to pay any traffic fine, although each of them have differences. Among those that can be chosen are:

  1. Pay online: Enter the infractions website Buenos Aires, register as a new user by filling in all the required data and choose the option «User Access», enter and pay any traffic fines you have.
  2. In banks or authorized ATMs: You can pay by the window, you can make the payment in cash or with a credit card as long as it is not VISA, at the branches of Banco Provincia, Provincia NET, Red de Cajeros Link.
  3. By Rapipago: This option is valid throughout the country, the violation can be paid in cash, at the counter.

For the internet option, payment can only be made with a VISA credit card. For the last two options, you will have to have the fine ticket previously printed to pay in the entity you choose.

It should be noted that all fines are valid for 2 years from the moment they were issued. After this date, the control entity does not have any power to claim the payment. Despite this, it is always advisable to pay the debt on time to avoid any inconvenience or accumulation of interest.

In addition, that the vehicle will be had without any traffic fine and when it is sold, there will be no delays. Simply proving that you do not have any debt, you can make the transfer of the vehicle in a faster way.

Paying Traffic Fines: How to Check if I’m Sanctioned?

To find out if it is being sanctioned in any part of the national territory, you must enter the «My Argentina» page, in the part of the CENAT (National Certificate of Traffic History).

It should be noted that all this procedure is free and totally online or digital. This means that any person who wants to carry out a procedure with his driver’s license, will have to pay for the infractions with firm sentences pending payment.

These will be committed in any of the adhered jurisdictions. To start this process, you must enter the document number to be able to consult the following online:

  • The model of the single act of infringement.
  • The attached courts.
  • Payment entities.

When it comes to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, there is a web page where you can find out the status of any fine or debt that has accumulated due to traffic violations. To enter the website of «Buenos Aires Ciudad», you must write the DNI or the patent number. This in order to immediately obtain the result. In addition, this registration can also be renewed.

For this, the DNI number must be consulted, because if the person has more than one vehicle or the person has a blue card and drives another person’s car. With the document number, you can obtain the information of any possibility.

The fines that are carried out in the province of Buenos Aires, in order to consult them, must be checked in any of the pages of the provincial government. No matter what it is, it can be done in all of them.

In this type of fines, all municipalities carry out their own traffic certificates, in addition there are different municipal sanctions that must be taken into account. You can have an example that depends on the city, you will be fined for where you park.

Pay Traffic Fines: Infractions Inside

Also, there are different laws and rules outside the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Province, what’s more, in each jurisdiction there are different rules that must be complied with. Since this changes in each place, attention should be paid when going on a long trip.

An example of this is on Route 9 when it passes through Figheras before reaching Rosario. Here is a camera on the bridge that detects the speed of each vehicle, the maximum speed is 120 km / h on this highway, so you must be careful.

Because it is a highway, many people arrive even though it can reach the speed of 130 km / h, this causes many to have a fine for speeding. What would generate a problem when performing an operation with the car.

In Santa Fe, all the infractions that are carried out in that province, will have to be consulted in the Virtual Court. Otherwise, all those that have been made by Rosario, and you want to know if you have a fine in that city. They must be done in a single space.

Also, as is the case in almost the entire country, the online payment option by credit card is enabled. If the offender wants to discharge, he must do so in the Misdemeanor Court that corresponds to the place of the act.

National Infractions Administration System (SINAI)

The National Infractions Administration System or SINAI is a software that is used throughout the Argentine territory. To be able to collect all fines. This is for anyone who commits an offense, even if they do not have a registered address in the country.

The objective of this system is to reduce the infractions in the road terminus. The National Traffic Infractions System (SINAI) has been implemented as an extremely important tool to achieve this objective.

The National System of Traffic Infractions or SINAI also allows. Have all the information on the traffic history of any driver within the provincial or national scope.

What are Traffic Fines?

A traffic ticket is an infraction or punishment due to a breach of the norm and / or law that the country has regarding the circulation of automobiles. This brings with it an administrative sanction that must be met.

If the person doubts that they have committed the offense that they are being charged to pay, they should contact the corresponding court. This must be done to avoid any confusion when carrying out the procedure. It is important to know that when making this option.

A 50% discount will be generated, because the offender voluntarily agreed to pay the debt. Although it must be paid before the due date, which is stipulated on the payment slip. Now that you know everything you need to do to carry out this procedure.

Thank you very much for reading us!

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