How to Pay TVCable: Methods, Queries and MORE

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Want Pay TVCable and you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry anymore, here we will tell you everything you have to do.

We want you not to have any more problems with your Internet, with the TV signal, telephone, but rather that you enjoy the services that TVCable offers you in Ecuador. Do not stop reading us, you will see that you can do everything yourself from an internet portal.

Pay TVCable: Payment Methods

The good thing we want to tell you is that you have several alternatives to Pay TVCable. You can also cancel the service online or by phone. With both you have advantages and perhaps some things that you can adjust to avoid the disadvantages.

You just have to access the TVCable main page, log in, register your ID and set a password. Hit Enter and it’s that easy and without realizing it, you will already be in the Service order inquiry section.

Next, you will have to select the account you want to pay and click on Consult. Finally you must choose Pay.

In addition to paying, you can also cancel your TVCable service permanently and quickly, we recommend that you do it by phone. Make sure you have your equipment in good condition first, as the company will review it before receiving it.

For any management that you want to carry out with your TVCable plan, you must be the owner of the plan. Now you can call:

  • Dialing 600 40 00 from anywhere in the country. If you call from your cell phone you must add the prefix of the province in which you reside.
  • Check on the web the agency list that exist nationwide along with their Cable TV customer service number and their hours so that you can call when it suits you best.

It is good that you know that there are automatic debits to the card for the payment of cell phone services, land lines, cable TV, insurance, club fees, internet service.

Pay TVCable: Where to Pay by Bank Debit?

If you are interested in paying TVCable via bank debit, enter the Banco Pichincha page, choose the option Customer access> Personal banking. Once in the Payments menu, choose the Services key – Invoices, and click on «New payment».

Follow in the entity’s system and look for the company TVCable Ecuador to continue the steps that the system tells you to pay for your service. The payment platform must confirm if you successfully completed the transaction or if you are missing any more steps or data to add.

You must be attentive to everything that the bank’s payment system indicates to you. Remember that it is an alliance between the TV company and the bank. That is why you should look closely at the alerts that the platform gives you and if you must do any procedure that depends on the bank or if you must go to the cable company.

You also have the option to pay TVCable through the LUZ DEL VALLE Savings and Credit Cooperative. This entity also invites you to use their service that they offer as agile and timely, and that you will find available in their branches. In their agencies you will get the payment of TV CABLE payroll, through online services and financial services. It is a good option too. Review it and choose.

Pay TVCable: Available Queries

You will wonder what you have to do to check your Invoice and thus pay TVCable. And it is what you must do to always be up to date with your services and invoice.

You have the possibility to check the details of all your invoices month by month entering the Invoice Consultation Section. In this TVCable page You must enter your ID number and your phone number. You can immediately display and obtain your invoice, so that you can finally print it.

This is how you can view the sessions that you must type in order to carry out the consultation step by step:

  • My data
  • Invoice inquiry
  • Request status

If you wish to request the cancellation of TVCable services, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select the My TVCable session
  3. Log in or register depending on the case you require
  4. Dial your identity number. For example, 094156XXXX
  5. Enter your password
  6. Then press the button «Enter»
  7. Click on the «Requests» section
  8. Select the option «Cancellation request»
  9. Choose the account number of the service you have contracted
  10. Continue and press the option «Consult»
  11. Finally, deactivate the service with which you have problems

You need to know that the service deactivation process is not fast. Once you do everything indicated, it will take approximately 15 business days, after the date of entry of your application.

That is why we recommend that you do this before you pay next month so that the corresponding amounts are not billed or debited from your bank account.

Take the anticipation of disconnecting, cleaning and having the equipment that you installed in your home ready to deliver them, since if you do not return them they will charge you in the next invoice.

IMPORTANT: One note that you cannot fail to consider is that if you accepted some promotions while you had the service, they will recalculate the amounts and charge you the difference. Although you may not have read the fine print, you were told that in the service contract when you first purchased it.

For any request or need for attention about the services you receive from TVCable, You can call them 24 hours a day, 365 a year at the number 600 40 00 from any phone, whether mobile or landline.

You also have other means available to contact them with the technical service is through the social network Twitter @grupotvcableec through DM / direct message. You should only have your contract number and your identification number at hand so that they can verify that you are the account holder.

Equally, You can send them your claim or complaint directly to the company’s WhatsApp +593 96 860 0400 and in a couple of hours they offer that your request will be answered.

Pay TVCable: Change of Payment Method

Before you think about the payment methods, we tell you that you can combine your Television + Internet + Telephony services and thus you can save and enjoy the maximum entertainment with Grupo TVCable.

Then you will see that they offer you many ways to pay for Cable TV from automatic bank debit in bank accounts, credit cards or direct payment. You only have to be the authorized user of the account before the bank and the cable company.

You will automatically be certified to change the method for direct payment to the provider, when or you want and for the one you want. Of course, as long as they are offered by TVCable and its alliance with the bank.

Digital Invoice

If you are a client of the TVCable Group, you can check the value of the payroll and obtain your telephone, Internet, and TV bills directly from the Internet.

To make everything easier for you, TV Cable directs all its potential to achieve the objective of reaching zero papers and eliminating all issuance of forms and physical invoices. Realize this great advantage, you will receive your monthly account statements via email, easily, directly and without having to leave your home or move to a distant branch. Consider this value.

If perhaps you have not registered your email address on the company website, you will not receive your invoices, so do your best to register it. And if you still choose not to give this information, you have the alternative of obtaining your invoice through the Portal Digital Invoice of the TV Cable Group.

You will be able to consult it online and edit it to obtain a printed form. If you want this benefit, register in «My TVCable», obtain the RUC / Cl and the access password. It is a wonder.

With the digital invoice, you will have the facility to obtain all the information corresponding to the service you have contracted, the amounts you have pending and the payment deadlines to avoid running out of the service.

So that you can obtain your electronic invoice from the TVCable platform, follow this step by step:

  • Write your RUC / CI
  • Set your Password
  • If you still do not have this access data, do not worry, register in «My TVCable»
  • Write the numbers shown in the box
  • Click on the «Login» button
  • When you are on the platform, we suggest you review the last invoice issued
  • If you need it, you can print the invoice in PDF

And if you still have problems registering or entering the digital invoice platform of the TVCable Group, you can contact customer service at 600 40 00.

It is very important that you know how useful it will be to have the electronic invoices issued monthly by TVCable: the electronic invoices that you receive from TVCable are endorsed by the SRI and are used for all kinds of procedures that you need to do.

What is TVCable?

To close all this information about Pay Cable TV, here we leave you information about TVCable. We think that it will be useful for you to know that it is an Ecuadorian telecommunications company founded in 1986 with headquarters in the city of Quito.

In recent years it has achieved massive growth that allowed it to reach all urban sectors of Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Machala, Portoviejo, Ambato, Riobamba, Loja, Ibarra, Tulcán, Salinas and La Libertad. Perhaps that is why you find yourself enjoying their services.

Look how interesting this data is: Cable TV has carried out several types of services within its offer, among which are cable television, internet and data transmission through Satnet, IP telephony by Setel and wireless services by Suratel. As for TV, you will be interested to know that it has incorporated HD television.


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