How to Pay Vehicle Registration: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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How to pay the Vehicle Registration? You and many in Ecuador must be asking this question, that is why we created this interesting article for you.

The beneficiaries of this program are all national natural or legal persons who own vehicles of the public, private or commercial land transport service that circulate in urban or rural areas of Ecuador.

How can the Vehicle Registration be paid?

From payment button

Pay the vehicle registration with a Visa or Mastercard Banco Pichincha credit card, as follows:

  • Enter the Button of payments.
  • Select the condition of “Public institutions and taxes”.
  • Choose the condition of “SRI Vehicle registration”And choose the button“Pay”.
  • View the amount to be paid by supplying the license plate number of the vehicle, and choose “Enrollment«In the option»Payment type”.
  • Transcribe your identification number, and confirm all the information of your credit card that they request on the screen.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on «Next”.
  • read the instructions that come out in the system.
  • To finish print your voucher. Payment will be made at the National Transit Agency after 24 hours. Watch page.

From Web Banking

  • Enter the Web Banking, with your respective username and password.
  • Within the menu, choose the option «Payments”.
  • Choose «Services-Invoices”.
  • Push the button «New payment”.
  • Transcribe «SRI”In the search engine.
  • On «Service» Choose «Vehicle registration”.
  • Fill in the others data requested by the system.
  • Click on «Continue”And you finish the process.
  • The system will validate that the transaction it has been done successfully.

The value of this operation is $ 0.35.

From Banco Pichincha agencies

  • Approach the window from any of the agencies nationwide.

  • Carry the enrollment original and a photocopy of the vehicle you want to pay for.

The price of this transaction is $ 0.50.

Pay Vehicle Registration: Steps and Requirements

Now, the “Vehicle Technique Review”Is a series of inspections of all vehicles that circulate in the metropolitan area of ​​Quito in a totally mandatory way, this is carried out under the following circumstances:

  • Change owner of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration renewal.
  • Vehicle Technical Review of the vehicle when it is new.
  • A Duplicate of the registration.
  • When a Vehicle Technical Review of the finished car is carried out.
  • If a Vehicle Technical Review vehicle with a vocation for service.

The requirements are:

  • The document original identity card and the owner’s ballot.
  • Original registration, if you have lost it, you must file a complaint with the competent authorities, canceling the cost of $ 7.50 dollars in the Banco del Pacífico for CUV reason, so that they can deliver a new one.
  • Vehicle Technical Review Accepted. If the case, that the vehicle has been exempted, a certificate must be presented.
  • Proof of tuition payment for the current year.
  • Proof of not having debts slopes for traffic violations or covenants of payments, elaborated in the computer system of the ANT.
  • Annual registration renewal of commercial and public service vehicles.
  • Photocopy of the operating permit and the resolution where the vehicle is certified.
  • Renewal annual registration of private and state service vehicles.

This vehicular procedure in general is intended to:

  • Decrease faults mechanical.
  • Increase road safety.
  • Improve the operability vehicle.
  • Reduce pollutants.
  • Check the capacity of use vehicle.

Where is the registration made?

The vehicle registration process is carried out in these offices or centers, some of which are:

  • Los Chillos.

    Valle de los Chillos Highway Km. 5, bridge number 2.
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    Saturdays: 08:00 hours – 13:00 hours.

  • Carapungo.

    Panamericana Norte Km. 11 via Marianitas.
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Saturdays: 08:00 hours – 12:00 hours.

  • San Isidro.

    Los Guayabos 370 and Álamos.
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Saturdays: 08:00 hours – 12:00 hours.

  • Florida.

    Street 1. La Pulida Sector.
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Saturdays: 08:00 hours – 12:00 hours.

  • Guajaló.

    Av. Maldonado, Panamericana Sur, Km. 9. In front of Aymesa.
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Saturdays: 08:00 hours – 12:00 hours.

  • Guamaní.

    La Perla neighborhood, Calle H and Leonidas Mata, Lot 100.
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Saturdays: 08:00 hours – 12:00 hours.

Pay Vehicle Registration: When Should It Be Done?

The registration process is closely related to the so-called «Technical Review of Vehicles»(RTV), which aims to ensure the health, health, environment and well-being of the driver.

By verifying the mechanical situation of the circulating vehicle fleet, it is recommended to do it when buying the vehicle, whether new or used, it is done in this way. More information in the page.

Pay Vehicle Registration: Registration Renewal

  • Natural person: This procedure can be performed by direct relatives (first degree consanguinity) or by spouses who only show their identification cards. If it is done by a third party, a power of attorney must be attached.
  • Legal person: If it is carried out by a third party, in addition to the authorization documents of the applicant and the authorizer, a letter of authorization signed by the owner must be attached. Copy of RUC, copy of appointment of legal representative, copy of identity card of legal representative.

Frequent questions

The Internal rents service (SRI) issues responses through its website, referring to the questions most asked by citizens living in Ecuador. Here are some of the most relevant questions:

What should be done at the SRI when buying a used vehicle?

Before buying a car used, you must verify that you have no debts before the year of purchase, including registration tax, including vehicle tax and AN fees.

SPPAT tax rate, taxi tax in the case of a collection agreement with the corresponding GAD, and the tax rate charged by the Guayaquil Charity Commission to vehicles registered in Guangzhou, or tax rate and / or adjustment of rate; otherwise, you must respond to these values, the payment will be joint and several.

If this is the case, and the vehicle you purchased requires payment of rates of registration or adjustment, and you are a beneficiary of the vehicle tax exempt by SRI, you can claim benefits from the date of legalization of the purchase contract. Consider meeting all identified requirements.

What should be done when buying a new vehicle?

If this is the case, and the vehicle you purchased requires payment of rates of registration or adjustment, and is a beneficiary of the vehicle tax exempt by SRI, you can claim benefits from the date of legalization of the purchase contract. Consider meeting all identified requirements.

The original or copy of the invoice issued by the commercial company must be presented, which must include the identifier of the vehicle corresponding to RAMV (if it is imported) or CPN (if it is assembled in Ecuador).

It is important to remember that the vehicle will not be delivered until the registration of the vehicle is canceled. enrollment.

If I receive a vehicle as an inheritance, do I have to pay the 1% used car sales tax?

No. The 1% tax is only paid when selling used cars. In this case, you must declare and pay inheritance, bequest and gift taxes (if applicable).

How many vehicles can be exonerated per person?

The people of the seniors, people with disabilities and professional drivers can have their benefit, at the rate of one vehicle per owner. For the other exemptions, the owners can access the benefit for all the vehicles they own.

What should I do if I paid the tuition and was entitled to a waiver?

In this case you can request the return in the SRI of the value of the vehicle tax or taxes that apply, attaching the requirements that apply to the benefit. To learn more about this procedure, you can access the «Tax Refund» section of the SRI.

I made a transfer the previous year and at the moment of registering the name continues
from the previous owner, what should I do?

When the data of the car is out of date, it is because GAD or the competent transport department (as the case may be), has not made the upgrade respective data in the SRI vehicle database. In this case, the taxpayer must request the aforementioned agency to send the new owner’s data to the SRI system based on the recently issued registration.

Should the environmental tax be calculated for electric cars?

For electric vehicles, provided that the General Administration of Customs of Ecuador or an assembler that separately registers the main characteristics of imported and domestically produced vehicles, the system will automatically generate a preferential exemption from the vehicle pollution tax. Registers the type of fuel «Electric»In the information sent to the SRI.

How do you get an appraisal for a vehicle?

The evaluation is equivalent to price of sale to the public of the vehicle notified by the assembler and the importer. For subsequent years in the model year, 20% of the depreciation is used as the estimated value each year until the residual value of 10% is reached.


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