How to Pay Vehicle Tax: Calculation, Costs and MORE

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Many wonder How to Pay Vehicle Tax, so that you can carry out this procedure without any inconvenience, we will guide you below.

The Tax on Motor Vehicles is a mandatory or direct tax that affects the ownership or possession of taxed vehicles that are registered in the city of Bogotá. It is therefore one of the obligations of vehicle owners in Colombia.

How is the Amount to Pay the Vehicle Tax Calculated?

In order to calculate the vehicle tax, you must take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Commercial appraisal of the vehicle: is the estimated price of the vehicle and is set annually by the authority of the Ministry of Transportation. You can get to check your car or motorcycle on this site Web.
  • Vehicle class: if it is a car or motorcycle, if it is to transport passengers or cargo.
  • Vehicle characteristics: capacity, line, model and brand.
  • Rate: it is a rate agreed annually that specifies the value of the tax to be paid, based on the value of the vehicle. The rates are these:
  • Private vehicles: All cars, trucks, vans, station wagons, cargo and passenger vehicles, value up to $ 48,029,000 have a rate of 1.5%, value of $ 48,029,000 and up to $ 108,063,000 have a rate of 2, 5% and for those who are more than $ 108,163,000 have a rate of 3.5%.
  • Motorcycles: Over 125 cc, regardless of its price, has a rate of 1.5%.
  • Public vehicles: All vehicles, regardless of their appraisal, have a rate of 0.5%.

Vehicle Tax Costs

The best method of calculating the rate is by multiplying the price of the vehicle by:

  • 0.015 (for 1.5%).
  • 0.025 (for 2.5%).
  • 0.035 (for 3.5%).
  • 0.005 (for 0.5%).

We present a case using the appraisal table, if you own a private vehicle valued at $ 50,000,000, you must pay the amount $ 1,250,000. See appraisal of your vehicle.

Also, you must add the traffic light rights, which are equivalent to 2 daily, legal and current minimum wages, which for this year 2020 is $ 58,520.

To consider:

  • They should only to pay traffic light rights, motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of less than 125 cc, tractors for agricultural or caterpillar work, motor power trucks, compactors, loaders, motor graders and vehicles for industrial use, which normally do not travel on public roads in the city.
  • When you cancel outside the established term, you will receive a penalty fee of 8 minimum wages, legal daily and in force, which are $ 220,603.87 for 2019.
  • Each day of delay in payment, will generate interest on arrears that add up to the total value of the return.
  • Vehicle tax cannot cancel with installment payments or payment agreements. Once you declare, you must pay the full amount immediately.

When must the Vehicle Tax be paid?

You will have to cancel it annually, usually it is in the first semester of the year. The authorities set the dates to receive a discount for prompt payment of ten percent (10%), as well as a maximum term to be able to pay without originating interest.

Where to pay the vehicle tax?

To do it in a way face-to-face, you must go with your traffic license or property card to:

  • The Finance Secretaries of the region where your vehicle is registered:
    In Bogotá: La Carrera 30, Nº 25-90.
    In Medellín: Calle 44 N 52 – 165, in the La Alpujarra Administrative Center.
    In Cali: Carrera 6 between streets 9 and 10, on floor 3, the Palacio de San Francisco building.
  • Authorized banks: presenting the printed invoice, issued by the Treasury website.

The Banks that accept payment in person, for the payment of Vehicle Tax are:

  • Bancolombia.
  • BBVA Colombia.
  • Bank of Bogota.
  • GNB Sudameris Bank.
  • Popular Bank.
  • Davivienda Bank.
  • Western Bank.
  • AV Villas Bank.
  • Citibank Bank (Corporate Banking).

You can also make the payment through the following bank correspondents:

  • Baloto.
  • Success Group.
  • Traditional Correspondents.
  • Banco BBVA Banking Correspondents (Redmóvil, Fullcarga, Gelsa).

You also have the options to pay by check or credit card.

Can you pay the Vehicle Tax online?

If it is to your liking to do it online, the finance ministries have also enabled payment systems on their websites.

  1. In Bogota: you can do it by entering the page Web.
  2. In Medellin: enter through this link.
  3. In Cali: you can do it by clicking here.

When you enter the web pages, you will have to select the condition of «Vehicle Tax» to later connect and with your personal data enter the system, to process the online payment.

What is the Vehicle Tax?

It is a tax that is applied to cars new and of second hand, to cars that temporarily enter the territory of the country. It is considered a direct tax, because the responsibility for the payment is borne by the owner who registered it.

Those citizens who own or have a vehicle in Bogotá, both for personal use and for public transport, must pay the vehicle tax once a year.

Taking into account, there is a group of motor vehicles that not listed among the taxed vehicles, such as:

  • Motorcycles with an engine of less than 125 cc of displacement.
  • Tractors, threshers and other agricultural machinery.
  • Crawler tractors, compactors, loaders, motorcycles, motor graders and similar machinery used for construction of public roads.
  • Vehicles and machinery for industrial use, which are not dedicated to traveling on public roads.

What happens with the Tax if I sell the vehicle?

If you are the owner of a vehicle registered in Bogotá and you are aware that you must pay the annual tax. But what happens if you sell the vehicle? , very simple, the obligation becomes the new owner of the vehicle, and it will be your responsibility to declare and cancel it from the year in which you made said purchase.

To be able to do the transfer of a vehicle you must do it in accordance with the provisions of the Law, supplying all the documentation required for the process.

First of all, both parties must be registered in the RUNT system. At the moment of transferring the vehicle, the seller must deliver the following documents:

  • Original of the identification document.
  • Request form for the formally completed procedure.
  • Sales contract, document or statement verifying the transfer of ownership rights.
  • SOAT that is current.
  • Review of the mechanical technician, when the case is necessary.
  • Peace and save due to fines for traffic offenses of both people.
  • Payment for reasons of withholding at source.
  • Payment of taxes on motor vehicles, which are corroborated on the website of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Payment on the rights of the procedure.

In case a person band A car that has not made the previous tax payments, must go to the Treasury and make the pending payments. It is very important to take into account that if you are going to buy a vehicle, confirm that you are up to date with all the documents. See page.

What should I consider for the tax payment of a new car?

Article 90 of Law No. 633 of 2000 establishes that the tax base of vehicles entering the circulation market for the first time will include the total value recorded on the sales invoice, excluding value added tax, or they will be imported.

When the owner or holder is determined directly by the user, it is the total value recorded in the import declaration. You must pay taxes based on the amount of the invoice, without VAT, because the discount for immediate payment is determined by the Ministry of Finance.

Until when can I pay vehicle tax?

Each district guides the deadline to pay this tax. Usually the deadline to pay it is June 30 of each year. This tax originates on January 1 of each year.

For the cases of motor vehicles new:

  • The tax originates with the date of registration, which must be determined with the date of the sales invoice.
  • The tax will be paid in proportion to the number of months remaining in the current taxable year. The fraction of the month will be considered as a full month.
  • The payment of this tax is a collection to be able to enroll your vehicle.

Runt per plate

Through this option to enter the short platform, you will see all the vehicle information, including the name of the vehicle registration traffic management department.

Once you know the name of your registered shipping entity, you must enter the portal of the department of the transport authority. For example, if the vehicle is registered with the Ministry of Transportation and Transportation of Barranquilla, the tax must be paid on the website of the Atlántico government.

It should be reiterated that according to Law No. 488 of 2008, 80% of the payments to be paid will go to the financial department of the departmental government and 20% to the finance department of the city where the vehicle is registered. Bogotá, the city that collects taxes directly.

Who establishes the tables for the payment of vehicle taxes?

Law No. 488 of 1998 issued regulations on tax matters and issued tax regulations for other territorial entities. Article 143 establishes that the tax base will be made up of the commercial value of the taxed vehicle, and also authorizes transport.

The Ministry of Finance publishes forms every year in November immediately before the taxable year to establish a tax base for the national assessment and payment of vehicle tax.


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