How to Pay VTR: Methods, Servipag and MORE

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Currently Chile has a company that provides services, such is the case of the VTR Company, to opt for the products it offers, you must register as a customer user of its services. In this article, we will inform you, How to Pay VTR.

Do you know what the payment methods are, steps to follow and important information about How to pay VTR? !Do not worry!, here we will teach you the entire process of how you should make the payment. This online payment portal provides you with facilities when performing operations with accounts and recharges. Keep reading about this payment method.

Subscription success!

Methods for How to Pay VTR

Users who require payment, must provide the following information:

  • Place the email or RUT
  • Then hit the continue option and complete the registration.
  • To do so you can access this page and follow the steps of the payment options.
  • In the Virtual Branch of VTR you activate the option of Automatic payment and enter the bank and payment details. Subsequently, it will be automatically deducted from the personal account or credit card each month.

Pay VTR: Automatic Payment PAC / PAT

PAC and PAT are administrations that help with the scheduled delivery of your VTR tickets collected step by step. We clarify the distinction of each one below:

  • PAT: In this election, the balance is charged to the client’s Mastercard. Its initiation is directly from the Virtual Branch.
  • PAC: Here the customer accepts a scheduled refund in their financial records and it is promulgated directly from their bank.
  • With this type of payment you can have your credit deducted each month from your financial records (PAC) or Mastercard (PAT). To use this payment technique, you must activate this option from the virtual branch.

You can also activate this option on your bank’s website, among them we have:

  • State Bank
  • Chile bank
  • Bci
  • Santander
  • Scotibank Blue
  • Security Bank
  • BBVA
  • Ripley
  • Falabella Bank
  • Bice Bank
  • Transbank
  • CMR Falabella

Other places to go to pay the VTR bill

  • Servipag affiliated stores
  • Also stores affiliated with Servipag Express
  • Sencillito affiliated stores
  • ServiEstado
  • Neighbor Box
  • MultiBox
  • OK Market
  • Unimarc
  • Leader
  • Leader
  • on account
  • Wholesale Supermarket 10

How to activate the PAT Automatic Payment?

  • With this alternative you can pay the history by making an online membership, an order that will allow you to collect the amount of the invoice month by month for the services contracted to the Credit card.
  • Also, it can be started from the landing page of your Virtual Branch or by entering the «Collection» segment.
  • It should be considered that the fee will be reflected in the bank account from the next o subsequent collection and the form will incorporate an affirmation stamp with the agreed agreement.

Pay VTR: Online Payment

This payment of the VTR Online account can be done by entering the pages specialized in service payments such as:

  • Simple.
  • And Unired.Cl.
  • Also, if you activate the automatic payment option in the Virtual Branch, as explained above, then the payment will be debited from the holder’s personal account.

The banks where it can be done are:

  • State Bank
  • Chile bank
  • Bci
  • Santander
  • Scotibank Blue
  • Security Bank
  • BBVA
  • Ripley
  • Falabella Bank
  • Bice Bank
  • Transbank
  • CMR Falabella

Can you pay VTR with Servipag?

Servipag is an organization committed to the payment market, organized transactions and collections, coordinated by Banco de Chile and BCI. In addition, it is an organization oriented to the support of the public financial business.

Through this entry of online payments, the customer will have facilities to carry out activities with their accounts and recharges. Paying through is completely free. This option is very comfortable and easy, you just have to take into account the following:

  • You should go to the home page
  • You can search for the account you want to pay as follows:
    • Entering the name of the service or company that requires paying in our search engine and pressing the option you need.
    • Click the link «More paid» Here you will have some suggestions of the most paid services, and then select the company you need to pay for.
    • Clicking the link «All» where you will find all the services that you can pay in Servipag,
    • Then select the company you need to pay for.
  • Enter the account identifier, if you do not know it, click on the icon «?» for more information. Here the account will be added «Added for payment». If you have more than one debt available for payment, you must select it and add it.
  • Repeat the above procedure if you want to pay another account along with the accounts already added for payment.
  • When you have already attached all the accounts use the button «Pay» what is in the system «Added for payment.»
  • You must enter the RUT number, a valid email and press the Continue button. If you are a registered Servipag user, you can enter with the RUT and password to continue with the payment.
  • Select the preferred payment method (Checking Account, Credit Card, Debit Card, Casa Comercial Card).
  • Select the corresponding Bank / Card or institution and enter the data that will be requested by the means of payment.
  • Select Pay and the account will be paid automatically, will send you a proof of payment by email, anyway, you can save or print the proof of payment that is generated in the process.
  • If you are registered, the process is even simpler, since all the accounts that you have registered and available to pay will appear immediately to be added to the «Added for payment» system and follow the steps in point 7.

How to Call VTR for Consultations?

Next, we will indicate how you can make inquiries to VTR, among them we have:

  • From fixed network to 600 800 9000, from cell phones to 22 310 0200, between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • For brand business clients 600 800 9009, Monday through Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • When you receive a call from VTR, you will be contacted from the number 22 310 1000.
  • You can also communicate with VTR through the website, in the contact option, by completing the form that appears there, they will respond as soon as possible.

It is important to note that Simple provides you with proof of payment. If the payment made is successful, simple will generate the payment receipt, this receipt is sent to the mail, and you can save and download it as the support that confirms the payment.

What is VTR?

VTR is a Chilean broadcasting communications organization. Which provides administrations with satellite TV, fixed communication, access to the Web and portable communication throughout the country. In addition to its main activity, has a remote transporter.

As well as a service movie rental and online organization and broadcasting of online channels and content from premium channels.

How to register an Automatic Bill Payment (PAC)?

Take into account the following steps and optimize the time by the method PAC Bci. Between them we have:

  1. New CAP: In Online Bank, enter the customer number and check the identifier of the service on the ticket that is displayed in the icon.
  2. Service Ticket: Remember that to register an Automatic Account Payment (PAC) you must have the ticket of the service to subscribe, to have all the information that will be requested in the registration process.
  3. Check: Enter the customer number and check the service identifier on the ticket that is displayed on the icon.
  4. Validate Registration: Remember to validate the PAC discount in the Checking Account within the next 30 to 45 days.

Pay VTR for Unired page

Unired is a company by which you can make bill payments through the internet, it allows you to pay basic service bills, highways, card statements, among others. You can pay in installments as long as the agreement with the bank allows it.

To make payments with Unired you just have to do the following:

  • You must identify yourself as a registered customer on the main page of UNIRED.
  • If the accounts are registered on this page, they will be displayed when you log in. Select the bills you want to pay and click «Check ballots».
  • Next, you will visualize the debts associated with the accounts, and you must select those that you will pay.
  • Choose the payment method and click «to pay»

Pay an account with Unired without the need to register as a user

  • On the Unired home page, locate the «Express Payment»
  • Enter the name of the company or service you want to pay for, and click «continue».
  • Then you must enter the account identifier and click on «to accept». If you want to add other accounts to the same payment, you must enter the name of the account and its identifier.
  • Once you’ve selected all the accounts to pay, click «to pay».
  • Then you must confirm the accounts that you are going to pay, select the payment method and place an email, in which you will receive the receipt of the transaction.
  • Finally click on «to pay»

The payment methods that this page has are:

  • Bank credit cards
  • Debit card (purchase network).

Thanks for reading!


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