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In this article you will explain everything related to ICETEX form. This entity is very important for Colombians because through outstanding programs and services they promote higher education for citizens who have fewer economic possibilities.

To access these benefits, citizens must apply and must follow a series of parameters governed by ICETEX. That is, they have to fill out a form to complete their studies. If you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you read on, since education is the most important thing to unite a country.

Steps to Follow to Fill Out the ICETEX Form

If you have to fill out the ICETEX form, of the educational credit, below we will explain the step by step.

First, to process the ICETEX form, it is necessary that you have your identity document, your telephone number and your address at hand. As well as financed data about you, your family and your lonely debtor.

In addition, you must take into account the information on the tests of knowing 11. He is exonerated if he could not present the evidence on past March 15, 2020. Keep in mind the semester you are going to enter, the university with your line of credit that you chose to finance your studies.

The ICETEX form, of the educational credit, contains 7 information modules that you must fill out one by one. Keep in mind that when doing so, have availability of at least less 2 hours.

You can enter your application as many times as you need, as long as there are active calls. In addition, in the portal of ICETEX, you can see that each module has its respective video explaining what to do.

Registration as applicant

  • The citizen must fill in their information with their personal information.
  • Next you must enter the number and type of identification document.
  • Highlight the stratum of the family nucleus, where your parents or family member lived.
  • Put the semester which you are going to enter. If it is from the second semester, you will need the code of the record of the average of notes of the previous semester.
  • Type of document they had at the time of take the exam.
  • Enter the type of debtor. There are two possibilities, the first is the guarantee fund and with the presentation of lonely debtor.
  • Then he will declare under oath that the information provided is correct.

Credit line

  • Then the credit line and you have to choose what you want to apply.
  • In front of the chosen line is the symbol of the credit value and it will give the option of simulation.
  • In the simulation, you will see two options that you must highlight how you want the credit, if for registration or, if necessary, support.
  • Highlight the tuition value per semester.
  • The CPI of the previous year that is predetermined.
  • The annual enrollment increase.
  • Then you will see all the requested elements of your credit.
  • You should slowly read all the information provided. If you consider that everything is under control, you should give click accept and confirm. The page will return you to the financing options and enter the simulation line you chose.
  • The line you chose will be able to download in PDF or Excel simulation of your credit.
  • Then you must click on register, then you have to provide your personal email and confirm it.
  • You must bear in mind that the email must be valid. Through your email you will receive a message from ICETEX and it will direct you to the web portal, where you have to copy username and password. Then you can change your password to a personal one and activate your account.
  • With these steps you will be able to enter and validate your information. Then you will be able to complete the 7 remaining modules that will allow you to send your application to credit studies.

ICETEX Form Types

It is important to note that there are two types of Form and they are the following:

Joint debtor form

Before filling out this type of form ICETEX, it is important that you have managed the data of your joint debtor in the Central Financial Information (CIFIN) before completing the registration form.

  1. The Form for a Joint Debtor: This case falls, if the fund to which you want to apply only needs a lone debtor.
  2. Form for Two Joint Debtors: This is the case if the fund you want to apply requires two debtors.
  3. The Form for Study Without Joint Debtor: Its purpose is that the fund you wish to apply does not need a co-debtor.

It is important to explain that to fill out this type of form, the citizen has approximately 15 minutes to do it. When you are going to enter numerical data, you must bear in mind that it cannot include commas or periods.

In this case, the solitary debtor is not approved, he may register a new debtor to carry out a new CIFIN study. In addition, the study will have a valid for 3 months.

Credit Request Form

If the citizen complied with the steps explained, in this case they must log in with their username and password.

How to see the Results of the Procedure?

To know the results ICETEX, you will need to follow a series of steps. In the ICETEX platform, both applicants and students can review what the public resolution has been.

The results are published according to a calendar of a certain period. Therefore, first the citizen must enter the ICETEX website and you will find a yellow box with the option «Check Your Results».

Then another window will appear and the option «Consultation of Result in CIFIN» and highlights that if I already manage the lone debtor in the CIFIN and aspire to observe the results, you should give it the option «click here».

It will take them to a new tab where, the person must place their type of identification and your identification number, will give you accept and will give you all the updated information for that year.

Printing the ICETEX Form

It is important to note that if the citizen wishes to print his form, he can do so by accessing the following link, there you will see 5 options that you must complete:

  • Choose the type of constituent.
  • Then the background.
  • The convocation.
  • The type of document.
  • Y finally the type of document.

When you have completed the information, you will be prompted to continue and the option to print the ICETEX form.

If you want to print the registration form, you can do so by entering your username and password.

What is ICETEX?

An entity as important in Colombia as it is ICETEX, is responsible for promoting Higher education through the granting of educational credits and their collection with their own resources or those of third parties. To citizens who do not have a very good economic appreciation and also those who have a good academic average.

Colombians should feel privileged because this entity offers the best study opportunities to citizens who need it most and thus help with the economic and social progress of the national territory.


This entity collaborates with the progress of the country, so that each of the Colombians can fulfill all their dream goals. When they succeed, they are accompanied by their entire family nucleus. Therefore, you will have an excellent education in Colombia and in the world, with equality and quality.


It is visualized that in the year 2025 are the entity, where Colombians help in social transformation, so that in said country education improves and is considered one of the 5 international leaders in the management of resources to promote education, with dedication, planning, attention to the citizen, innovation and technological support.

Object of the Entity

According to Article 2 of Law 1002 of December 30, 2005The ICETEX entity’s purpose is the social impact of higher education, choosing citizens with low economic resources and who have good academic performance in all strata through financial methods.

Where they must manage resources, scholarships and other national and international aid. In addition, ICETEX will fulfill its promise that its education is of quality and is in optimal conditions, so that there is equality of territory.

What is the ICETEX Form?

The ICETEX form help citizens to complete their higher education. Therefore, when starting the process, the person must take into account that if the higher education where they want to study has an agreement signed with the ICETEX.

According to the circumstances of each citizen, you have two options to choose what type of form goes with your situation or what you want. The joint debtor or request the credit.

To end this article, readers should bear in mind that the entity is very important for Colombians, because they help each of them to have a good education, for those who have good purchasing power.

If you are one of them, there is an attention line where you can communicate, in Bogotá you can call the following number (57 + 1) 417-3535 and the national toll-free line (57 + 1) 018000-916821.

Customer service hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In Higher Education Institutions, they attend to Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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