IESS Affiliation Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The IESS Affiliation Certificate It is a necessary document to guarantee the registration of employees and employers in the Social Security regime in Ecuador. If you are not yet registered with the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS), Don’t wait any longer, sign up!

In Ecuador, affiliation to the social security benefit system is essential for workers to enjoy the benefits necessary for their well-being and quality of life. For this reason, the Ecuadorian Government must guarantee the health of the population through the IESS.

Requirements to Obtain the IESS Affiliation Certificate

Next, national health policy is a high priority, which is why the IESS has a digital platform at the service of citizens. In this sense, through this electronic system you will be able to join and carry out various procedures.

Therefore, if you join, you must get your IESS Affiliation Certificate. If you do not know the necessary requirements to access this platform comfortably and quickly, just relax, here are those requirements:

If you are an Ecuadorian citizen

  • You must have the identification card.
  • Possess your personal password to access the IESS link.

In case of being a foreign citizen

  • It is necessary to have the personal identification code at hand to enter the platform.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the IESS Affiliation Certificate

With the advantages of info-government, digital systems are the order of the day to facilitate any procedure in the IESS. All this, in order to provide security and well-being to the Ecuadorian population during their working career and later in retirement.

That is why it is so important that you act to get your IESS Affiliation Certificate and you can carry out administrative, medical, benefits, among others. In this regard, if you take advantage of the electronic platform of this agency, you can follow these steps to obtain your accreditation:

  • Get a computer in your home or office.
  • Also if you prefer, find your smartphone.
  • Check for a reliable internet connection.
  • Enter the trusted browser and place the digital page of the IESS.
  • Look for the «online service» section and select «insured.»
  • Choose the icon that interests you «affiliates» or «pensioners».

  • In the display of the digital screen you will find a pool of services.
  • Select the one that says «certificate of affiliation» and choose the accreditation you need.
  • You have to choose the Compulsory Social Security or the Rural Social Security.
  • Then enter your identification card number and press «consult».
  • In this way, the IESS Affiliation Certificate will be generated.
  • If you require it in physical form, follow the procedure to download and print in PDF format.

Data included in the IESS Affiliation Certificate

If you want to know the content of the IESS Affiliation Certificate to prove your affiliation to Social Security, do not worry. Below we are going to detail the most relevant elements of said document:

  • Full name of the affiliate.
  • Identification card of the interested party.
  • Membership date.
  • Name of employer.
  • Employer Registration Code.
  • Affiliate status.
  • QR code that records the certificate information.
  • Electronic subscription of the IESS Membership Directorate.
  • Certificate Issuance Date.

In this sense, always remember that the IESS Affiliation Certificate It is your endorsement as a citizen registered in the Social Security of Ecuador.

What is it for?

On the other hand, the IESS Affiliation CertificateIt is a fundamental document where a worker can prove that he is registered in the Ecuadorian Social Security. In addition, it also shows that your employer complies with the registration of affiliation in said system. As indicated above, the employer is obliged by law to register all its workers from the moment each worker starts work.

In any case, the company or the natural person who acts as an employer has up to 15 days of deadline to manage the registration of its workers in the IESS. Therefore, until a worker is affiliated with the system, he / she will not be able to check in to process the certificate.

It is important that you know that the IESS offers you all the necessary advantages so that you can obtain your certificate as quickly as possible. But that’s not all, your digital link offers a series of procedures and services to guarantee well-being and opportunity to its members.

Therefore, if you do not know that you have the IESS online catalog, get ready, that we are going to tell you. Therefore, at some point you can make use of these procedures and with this article, you will already have some guidelines.

For affiliates

  • Indexing of the insured’s data.
  • Password change and recovery.
  • Worker record of the worker.
  • History of the unemployed worker.
  • Bank account registration.
  • and many other electronic services.

If it is about pensioners

  • Procedures for retirement or retirement.
  • Request for an increase in retirement.
  • Certificate of the retired person.
  • Funeral service procedures.
  • Management for the survivor’s pension.
  • Account statement of retirement contributions.
  • Among other procedures.

Advantages of being affiliated with the IESS

In another vein, if you have your IESS Affiliation Certificate, you can rest easy, as you will enjoy countless benefits in terms of clinical health, occupational health and retirement.

Consequently, these benefits are valid for workers who join voluntarily or by employer obligation. These advantages with social security include the following benefits:

At the Health level:

  • A person registered with Social Security can access medical appointments for various pathologies.
  • Treatments for evaluated diseases.
  • Primary care or scheduled medical consultations.
  • Aids for prosthetics, medical studies and complex pathologies.
  • Support for rehabilitation programs.
  • Helps during medical rest.
  • Medical follow-up during the pre-natal and post-natal period.
  • Support in delivery care.
  • Monetary benefit for post-natal rest.
  • Medical support for the child during the first year of life.

When it comes to Occupational Health

  • Medical attention service as quickly as possible if there is an accident at work or when the person moves to their work site or vice versa.
  • Monetary aid for work limitation.
  • Disability pension.

In cases of old age and death of the worker

  • The insurance provides a monetary benefit for disability.
  • Pension for lack of help.
  • Help survivors of death.

If there are layoffs

  • Single monetary support for forced unemployment. Therefore, the employer must be up to date with the worker’s affiliation.
  • Unemployment insurance.

What is the IESS Affiliation Certificate?

According to what we have explained in this article, the IESS Affiliation Certificate It is an accreditation necessary to precede that a person is affiliated with the Social Security of Ecuador. Therefore, this document can be obtained by an Ecuadorian citizen or a resident foreigner.

In addition, if you are affiliated with the IESS system, it is most likely that the platform will distinguish several options to classify the class of worker, don’t stop, keep reading with us:

  • Salaried worker.
  • Head of your personal firm or company.
  • Independent entrepreneur.
  • Administrator of an establishment.
  • Pieceworker.
  • Minor worker under special regulations.
  • Special insured at the level of government entities.

There are some questions that users about the affiliation to the IESS. That is why it is important to mention some of these questions:

I am a housewife, how do I register for the Ecuadorian Social Security?

The most convenient thing is that you access the online link of the IESS and select the line «beneficiary of home», then you enter the affiliation form and fill in the required data.

How do I do if I have a relative with health problems and therefore cannot go to the IESS to register?

Go to the Social Security unit and at the affiliation assistance office request the visit of a social worker from the IESS to go to the place where the patient is confined and make the registration of rigor.

Is there a Certificate of Non-Affiliation?

The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security provides you with the Certificate of Non-Affiliation. If you don’t know it, keep reading the article so you have more information.

According to the above, this type of accreditation will confirm that a foreign person is not registered with the IESS. Indeed, this line includes those foreigners who enjoy some benefits from the IESS but are not yet affiliated.

According to the above, this type of citizen is required to have a passport and an identification document from the country of origin. Now, if you are a foreign citizen and you need this type of document for any procedure with your employer, lean on digital information services:

  • If you have a smart phone, download the IESS App.
  • Access the digital link and follow the procedure indicated by the platform.
  • If you do not have a smartphone, it is best to go to any administrative office of the IESS in an Ecuadorian province.
  • Additionally, if you are a foreigner and need the accreditation of non-affiliation, you can access the Skype account iessasesoria on your phone or by calling 59323945666.

Join the IESS and ensure your future and yours!


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