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The IGAC Certificate It is a file issued by the Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute (IGAC), which allows a Colombian citizen to know the location coordinates of a property. In this sense, with this document, a user will be able to carry out various legal and administrative procedures related to the real estate sector.

According to the above, with the advances in digital technologies and communication networks, the IGAC offers a range of electronic services in cadastral matters, for the convenience of Colombians. Therefore, If you are interested in getting your cadastral letter, keep reading! IGAC offers you a virtual office for a process tailored to your time.

Steps to Obtain the IGAC Certificate

Next, if you need to get the IGAC CertificateThe first thing you should have on hand is a good computer or a smart phone. Next, check if you have an internet connection and a reliable browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google. In this regard, if so, then you can follow the following steps to request your cadastral certificate:

  • Access from the Internet to official linkl from IGAC and look for the virtual store.
  • Then, locate the section of cadastral certificates / services / procedures and services.
  • If it is the first time you enter the virtual platform, you must register.
  • Enter the user registry and complete the personal information that they request.
  • Create your security data: username and password.
  • Confirm your password, indicate your email address and proceed to register.
  • Then go back to the previous menu and search for «new request».
  • Select the first record on the cadastral certificate.
  • Please read the certificate request notes carefully.
  • Proceed to request the cadastral letter with your username and password.
  • Fill in the required data according to the nature of your cadastral request and open the pop-up windows for the cancellation of the certificate, wait a little more than 8 minutes.
  • Go back to the previous menu and locate the active requests.
  • There you will find the digital IGAC Certificate, which you can download and save in a file of your choice for consultation or printing as many times as you wish.

Did you see how easy it is?Now you will not have to go to the IGAC to request that document. You will save time that you can invest in other personal procedures. Follow us, later, you will find out other information of interest about the opportunities that the IGAC makes available to you.

IGAC Virtual Store

You still do not know the advantages of the IGAC Virtual Store ?, then continue with us. Beyond issuing the IGAC Certificate, The Virtual Store of this organization offers you a variety of publications on Geography of the Colombian territory. Thus, simply by logging into the store link, you will be able to incorporate various informative and educational materials into your digital cart.

According to the above, you can choose between several categories and regions of interest and select some geographic material that you want to purchase and put in your shopping cart. In this sense, if you do not know the categories that the sales catalog has, don’t worry! we are going to point them out to you:

  • Maps of the New Granada territory: by departments and municipalities.
  • Tourist atlas.
  • Videos and Dictionaries.
  • Information on Colombian soils.
  • Geographical and relief characteristics.
  • Other publications of interest.

Likewise, if it is about regions, the Virtual Store gives you the option to select the geographic area of ​​interest so that you can select your publication and purchase it. These regions for your free choice are: National, Colombian Amazon Territory, Andean Zone, Caribbean Coast, island dependencies. Orinoquia Region and Atlantic Coast.

Other tics of the Virtual Store

According to the aforementioned, the IGAC also has a Virtual Store tutorial so that you can better guide yourself in accessing this administrative and thematic service. Also, if you still have questions about accessing the Store, you can write to the IGAC email.

Likewise, you can call 01-8000-915570 for any questions, during office hours until 3:00 pm. All these information options can be found through the official website of the institute.

On the other hand, when you access the new application section, you not only come across the cadastral certificate process. Also, there are other steps that IGAC has for you if you are interested:

  • Service of equivalence of numbers or codes of boundaries or properties.
  • In addition, some services of the IGAC Human Resources Office for the convenience of its officials, such as labor certificates, work history, bonuses, income and deductions or privileges.

What is the IGAC Certificate for?

Considering the aforementioned, always remember that the cadastral certification is a necessary process for various real estate, legal and administrative procedures where your property or real asset is involved.

Therefore, the cadastral letter is the identity card of your home or business premises. For this reason, we summarize some useful tips in this document here:

  • The cadastral certificate is a collection that is required at the time of requesting your military registration.
  • You will also need it if you need to do administrative procedures within a social housing program.
  • Process any request for financing from the banking sector.
  • Make a declaration of earnings before the public registry offices and notaries.
  • If you need to sell your property, you will need the current cadastral certificate, since you must pay your right up front and obtain your property solvency.
  • In case of expropriations or verification of land ownership, it is important to have documentation on the cadastral certificate, to determine the location of the real asset space within a physical jurisdiction or on a relief map.

IGAC certificate It has its scope of application in areas such as: Santa Fe de Bogotá and its surroundings, the city of Barranquilla, Cali and its surroundings, Medellín, the city of Soacha, Antioquia. In addition, these procedures are also present in the Cundinamarca area, western and central locations in Colombia and even in Bucaramanga, among other regions.

Processing costs

According to the above, in these times of restrictions for sanitary reasons, remove the IGAC Certificate it is a much more expeditious and fast procedure. In other words, it seeks to minimize the mobilization of interested parties to the government offices of this agency. In this way, the IGAC works continuously to improve its virtual platform so that the procedures for the cadastral letter can be done from your home or office.

Given the above, processing this certificate currently has a value of 14,200 Colombian pesos. In this sense, it is a necessary management for various procedures related to your property or property.

Many users need to sell their home and for that they require a straightforward solvency. This settlement cannot be carried out if you do not have the cadastral coding and for that, you have to obtain and pay for said certificate.

In this way, we reiterate the importance of the design and update of the IGAC Virtual Store. Thus, its authorities permanently seek to innovate in said platform so that users have a more secure and reliable access. This is: not only that it involves the request for the certificate but the steps to determine the cost of the certificate and the subsequent steps to make the respective links associated with the payment of the service.

What is the IGAC Certificate?

In short, the Codazzi Geographical Institute has been incorporating emergency protocols in recent months so that citizens who live in various parts of Colombia can carry out their public efforts with the least possible risk. With the current sanitary measures due to pandemic, the government seeks that its entities that carry out procedures and services, virtually facilitate their functions.

For this reason, the IGAC has decided to carry out a process of updating its cadastral certificates, which are available as a service on a digital platform or Virtual Store. That way, users can from your home or office manage said document, pay and renew your cadastral letter.

In this sense, keep in mind that the IGAC Certificate It is an important and necessary collection to demonstrate the physical, legal and financial situation of your properties or real estate. If you need to sell your property, improve it, expand it, apply for mortgage financing, declare your real assets of your house or premises, now it is easier.

The IGAC currently has a more up-to-date platform for its cadastral records, location of boundaries or properties, coding, among other elements. For that reason, Colombians or residents in Colombia who have properties do not need to physically move to the offices of this public agency.

Therefore, you should only read this article so that you orient yourself on the steps to obtain the cadastral certificate in the shortest possible time. Likewise, remember that this organization puts at your disposal the virtual store, which allows you to enter various consultation and payment options in a few commands.

Thus, not only is the way easier for you to request, pay and download the cadastral certificate. Also, you can obtain in your shopping cart various thematic materials on maps and geographical aspects of Colombia in different regions of the country. Therefore, we invite you to carefully review the information addressed in this article. Go ahead and get your certificate.

Get your cadastre certificate and get up to date with the IGAC, do it for Colombia!


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