Income Tax Attribution Certificate: Steps, Application and MORE

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The Income Tax Attribution Certificate It is a procedure that corroborates the amount of taxes that the State requires from Spanish citizens. Likewise, this document guarantees whether a person paid all the taxes corresponding to their income.

Likewise, if an individual decides to request this document from the Tax Agency, they must submit a series of requirements and mandatory requirements. For this reason, in this article we have the task of explaining all the details of this certificate.

Be responsible and read everything about this document!

Steps to Request the Online Personal Income Tax Certificate

First of all, the Income Tax Attribution Certificate endorses all the tax information of a Spanish citizen. In the same way, this document provides all the details about taxes and tax obligations, which an individual ascribed to the tax system of Spain possesses.

It should be noted that it is a totally personal document, that is, in the Income Tax Attribution Certificate it will not reflect information about third parties. So, don’t worry, the competent body in tax matters will protect your information.

Now, before knowing all the options to issue the Income Tax Attribution Certificate , you must bear in mind in which cases this document cannot be requested:

  • Loss of the right to the administration to pay the tax debt.
  • In the event that the term to cancel all tax obligations has expired.


Continuously, the Spanish Tax System has a web page that will allow you to have access to the Income Tax Attribution Certificate in just seconds. Read all the instructions carefully!

  • Get an internet connection urn.
  • Use a trusted browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or others.
  • Enter the online platform of the Tax Agency.
  • Look in the main menu for «Electronic Office».
  • Locate in this option «Certificates».
  • Then, click on «Tax Returns.»
  • Mark «Tax certificates».
  • Choose your preference to issue this document: «Request and immediate collection».
  • Check all the data reflected in the Income Tax Attribution Certificate :
    • Through the electronic DNI.
    • You can verify it with your PIN Code:
      • Key PIN on: Enter your security code and verify the Income Tax Attribution Certificate.
      • PIN code off: Put your Identification Document (DNI), expiration date and personal code. Then, enter the serial sent to your mobile phone.
  • Enter your reference number, writing your DNI number and follow the system instructions.
  • Continuously, you must proceed to fill in all the data in the electronic worksheet:
    • NIF / NIEN
    • Names and surnames of the applicant.
    • Representation type.
    • Fiscal exercise.
  • After writing all the requested fields, you must click on «Validate request».
  • Check the preliminary summary of your application.
  • If everything is in order, press the button «Sign and send».
  • Finally, confirm again that you agree by checking the option «Confirm» and then «Sign and send.»

The Income Tax Attribution Certificate Like any procedure, it is essential to have it in physical or digital form. In addition, this type of document will help you to have it under these conditions, since you can consult it whenever you want.

For this reason, to finish this section, we will explain how to «Download» and «Print» the Income Tax Attribution Certificate:


  • Check that the Income Tax Attribution Certificate is correct.
  • Click «Download in PDF Format».
  • Create and save in a safe and easily accessible folder.
  • Double click on the downloaded document, verify that it has been saved correctly.


  • Locate the folder where you saved this document.
  • Right click on the «Print» option.
  • Choose all the printing details: destination, size and page number.
  • After it has been printed, we invite you to check if the document is completely legible.
Attention! If during your consultation you forgot to save the Income Tax Attribution Certificate Then go to the option «Certifications of the Electronic Office» and follow the steps indicated by the system.

In-person application for the Income Tax Attribution Certificate

Now, in the case that you do not have a computer or you do not have an internet connection, you must choose another option: Face-to-face This modality will allow you to be closer to the workers of the Tax System and also, you will be able to ask all your concerns about the process.

Next, we will show you how to opt for this new type of consultation on the Income Tax Attribution Certificate . Read everything here with us!

  • Schedule your appointment through the Tax Agency web portal, clicking «Featured procedures».
  • Put all your data associated with the system and wait for the platform to assign you the date.
  • Attend the day and time indicated in the system; as well as, it locates the office of the Tax System of Spain.
  • Request «Customer Service» from the operator in charge.
  • You must proceed to deliver Form 01C to obtain the Contractors Certificate.
  • Order the Income Tax Attribution Certificate .
  • Submit the following documents:
    • National Identification (DNI).
    • Home address.
    • Latest Income Tax Attribution Certificate .
    • Other relevant.
  • Verify that the document is correct and there are no omissions.
  • Important! If you cannot attend the day of the appointment, you can request an extension one day in advance.

Other alternatives

Fortunately, the Spanish Tax System has other types of communication channels to have the Income Tax Attribution Certificate . Get to know them here !:

Via telephone

  • Call to 901 200 347 by phone.
  • Request the Income Tax Attribution Certificate .
  • Provides all the data requested by the operator.


  • Write an email to sii.gestion
  • Detail everything you want in this file.
  • Wait the time requested by the Tax System.

What is the Income Tax Attribution Certificate for?

In Spain, personal income tax is one of the main documents that citizens must possess to know their tax burdens. For this reason, this type of certificate reflects the deductions, according to the level of income that Spaniards receive.

One of the most important points of the Income Tax Attribution Certificate , is that it consists of all the deductions that are made to the citizens and in turn, in which said payment is distributed. In other words, the personal income tax allows to know what are the social charges that receive the payment of these taxes.

In addition, the Income Tax Attribution Certificate verifies if the user has paid his last installments or if he is delinquent. In the same way, with this type of document you will be able to keep up to date with all the obligations that the State requires.

Next, we will tell you a summary of all the functionalities of this certificate:

  • Scholarship application: Many of the scholarships or cooperations awarded in different institutions require this document to calculate the percentage of the same.
  • Access subsidies: The competent bodies can know all the income and which will be the obligations that citizens must pay.
  • Home rental: The Income Tax Attribution Certificate It’s a document that supports the income level of a person, therefore, it will be a proof for the owners that the applicant has enough income to pay the lease.
  • Registration: This new modality began to be official for the year 200, since although it reflects the annual evolution of the income received by a person.

Data Included in the Certificate

Another point that must be taken into account, once the Income Tax Attribution Certificate , are the data reflected in it. The latter will allow you to have more knowledge about the information that stands out and is relevant to the country’s Tax System.

Next, we invite you to read each one of them; as well as, check that your document has all the data:

Personal information

  • Names and surnames of the applicant.
  • Home.
  • Phone number.

Tax data

  • Tax identification number.
  • Details of the Income Tax Attribution Certificate .
  • Justified circumstances or obligations.
  • Reason for consulting the request for tax information.
  • Province
  • Place.
  • Date.
  • Body in charge of signing and issuing this document.
Attention! We invite you to be aware of these sections. If for any reason there are errors or some type of information is missing in your certificate, you must communicate immediately 91 757 57 77 with the country’s Tax System.

Who Issues It?

In Spain, the body in charge of issuing the Income Tax Attribution Certificate It is the Tax Agency. This institution is in charge of all the details and powers related to taxes, taxes, sections and social charges, among others.

At the same time, the Tax Agency has improved its quality of service, allowing citizens to know what kind of obligations they must fulfill with the State. As well as, it has the best informative channels to have details about tax deductions.

Thus, this body is of great relevance for the country, since it is in charge of receiving every month all the taxes that citizens must pay. Next, it is the institution that issues all the certificates corresponding to these social charges.

Of course, a fundamental point that the Tax Agency handles is the transfer of these funds, to social activities, pensions, cooperations, contributions, among others. For this reason, it is important that both this institution comply with its obligations and the citizens of the country.

What is the Income Tax Attribution Certificate?

As has been emphasized in the previous sections, the Income Tax Attribution Certificate it reflects all the obligations that a Spanish citizen has with the State. Likewise, it is a procedure that is carried out to validate the solvency of the payment of the taxes that the country requires.

The Income Tax Attribution Certificate it is synonymous with tax liability, before the competent authorities. As well as, it certifies all the information on the income received in the year and the corresponding deductions.

In particular, this procedure allows other types of processes to be carried out, such as real estate rentals, scholarship certification, social contributions, among others. Also, the Tax Agency has a series of communication and information channels to issue this certificate.

Finally, we remind you that this document has a series of unique benefits and advantages. Therefore, we invite you to read our section again and do not leave without knowing this information.

Pay your taxes and issue the Income Tax Attribution Certificate!


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