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Did you know that every Chilean citizen must compulsorily record all the data required by the INE, in order to keep track of the statistics that will allow decision-making for the well-being of the nation. The INE form lets take this census.

In this article, you will know all the steps that the citizen must take to fill out the INE form. It is important that the information related to the different types of property and land tenure in Chile are clear and precise so that these statistics have legitimacy. Enter all the data such as cadastral, topographic data, among others.

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INE Form Format

The INE form It is a physical or digital document that allows the data to be stored and saved so that it is easily recorded. Therefore, it is important that the design of these forms are easy to understand for the user. Therefore, they must provide the following:

  • Name and Surname of the user.
  • Address.
  • Request date.
  • Location of the property. or corresponding zone.

It is important to mention that the INE form It is available on the official website of the entity. Therefore, it is necessary that all the documents mentioned above are reliable. In case of doubts with the procedure, you can go in person.

Filling of the INE Form

It is important that, to fill out the INE Form, complete the document step by step, below we indicate the fields that you must fill and the meaning of each of them:

  • Statistical Identification

    • The objective of this item is to identify building permits and / or receptions in a specific month.
    • Additionally and as a way to improve the
      identification of the work incorporates the SII appraisal role.
    • Conceptually it will be understood by: Permit: An annual correlative number, assigned by each of the municipal works directorates.
    • Form No.: Specify the number of forms used in any case, more than one.
    • SII role: Corresponds to a number, broken down into two parts: on the one hand the block with a maximum of 5 digits, and on the other hand the property with a maximum of 3 digits.

  • Owner Information

    • The full name of the owner must be noted if he is a natural person, registering when appropriate the legal representative and the respective RUT.

  • Property Information

    • This item should detail as much as possible the location of the property and some relevant characteristics, such as whether the property investment was made by the public or private sector, the land area.

  • Kind of Procedure.

    • This item is intended to differentiate between whether it is a building permit or a partial or total reception. For this, it incorporates the different types of permits (new construction or expansion), stages, and the start and end dates of the work.

  • Endowment of the Urbanization Infrastructure.

    • The objective of this item is to verify the infrastructure of the work, indicating whether it has electricity, water, gas, and others. For this, the number corresponding to each alternative must be completed in each box.

  • Destination, Classification and Category.

    • To facilitate the emptying of the information, this item is subdivided into two sub-boxes.

  • Predominant Materials.

  • Details of the Builder or Construction Company.

  • Data of the Designer, (Architect and / or Engineer).

The information that identifies the sponsoring architect or engineer should be entered if he is a natural person. It is important to note that the architect or engineer sponsoring the work must sign the survey, thus assuming the veracity and accuracy of the data.

What is the INE Form for?

The INE form They are computerized statements that include an electronic authentication that will have the user’s personal data, such as, name, paternal and maternal surname.

Also, the voter’s code, issuance number, OCR information, distinctive proof of certification code, year of enlistment, date of issuance, month and year of end of legitimacy.

Who Issues It?

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) is the Chilean state body created in 1843, whose purpose is to carry out general population and housing censuses, and to produce, compile and publish the official statistics of the country.

Who should process it?

All persons who need to carry out or keep statistics must process the INE form. These data allow a unique perspective of the population that is complemented by the static recognition provided by the Public Population Censuses.

This gives importance for understanding the population phenomenon in the country, its attributes and inclinations, as well as serving to complete any social support, regardless of whether it depends on government approaches.

What is the INE Form?

The INE form It is an instrument that allows to keep a control of the files that are received in the Municipal Works Directorates. It is also a standardized document issued by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

What is INE?

The National Institute of Statistics is a specialized and free body, and it is also a practically decentralized legal entity under public law with its own resources, in charge of measurements and authority censuses of the Republic.

Additionally, it is identified with the Government through the Ministry of Economy, Development and Reconstruction. Its location will be the city of Santiago, which is an independent public body in charge of directing and organizing.

In this line, it is also called as the National System of Statistical and Geographical Information, responsible for the capture and dispersion of data from Chile, with respect to the region, goods, population and economy, which allows to publicize the qualities of this nation.

It will correspond to the National Institute of Statistics:

  1. Make the cycle of compilation, specialized preparation, examination and distribution of legitimate measures.
  2. Study the coordination of elaborated by assortment, grouping and distribution of measurements carried out by semi-financial monetary institutions and state agencies.
  3. Carry out official censuses, in accordance with the recommendations international


To be a statistical institute of national and international reference, with high technical capacity and leadership to exercise the leadership of the National Statistical System, made up of public servants trained, motivated and committed to the development of public statistical activity.


The INE is the measurable management instrument of the State Organization. Consequently, within its scope of action are important missions, for example, of recognition, inspection and constant administration of the different specialized cycles.

The INE is one of the organizations that designates various tasks, however, among the main tasks carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) is the control and coordination of the statistical and measurement cycles of the national territory.

Importance of INE statistics

The Statistics of the INE provide demographic information for the knowledge of the population dynamics. Demographic studies based on vital statistics are oriented to three fundamental aspects:

  • Population calculations, which allow knowing the number of inhabitants, their composition and distribution.
  • Population Projections, which allow estimating the probable size of the population for economic and social planning.
  • Special Analytical Studies, which allow evaluating social programs and knowing the social situation in certain areas, such as in the field of health, education, sociology and social security.

Frequent questions

What types of studies does the INE carry out?

The INE conducts surveys and censuses, the reviews are applied to a specific social meeting on characterized topics, for example: well-being, training, work, etc. Ultimately, the censuses are considered applied to the entire population.

What is an Administrative Record?

It is the provision of information linked to individuals, territorial organizations, items (goods and enterprises) that are registered in printed (structures) or computerized media, by open or private establishments, which are created at the time of the provision of a grant.

What is statistical secrecy?

The Statistical Secret guarantees that the information collected by the INE will be disseminated preserving the anonymity of the source. It is not possible to access the information at the individual level because the Statistical Secret is being violated.

The INE provides data in such a way that it is not possible to individualize who provided the information, either by applying anonymization techniques or adding them to higher levels. All data provided is accurate.

What is the basic statistics generation process?

It is the provision of systems and exercises to deliver measurable data, based on information obtained through the use of surveys or through records, in the degree of units of the research population, which can be individuals or organizations.

What is a statistical classification?

It is an instrument that gathers and orders measurable data in an intelligible and deliberate way when deciding the comparability of thoughts, functions, articles or individuals. They are made up of complete and totally independent classes.

It is important that citizens record all the requested collections so that the country keeps the statistics in a clear and transparent way, since the development of the well-being of the nation depends on it.

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