INEI Certificate: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

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If you are interested in obtaining the INEI certificate, this information is for you. It is a very simple process, which can be done online through the website of the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics.

You will find the necessary requirements, the steps to follow to obtain it, what is its usefulness. You will also know the benefits it provides, the services provided by the INEI and much more information. For this reason, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Requirements for the INEI Certificate

The requirements that must be met to acquire the INEI certificate, are mentioned below:

  • Be a member of the district you are applying to voluntarily.
  • Be in the fifth year of high school (preparatory or secondary), or in any case have completed it.
  • Be part of a technical institute, academy or university.
  • Be in good health, both mentally and physically.

Step by Step to Request the INEI Certificate

This procedure can be done completely digitally. Regarding the steps to follow to request the INEI certificate They are very easy, and there are the following:

  1. Enter the INEI web portal (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics) and choose the alternative for printing certificates.
  2. Complete the requested spaces.
  3. If the search is done by the number of DNI (National Identity Document), or some basic identity documentation such as: The passport, the identity card, etc., place the type of document that it is and the telephone number.
  4. In the case of choosing to do it with personal information, it is suggested to approach the search space by surname / name, where this information must be placed.
  5. That way the person will be searched in the system, and verify that you came as a census taker for the National Census.
  6. If you followed all the steps outlined, great! The INEI Certificate will be issued soon.

What is it for?

  • It serves to calculate, organize and guide the Policy and the National Plan for Statistics and Informatics.
  • Estimate the projects of each locality and organization in Peru.
  • It generates polls, administrative registrations and basically, general statistics of the public areas of the country.
  • Disseminate information on price indicators and the condition of the first social and economic variables.
  • Promote exploratory activities that support the prediction of the behavior of economic variables.
  • Design national rules that govern the information processing and notification systems at the national and regional levels.
  • To stimulate the design of systems or technological applications of massive use, for each one of the states and localities and to promote their transfer and use in State entities that do not execute them.
  • Do everything possible so that activities that for economic reasons have not been divided or promoted at the regional level, but in the broader centers, that progress in a technological way.
  • Organize and regulate the progress of Data Banks in system organizations in the Peruvian territory.
  • Promote agreements for technical support, training and expansion of the services they provide.
  • Guide and stimulate the planning of the Statistical and Informatics Offices of the System and the formation of a large number of branches of the Offices.
  • Know how to divide the state media in your field and try to ensure that these are fair and clear.

Other Functions

  • Promote systems by department and cooperate with true and functional statistical data.
  • Enable the disclosure of statistical data and information processing.
  • Help institutions in the economic area with statistical information to carry out activities.
  • Provide both national and international technical support in the statistical field, which may be needed in the entities belonging to the National Statistical and Informatics System.
  • Take responsibility with respect to the representation of Peru in front of international entities and bodies and contribute the ceremonies connected to its qualities.
  • Strengthen and take care of the right to property of the intellect of computer-type plan designers.
  • Before making official the agencies, resources and the Peruvian population, reports issued by the Statistical and Informatics institutions.
  • Form methodical resources with national security objectives.
  • Request the financial data of companies that are in Peru, its commissions and its cooperatives outside the country, with the objective of forming national statistics.
  • You have the power to request financial data from the CONASEV (National Supervisory Commission of Companies and Securities) called this way before. Currently called SMV (Superintendency of the Securities Market) or the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance.
  • Establish statistical rules, processes and methods with the Technical Office of Statistics.
  • Monitor proper operation, future and address of each Office that operates in its jurisdiction.

Benefits of the INEI Certificate

When you participate as a census taker or census taker, you have the opportunity to enjoy some benefits granted by the INEI certificate:

  1. The Accreditation of Civic Participation Censa, By herself.
  2. Snacks
  3. Transfers.
  4. They grant scholarships of partial type of studies, to go to the National School of Statistics and Informatics.
  5. Expansion of the curriculum through the experience acquired in the census.
  6. Enter the registry or database of the INEI.

Intervention in these types of functions is an excellent experience, where some knowledge, instruments and methodologies are obtained to be able to advance later. On the other hand, the Peruvian State rewards the effort with some advantages which have already been mentioned.

These advantages serve to function in other contexts, enter other educational degrees, and provide work-related experience, in the event that this is the path you want to take in life.

INEI Functions and Services

The file of the INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics), supports accessing the required data for all expert employees from both the private and public sectors of Peru. Also exploratory organizations, academics, students from different fields and Peruvian individuals generally.

This file has a number of 8,000 or more writes, used for statistical issues in Peru and registered by the INEI and its connected institutions. Apart from accessing fundamental data, other advantages or services provided by this body are those listed below:

  • It offers a space that gives the comfort to explore and read, review any statistical, demographic, economic and social data, in each list that this entity has gathered for a time in conjunction with other organizations, institutions, companies, etc. This in addition to whether they are private or public, to bring data to each individual.
  • Specific data on history of each National Census executed in the country since 1876.
  • Accurate information about the national statistics from the year 1925.
  • Statistical sequences executed since 1950.
  • Assistance by the required personnel, to provide bibliographic guidance and consulting, capable of solving questions about general data of the organism and its statistical analyzes.
  • A copy center to reproduce the material that is in the best physical condition, in such a way that it can be kept for study, separate verifications and dissemination at a lower level within authorized spaces and contexts.
  • Opportunity to access technological instruments that make it possible to read the documentation that is in digital format and the review of unique data of the Format.

What is the INEI Certificate?

The INEI certificate, is a documentation that corroborates and certifies that there was participation as a census taker, in some census procedures organized in Peru, within the locality where you live.

Said Certificate not only proves that you have experience as a planner of a census event, but also serves to register any citizen in the database of the National System of Statistics and Informatics, which offers some advantages.

The INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics), carries out the registration in order to incorporate the people involved in the process (mostly to students of the 5th year of high school or higher grades) within its system, and thus enable statistical procedures.

Importance of Censuses

On the other hand, it can be said that censuses are of great importance in the country, for some reasons mentioned below:

  1. They are used with a strategic objective, for the progress of the country. Census findings are used primarily for, assessment of educational plans, literacy, jobs, for human resources, housing projects, health, rural progress, urban development, etc.
  2. To explore, since censuses provide essential information for scientific study and estimation. There are issues that are essential both in the investigative field, as well as to solve functional conflicts, where the following stand out: Modifications in the urban-rural division, the advancement of urban areas, the territorial division of the inhabitants, etc.
  3. Censuses can be applied for individuals and in commercial, labor and industrial entities. To get an assessment very close to reality, on the demand for a large series of goods and services from consumers. Therefore, it is essential to access data on the amount and division by age and sex of the population, according to the political-administrative division. This is because qualities predominate over demand for food, homes, health care, furniture, recreation, among others.

If you participated as a census taker, you have the opportunity to process the INEI certificate. It offers a series of benefits, which were previously detailed.

This is a work that is carried out on a voluntary basis, in which a large number of young Peruvians contribute, who are in charge of gathering all the necessary information, and then proceed to make an analysis of it, and that can be used for different purposes .


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