IOMA Membership Certificate: Procedure, What it is and MORE

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The IOMA Affiliation Certificate It is an accreditation held by people who enjoy the solidarity health system offered by the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Therefore, IOMA is the Obra Médico Asistencial Institute that is presented as a self-administered primary health care option.

According to the above, if you are a public official or a private sector worker, the Ministry of Health in Argentina offers you this health insurance service. This way you will have guaranteed medical attention in different specialties, with reasonable coverage and a low-cost premium.

Procedure for the IOMA Membership Certificate

According to the above, IOMA is a decentralized organism of the Argentine national authority in Health, for the Province of Buenos Aires in all its cities. Therefore, if you need to enroll in this solidarity insurance for curative and preventive medical care, it is important that you know how to enroll and obtain your certificate.

In this regard, the IOMA authorities have a friendly procedure so that you can join this insurance service and obtain the IOMA Affiliation Certificate. Stay with us and cheer up! . Therefore, the first thing is to meet a series of requirements that this health service provider demands:

  • Have a copy of your identification card as the owner of the service and that of your partner.
  • If you have small children, you must present the birth certificate of the minors.
  • Present a photocopy of a public service that indicates in detail your place of residence.
  • Original and copy of the Marriage Certificate or Letter of Concubinage.
  • Indicate the Labor Identification Code of the holder of the service and of the partner.
  • Fill out the service affiliation form.
  • Show negative accreditation in ANSES

On the other hand, the digital page of the health service provider, can advise you from their contact points on the additional requirements in the cases of:

  • Sons or daughters when they have just been born.
  • Children and adolescents who do not exceed 21 years of age.
  • Dependents over 21 years of age who are studying or have a special condition.
  • When the policy holder marries or joins his partner.

Steps to become certified at the IOMA

Next, if you have already met the requirements indicated above, then you can go to the IOMA office closest to you and join. That way, you will get your IOMA Affiliation Certificate. Be patient, we are going to explain the procedure to you:

  • Assemble your folder with the precautions indicated above.
  • Go to the IOMA office that is closest to your home or office.
  • Find the analyst on duty and explain your interest in joining the IOMA comprehensive health service.
  • Pay attention to the catalog of options offered by the analyst, according to your health insurance needs.
  • If you have already decided on your policy, review the conditions and sign the contract to make the affiliation official.
  • Wait for your affiliate number to be assigned to you.

Now use a computer or smartphone and search for the official link from the IOMA and follow the steps to get your digital certificate. Later we will explain how to download the IOMA Affiliation Certificate. This way you will have this document for when you require a medical attention service.

How to Join IOMA?

As indicated above, we have already explained the steps you must follow to join the IOMA family and enjoy preventive and curative health care services. Therefore, if you already have your affiliate code or number, then you are already the policy holder and your family nucleus becomes the beneficiary box.

According to the aforementioned, if you have already completed the affiliation steps in the IOMA that we explained before and you signed the policy with the insurance, the most probable thing is that the company will give you your credential as an affiliate. With this badge, you and your family will be able to attend a medical center in Buenos Aires and its different locations.

In this regard, if you join the IOMA as soon as possible, you will obtain your credential. This way you will be able to use the health centers that have an agreement with the IOMA throughout the Province of Buenos Aires. In this way, as an affiliate you can access the customer service offered by the organization:

  • You can consult the affiliated clinics, coverage and other information at the corporate phone number 0810-999-4662 or WhatsApp 549 115 050-4662.
  • Communicate with the email address or the Facebook network @IOMAgba

In addition, this may interest you: IOMA has in its system the Online Shifts program and the Service Offices. Therefore, if you are already affiliated with the insurance, you can easily access this platform and check the location of the service offices. We already tell you some in case you are interested:

  • San Clemente del Tuyu
  • Gral. Conesa
  • Mar del Plata
  • Necochea
  • White Bay
  • Trenque Lauquén
  • America
  • Junin
  • Parchment
  • Saint Nicholas of the Streams
  • Zarate
  • Luján
  • Among other regions of the Buenos Aires Province

Do you see how interesting this article is? Joining the IOMA guarantees you a health care service within reach of your home or workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are an active worker or retired.

In this regard, the health centers in the Province of Buenos Aires that have an agreement with this health service provider, can assist you with the provision and quality of medical care in their different specialties and study and laboratory services.

Download the IOMA Membership Certificate

Next, if you need to download the IOMA Membership Certificate, don’t worry, it’s very simple. You only need to have a PC, tablet or laptop to complete the procedure digitally. For this reason, to download this accredited title for health services, follow the following protocol:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Enter the official IOMA link in your trusted browser.
  • Locate the «my steps» route.
  • Select the option to print the Membership Certificate.
  • Complete the records on membership number, credential number and personal data.
  • Activate the Captcha code system.

  • That way, you will get the option to print the document.
  • Click on the download icon and wait a few seconds.
  • Open the downloaded document, review the data and then choose «save as».
  • Save the certificate in a file of your choice and place it in an easily accessible folder on your PC.
  • That way, you have the accreditation at your disposal to be printed whenever you want, from your computer or from a mobile device.
  • Ready, you can already count on your IOMA Affiliation Certificate.

What is the IOMA Membership Certificate for?

Further, the IOMA Membership Certificate It is an accreditation of belonging to this solidarity health provider service and therefore gives the right to the holder and his direct family to access the health care services that he has contracted. Therefore, with the certificate, you can:

  • Locate your file within the virtual platform of the IOMA provider.
  • Process some documentation with the insurer.
  • Make arrangements for travel.
  • Carry out procedures for rest, medical permits, prolonged treatments, among others, before the company in which you work

  • Renew your health insurance policy.
  • Consult medical appointments.
  • Carry out hospitalization and emergency care procedures at clinics affiliated with the insurance service.
  • Collect compensation or reimbursements on behalf of the owner.
  • Make claims for medical attention, letters of guarantee, budgets for medical studies, among others.

What is it?

Finally, the IOMA is a provider of health services, attached to the Argentine Ministry of Health. In this regard, its scope of action is centered throughout the Province of Buenos Aires. For that reason, Argentine workers and retirees can access this insurance service.

For this reason, the mission of the IOMA is to provide a guaranteed and equitable service so that Argentines have dignified access to primary care coverage, medical examinations, accident care and medical emergencies in quality health centers at the level of services and physicians. .

Likewise, all Argentine citizens affiliated with the IOMA must demand their Certificate of Affiliation from this insurer to enjoy the services that the company has according to the policy contracted by the holder. Therefore, this accreditation is obtained if you comply with the precautions indicated in this article.

In addition, this certificate is easy to obtain, since if you have the electronic means and the adequate internet connection, you can download and print the accreditation, so you can use it in work or personal procedures when medical procedures are concerned.

Likewise, today it is much easier to have your IOMA Affiliation Certificate , since you have the APP application at your fingertips to access user procedures and download your document. But that’s not all, by having this platform active you can also:

  • Request an ambulance service.
  • Schedule medical appointments and studies.
  • Consult doubts and concerns about health services providers.

With the IOMA Membership Certificate, the health of Argentines is worth much more!

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