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The ISAPRES certificate allows proof that the enrollment process has been successfully completed and that there is now a beneficiary of health services that offers an important Pension Health Institute. That is why we will be explaining to you today how you can obtain it, in the easiest, fastest and most effective way.

On the other hand, we will also tell you what documents you need to carry out the procedure, who requires it, and how you can disenroll. Finally, we will tell you about ISAPRES surpluses, so that you do not lack an iota of information. So do not go away! Today you will know everything about him ISAPRES Chile.

Documents Needed for the ISAPRES Certificate

Let’s start with the Necessary documents, those that you must have on hand at the time of carrying out the process of obtaining the certificate, both in the modality on-line as in face-to-face. If you saw the image you will already imagine which is the star document, but let’s see what you need anyway.

For him procedure in office

  • Identity card. If you do the office procedure, you must present the identity document of both the ISAPRES member and the certificate applicant. If it’s the same, perfect.
  • In the event that the request is made by a third person, then a Simple Power by the affiliate. This third person must go with their identity card and a copy of the identity card of the contributor and / or beneficiary.

For him online procedure

You do not need any physical document. You only require:

  • RUT and serial number of the Identity card.
  • Alternatively, the Unique Key.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. In the case of the face-to-face procedure, they are easy to obtain documents, and for the online procedure you can complete the registration process in a moment. Do not despair!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the ISAPRES Certificate

Now that you know the background, we can go on to explain the Steps to Follow to Obtain the ISAPRES Certificate, which as you already know you can obtain it using the way that is most advantageous to you: online or in the office.

As you will see below, each option has its advantages, so you will be the one who decides which one is best for you.

For the process in the office

  • To do the process of face-to-face, you must first gather the necessary documents
  • Once you have them, you have to go to one of the offices of the Superintendency of Health. These are distributed throughout the national territory and you can consult them by clicking here.
  • Indicate that you want to get the ISAPRES certificate.
  • Next, fill out the necessary documents. The person in charge of assisting you will verify the data and voila! It will make you document delivery immediately.

This route is especially attractive for people who do not know how to handle technology very well and do not dare to try it. Doing it in person allows the applicant to resolve any doubts they may have at the time and can also obtain the document once it is printed.

For the procedure in en line

  • First of all, to use this route you need to have your Unique Key or have the RUT and the Identity card on hand. Later we will explain how you can process your password.
  • Once you have these documents, you should go to Super Online. It is the virtual office of the Superintendency of Health.

  • You can enter the system either with your identity card, entering the RUT and its serial number. Otherwise, you can also enter using your Unique Password, in the relevant option

  • Then proceed to validate the reCAPTCHA, if you select the first option.
  • Choose the option of ISAPRES Affiliation Certificate, located in the section of Client services.
  • Click on Request. You will be able to view the certificate on the screen.
  • To finish, you just have to click on To print in order to obtain your document. Remember that you can download it right there and then print it.

The advantage of this route is undoubted. You can complete the process in a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your home, office, or from wherever you are, in just one click away. It is perfect for people who do not like to travel to state offices and who know the essentials of technology management.

How do I process the SRCeI Key?

  • To begin, you must go to one of SRCeI offices (Service of civil registration and ID). You will only need your identity card (valid) to make the request
  • Indicate the concept of your procedure (Request the Unique Key) and provide your personal data to the person in charge of assisting you.
  • You will be given a code that you must enter on the page of Activation, along with your RUN.
  • Then you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen to obtain the key. This last step is very easy and fast.

Who Needs the ISAPRES Certificate?

With respect to Who Needs the ISAPRES Certificate, We have that this procedure is aimed at anyone who is a beneficiary of the private health system ISAPRES, which contains several institutions such as Cruz Blanca, Colmena, Consalud and Banmédica.

Remember that the contributing member can enroll beneficiaries (charges), who are generally direct relatives. Usually, these beneficiaries are the ones who request this certificate, because in it you can find out which ISAPRE is affiliated with and if it is cargo or contributor.

This can be especially important when applying for loans, applying for a job in a public entity, among other things. In the end it is a way of proving that the person is linked to one of the Social Security Institutions. What do you need it for?

ISAPRES surpluses

The Surplus Quote They arise at the moment in which the agreed contribution begins to fall below the affiliate’s mandatory contribution, which is 7%. For 2020, it was established that the accumulated balance would have to be returned each year to those who received it and did not use it for purposes such as:

  • Cancel the health loans that have pending.
  • Quote additionally and voluntarily.
  • Cover the contributions that have to be given in the event that the worker ceases their work.
  • Cancel Copay, which is the payment for health services.
  • Cancel all benefits that are not contemplated in the health contract. These can be: outpatient medications, uncoded exams, dental care, and so on.
  • Pay the health plan for the pension.

Of course, if the affiliate ceases his affiliation, then it is an obligation to do the return of the balance you have accumulated to date. Likewise, they can only be renounced to be assigned to another ISAPRES case.

In the event that the member dies, then this balance in the checking account will be transferred to his heirs.

How and when are they returned?

The total that is in the account of Surplus for the last day of the year (December 31), maximum the last business day of January. That is, if the last business day of January is Friday, then until that day they have to deliver the surpluses that you take into account for its closing on December 31.

It is a return that is made annually, by means of a transfer to the bank account of the contributor. This must register it in ISAPRES, be it the checking account, savings account, RUT or any other. If you did not register it, then the return is made using a voucher sight or nominative check.

If you have other questions, go to this link of the Frequently asked questions.

How to Disenroll from an ISAPRES?

The Disenrollment from an ISAPRES it is done very, very simply. The member (contributor) can carry out this procedure the second the validity of the benefits established in the contract is terminated, which occurs after one year, or whenever he wishes after this time.

If this is what you want to do, you only have to write a letter that it is addressed to ISAPRE and deliver it one month before, either after the year of validity of the contractual rights (Health Plan) or when it is desired that the disenrollment be resolved.

On the other hand, you have the option of requesting the termination of the contract before the end of the year, only in the case of unemployment. Yes, you will need to evidence this situation by means of a document, either with the letter of dismissal, resignation or any other that proves the breaking of the employment relationship.

Finally, you can also give the disaffiliation by mutual agreement between the contributor and ISAPRE. This occurs before the end of the year as a beneficiary of the health plan and both parties sign a disenrollment letter. As a result of this process, the disenrollment will be effective the following month, on its first day.

What is the ISAPRES Certificate?

The ISAPRES certificate It is aimed at all those contributors or cargo who are affiliated with the private health system of Chile, since this allows precisely to prove this situation. Consequently, we will find that the certificate specifies the institution to which the holder is affiliated, along with their characteristic profile (contributor or cargo).

The Social Security Institutions (ISAPREs) are established in the country in 1981 and currently operate as private insurers. They offer different services, such as financing, insurance and benefits that are directly linked to the health area.

These institutions are ConSalud, Hive, White Cross, Life Three, More Life, Banmedic. People are not affiliated with any of these, most likely they are affiliated with the National Health Fund (FONASA), for which another certificate is issued.

As you saw, the acquisition of the ISAPRES certificate It is a very simple process to carry out, flexible for each type of person. We hope we have helped you in everything you were looking for.

Until next time!


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