Justice Fee Form: Steps to Fill It Out, Data and MORE

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This article will explain the importance of Justice Fee Form. First, we must start by highlighting that the Justice Tax is a tax that all citizens must pay to access its services.

This means that if Argentine citizens want services in the judicial sphere, they must complete the Justice Fee Form, and then proceed with the steps.

If you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you read on, so you can take note.

How to fill out the Justice Fee Form?

Citizens residing in the Buenos Aires province, They can request and fill out the Justice Fee Form. To fill out this form, the person must enter the portal of the Judicial Branch of the Province of Buenos Aires and you must give it in the option «Justice Rate».

Next, you will have to complete the Justice Fee Form, with the following information:

  • You must put your name and surname.
  • Select the document you have with its respective number.
  • You have to select the Judicial Department.
  • Select the Jurisdiction.
  • Place the court or the court you want.
  • Develop the cover.
  • The cause.
  • The total tax base (use the period to separate the decimals).
  • The tax you must pay. The minimum amount is $ 70.00 (You must place the period to separate the decimals).

When you have completed the information you must give the option to generate the ballot. The system will download the receipt that you must show in court and direct you to the website to make the payment.

Tax Administration Mendoza

For citizens who are in Mendoza they can request the Justice Fee form. Therefore, the Mendoza Tax Administration presents the System TAJUS, which will be liquidated Justice Fee to judicial proceedings through the Judicial Power of the Province.

With this new tool, from the December 1, 2018, professionals may pay the tax through the virtual office when it comes to:

  • When it comes to the Initial Justice Fee.
  • The Non-Initial Justice Fee in the following circumstances: for damages, I include when they transact with the No Cost Litigation Benefit (BLSG), For divisions of common property and inheritance and for labor lawsuits.

To opt for the Justice Fee Form, the citizen must enter the Mendoza Tax Administration portal. When you have completed the necessary information the TAJUS will supply the Payment ticket that can be printed and paid at any collecting entity.

Steps to Follow to Fill Out the Justice Fee Form

For citizens who are in the Buenos Aires province and they need the Justice Fee Form, you must comply with the following steps:

  • The citizen must enter directly in the following link.
  • When you have entered, you should look at the menu and click on «services» and you should look for the option of «Justice Fee».
  • A new window will appear and two options will appear: payment ticket access or fee amounts. In this case, you will click payment ticket access.
  • Then another tab will open and give you the option «Justice Fee».
  • Then you will have to complete the information that was commented on in the first point.
  • When you have completed the information you must click on «Generate Payment Slip» to enter the portal Procedures of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • You must then select the payment option. Are 4 payment options which you will have to choose and they are: payment slip, electronic payment code, credit card or debit card.
  • If the citizen selects voucher, you should print the file PDF, so that you can pay in person at the provincial bank or at the terminals of Province Net.
  • If you opt for the electronic payment code, through the ATMs of the link network or virtual banking, you must use the code that appears on the screen.
  • In the Ente option you must choose the option that says «Buenos Aires – Non-Tax Rates». In code to pay, you must enter the number already assigned. Next, you must click on add and you must continue with the steps determined until confirming the payment.
  • On the other hand, it will cancel with debit or credit card, you must select between the options and click continue until the process is complete.


Instead, citizens who are in Mendoza, must follow the steps to fill out the Justice Fee Form:

First the citizen must enter the Virtual Office of the Mendoza Tax Administration Portal. Once in the portal, you must click on the enter button.

If you are registered, you must log in with your CUIT and its respective secret password. On the other hand, if you are not registered, you must create an account by completing the form on the right side, when you have completed the information you will be given the option Create Account.

When you have already entered your CUIT and your password, you must select the option in the menu «TAJUS». If you don’t find it, you can click the button «Applications» and you can looking at the menu.

Next, the system will open a new tab with the system for the settlement and issuance of the ticket of payment of the Justice Fee.

Form Loading

To be able to load one of the new settlements and ticket issuance, the citizen must select the option of «Manage Tickets» and then «Load Ticket».

The completely empty Justice Fee form will appear, which you must fill out with the information requested.

All fields marked with ais that you must fill it in a mandatory way

  1. If not, the ticket cannot be made if the fields are not complete. The data to be entered are grouped into three categories, which are:General Identification of the Trial
  2. : The data you provide here must be the same as those arising from the judicial file.Data of the Subject Obliged to pay
  3. : Individuals or legal entities must identify themselves by their CUIT number; If it is legal, they must be registered through the Mendoza Tax Administration, if it is not registered, you must go to the ATM facilities and comply with the Requirements. Type of Performance:

Here the citizen must specify the type of trial in question. If the citizen chooses the Judgment with Amount, he must enter the original amount claimed and the default date, the Non-Initial Deferred Justice Rate, Successions and Common Property Division, Bankruptcy Proceedings.

Single file with multiple actions When you have completed the steps in the last category, thepassage of the single file according to the payment of the Justice Fee . Then comes the issuance of the ticket and settlement. In the field of the payment date you must

Enter the exact date when you will make the payment, therefore that date will constitute when the ticket expires.

Then your payment slip will appear with an identification number, therefore you will be able to download the file in PDF format with two pages. On the one hand you can find the payment ticket with the code of bars and the other the sale with the detail.

You may choose to have a reprint of tickets already issued.

Data to Provide in the Justice Fee Form

The data that are present in the Justice Fee Form are the following:

  • The Province where the person is residing.
  • The location in which it resides.
  • The jurisdiction.
  • Court present.
  • The record of the year.
  • The genres of documentation, if it is a company or company.
  • The vehicle registration number.
  • A certification from the Public Lawyers Institute.
  • The lawyers with their name and surname.
  • Each of the registered addresses.
  • Enter the zip code.
  • The CUIT number of the citizen or family he has.
  • Liquidation.
  • Information regarding payment resolutions.
  • The percentages that people have on a monthly basis.
  • Interests and updates.

What is it for?

The Justice Fee Form serves so that people can carry out their judicial procedures. Therefore, only the citizen needs to fill out the justice fee form.

What is it?

The Justice Fee Form, It is one of the documents that is intended for litigants and professionals to settle according to the rate of justice

It is important to explain that Justice Fee It is the tax that citizens must pay to access justice services. They gave it that name since it is paid as consideration for a specific service, but it is still a tax.

In addition, the Justice fee is one of the legitimate sources of resources of the Power of attorney, either federal or provincial.


According to the Mendoza Tax Administration (ATM), you must take into account that you must necessarily assist with the judicial file at the offices of said institution in the following cases:

  • If you enter the Application TAJUS with false information.
  • Access the application with wrong information.
  • You pay for the ticket sent by the system and after expiration it comes out.

To conclude, citizens who wish to carry out judicial procedures, must bear in mind that they must carry out and complete the Justice Fee Form, so that they can do the procedure correctly.

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