Labor Certificate: Information, Writing and MORE

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You want to know about the Work certificate in Colombia, then stay reading this article that will surely clear up any doubts on the subject.

Learn how to prepare a labor certificate, who asks for it and what they do it for. Labor documentation is something that must be jealously guarded since it is a document that provides relevant information regarding employment. In addition, your request is a labor right of the employee.

What Information Must Have a Labor Certificate?

The Work certificate It contains the information related to those involved such as the workers or employees and the employer, employer, company or contracting company.

This instrument must contain the following information:

  1. The one related to the employee or worker.
  2. The information of the contracting company.

Information related to the worker or employee is as follows:

  • The first and last name.
  • The number of the identity document, card or passport.
  • The date you joined the company.
  • Likewise, the date on which the worker leaves the company or termination of the employment relationship, if applicable.
  • It must indicate the position, work that developed within the company.
  • Also, indicate what type of contract, fixed or indeterminate time.
  • Likewise, it must show the amount of salary earned while the employment relationship lasted.

Information related to the company, here is what to bring:

  • Indicate the Logo of the contracting company or employer.
  • Indicate the name of the business, company or organization.
  • Likewise, it must show the identification of the person who endorses the information. Name. Last name and number of the identity document, employee code, telephone number.
  • Show the location address of the business.
  • Telephone numbers.
  • The email address
  • Indicate the web page.

Drafting of a Labor Certificate

To do the writing of a Labor Certificate it is precise since the Law determines it that way. It is an easy document to prepare, simple and must contain simple and clear words, in order and meaning. Must have proper use of spelling and syntax proper to good writing.

Currently, companies have forms or forms that are pre-prepared formats, where the worker’s data is emptied. Likewise, you can fill out these forms online, and fill in all the requested information in the corresponding fields, thus allowing you to have more security of the wording, because it has already been reviewed.

It is recommended that to avoid possible errors when preparing the Labor Certificate, regardless of the means to be used, take into account the following considerations:

  • Must have the precise, clear and exact worker data or employee.
  • Indicate clearly with name, surname, type of identification, employee identification number.
  • Confirm the position he held the employee in the company.
  • Certify the salary earned for the services provided by the employee while working in the company.
  • Check the type of contract that the company held with the worker.
  • You must confirm the date of entry and date of discharge of the worker, this will allow the calculation of the time of the employment relationship.
  • Order the information according to the form you decide to give the certification.
  • End with a Farewell in a friendly and brief way.
  • To complete the process, review, read carefully the certification and verify the data it contains of both the employee and the employer.

It is important to take into account the fact that if the employee during the employment relationship he had with the company, held different positions, had different types of contract and therefore different wages earned. All this can go perfectly in a single certificate, with all the corresponding details of charges, contracts, time.

Also, if you wish, you can prepare a certification for each position, type of contract, time, among others. This is up to the employer or the worker’s request.

What is it for?

To answer this question that many ask themselves and do not always get an adequate answer. Labor Certification is a very important document That must be requested by the workers, since it is convenient and important to have all the labor certifications of the companies where he was working.

It is a document that new employers will want to know in order to use and rely on the information that it contains and that contributes to the information contained in the curriculum vitae.

The Labor Certification is a document that confers confidence, validates and certifies the worker’s work experience. Likewise, it indicates the experience, skills and expertise that one has in certain and certain areas.

Also, it shows the progress of the worker, continuity, the wages earned and the responsibilities assumed in the different activities carried out.

It is a document that is frequently requested by banking institutions, at the time of credit applications. It became an essential requirement when obtaining credit approval, since the labor certification works as an endorsement that attests to the income earned by the worker

Hence the importance of the information contained in the Labor Certification, although it is not excluded that it may include additional information that serves to highlight the employment relationship, according to the particular case.

You can add positive comments that add to the profile, but the opposite is not convenient to avoid damaging any work profile.

Who requests it?

The importance of Labor Certification also lies in knowing who is requesting this instrument and why it is being sued. The entities that request it are mentioned below:

  • Labor certification is generally requested by the financial institutions, since they use it to establish credit approval criteria. The labor certification allows knowing the income and certifying that the applicant maintains a stable employment relationship with a company and occupies a position in said company.
  • Also, educational institutions They ask for labor certifications, since in this way they ensure the payment commitments on the part of the students and their representatives.
  • Likewise, contracting companies they generally apply for labor certification when a person applies for a vacancy. Through the certification, the academic capacity, experience, skills and other qualities that fit the requested profile are validated to meet the requirements of the position.

It should be noted that the employer, according to the law, has the obligation to issue the legal certification where it corroborates the provision of services on the part of his employee, the time and the salary earned respectively.

However, the employer is not obliged to issue a certificate or letter of recommendation, only when the employee requests it and has had an optimal performance in the work tasks. Therefore there is nothing to prevent him from granting it. There is also no provision forcing the employer to hand it over if it does not want to.

What is the Labor Certificate?

The Labor Certification It is the document issued by a company that acts as an employer or employer and where the seniority that the person has provided services in the company is stated. Likewise, this document must indicate the position, type of hiring level that he performs in the company, as well as the salary he has earned.

This labor certification instrument must be signed by administrative personnel with a high level of responsibility within the organization.

This is because a work history is being endorsed. These personnel are generally the head of the Human Resources area, Head of Personnel or also the Human Talent Manager.

According to the labor norm, the Substantive Labor Code, in article 57 numeral 7 indicates that the document of Labor Certification must be issued at the request of the employee as many times as required, while he is working. Once the employment relationship ends, it is a total obligation for the company to issue it.

If you got here with the reading, you already know more about the subject of Labor Certification, so do not hesitate and assert your right with the application that corresponds to you.


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